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Funerary Armor Collections Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Mon 16 October 2017
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A guide to completing the Funerary Armor collections in GW2 Path of Fire.

Funerary Armor

Funerary Armor is one of the armor sets you can acquire in Path of Fire. It is unique in having an entire collection dedicated to its acquisition.

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Unnamed – Medium

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Unnamed – Heavy

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Note that completing the collection will only allow you to unlock the skin for one of the three weight sets. To acquire the other sets you will need to purchase them from the Primeval Steward in Tomb of the Primeval Kings for gold and Elegy Mosaics (obtained from legendary bounties) after completing the collection.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-64 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-65

Headgear– Washing the Brow

This collection is fairly easy and all soloable. All you need to do is to complete some specific hearts and then purchase specific items from the fourth tab of the karma renown vendors.


Antique Hairpin – Crystal Oasis

Complete the heart in Destiny’s Gorge and purchase Antique Hairpin.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-41 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-40

Bottle of Choya Perfume – Desert Highlands

Complete the heart by Brightwater Inlet and purchase the Bottle of Choya Perfume.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-42 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-43

Bolt of Homespun Brocade – Elon Riverlands

Complete the heart north of Arid Gladefields and purchase the Bolt of Homespun Brocade

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-44 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-45

Offering of Incense – The Desolation

Complete the heart by The Bonestrand and purchase the Offering of Incense.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-50 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-51

Cosmetics Palette – Domain of Vabbi

Complete the heart by Vehjin Palace and purchase the Cosmetics Palette.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-38 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-39

Shoulders – Recitation of the Litany of Deeds

First you will need to get a bunch of Tales by doing the events listed below. After that, you can visit Elisa the traveling Historian to turn your Tales into Blessings to finish the collection. You must have the Tales in your inventory when you visit Elisa so don’t throw them out.


Tale of Loyalty

Assist a group of ogres seeking help at Tomb of Primeval Kings. This is the event to Ask Queen Nadijeh for military support that spawns periodically outside the Tomb. Complete this event to receive the Tale of Loyalty.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-4 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-3

Tale of Plenty

Protect Amnoon Water Authority and those who maintain it when they are under attack. Periodically there will be events around the Amnoon Water Authority area. Complete one of the events to receive the Tale of Plenty.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-2

Tale of Dignity

Stop the Mordant Graveraiser from defiling graves in Elon Riverlands. This requires the completion of the event Stop Mordant Graveraiser from defiling graves to raise new Awakened. The event starts with Agent Zula a bit of distance away form Exile’s Rest POI in Vulture Drifts in Elon Riverlands.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-5 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-6

You have to complete this event and stop the Mordant Graveraiser from running away to obtain this tale.

Tale of Courage

Use junundu worms to destroy the siege forces in the Shattered Ravines. This tale requires the completion of the a series of events corresponding to the Junundu Rising meta in the Shattered Ravines area of the Desolation.

First you will need to Collect sulfur crystals for Jane’s junundu lure. Upon the successful completion of this event, one of more junundu worms will be raised and will attack the Awakened sieges at Fort Huduh and Forged Firebase. Complete the meta (you can fail the event as long you recapture Fort Huduh) and it will give you this Tale of Courage.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-7 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-8

Tale of Judgement

In the Court of the Dead PoI is a chain of events that involves the High Judges. Initially there is an event to Maintain order to help the court reach rulings on the Vabbian dead. About 10 minutes after that event completes, there are a series of 3 events involving the High Judges, each about 10 minutes apart after the previous one finishes. Do any of the events and you will receive Tale of Judgement on completion.

High Judge Sidan

Spawns in the crypt just one level below Court of the Dead

gw2-domain-of-vabbi-achievements-guide-20 gw2-domain-of-vabbi-achievements-guide-21

High Judge Ejele

Spawns right at Court of the Dead.

gw2-domain-of-vabbi-achievements-guide-19 gw2-domain-of-vabbi-achievements-guide-18

High Judge Kulul

Spawns outside Court of the Dead

gw2-domain-of-vabbi-achievements-guide-22 gw2-domain-of-vabbi-achievements-guide-23


Elise changes her location every week to a different map. Find her and exchange the Tales for the Blessings in her third tab to complete the collection.

Week 1 – Crystal Oasis


Week 2 – Elon Riverlands


Week 3 – The Desolation


Week 4 – Desert Highlands


Week 5 – Domain of Vabbi

Chest – Glorify the Golden Heart

You will need to collect 5 drops from mostly champion djinns for this collection. After you collected them, you can go to the Lair of Zommoros in Vabbi to finish off the collection. You can safely consume the item without needing to have them in your inventory for the Lair of Zommoros.


Dwarf-Cut Adamantine  – Desert Highlands

For this item you need to kill the Legendary bounty Ellutherius Wintergust that spawns in the Palace of Aban.


Lost Emerald – Crystal Oasis

Do the hero point by Sifuri Sand Seas


Elon Sapphire – Elon Riverlands

Defeat Champion Adal, Unyielding Fragment. He is a bounty target in Elon Riverlands. Pick up the bounty from Augury’s Shadow Waypoint.


Tormented Tourmaline – The Desolation

Kill the Elder Air Djinn in Posioned Outcrops to receive the Tormented Tourmaline. He is a champion that teleports around and requires you to find him and break his CC bar under a time limit numerous times during the fight.


Royal Onxy– Domain of Vabbi

For this you need to defeat the four grand elder djinns in Hanging Gardens. To spawn them, you need to defeat the 8 veteran djinns in Hanging Gardens first. Each one you defeated will  lit up a torch in the central area of the Garden (#8 is below the central area). You can do this part solo but you need to kill the vets fast as the torches despawn after a while.

gw2-domain-of-vabbi-achievements-guide-28 gw2-domain-of-vabbi-achievements-guide-29 gw2-domain-of-vabbi-achievements-guide-30

Once all 8 torches are lit up, the four champion djinns will spawn. Having 5 or more players is recommended for this part. To talk to them and start the fight, you must have all 8 masteries from this map that involve the djinns (they are listed above). Luckily you only need one person in your squad with this and the event will begin. Defeat the four djinns (sometimes they may bug out and give you credit after defeating only 2) and don’t forget to talk to the Grandmaster Elder Dkinn Emine for your Royal Onxy.

Lair of Zommoros

Make sure you have 5 Amalgamated Gemstones in your inventory and go to the Domain of Vabbi to do the event to open up the Lair of Zommoros. You will need a minimum of 3 players for this event or it won’t even start.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-19 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-20

You will need to escort Explorer Flynn to inside the lair. There are two doors you need to open, each with a set of three pressure plates that must be activated. The first set have pressure plates around and above the door while the second set have pressure plates undernearth the bridge leading to the door.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-23 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-24

Once inside the second door, you can now convert the various jewels. It is important that you do not do the event to collect unidentified djinn artfiacts as doing soon can kick you out of the lair quickly, not giving you enough time to convert all the jewels for the collection. Inside each of the smaller elemental side rooms is a cloud staircase that leads to an orb in the air. Interact with each orb for the collection.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-22 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-21

For the Dominant Royal Onxy, you will need to interact with the big orb high above the middle of the first room. To do that you have to go through the stairs on the earth elemental room and there will be an opening with another set of stairs/platform that leads up.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-26 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-27 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-25

Gloves – Exaltation of the Guardians

You will need to collect 5 drops from doing meta events in each of the 5 maps in Path of Fire for this collection.


Guardian Elemental Statue – Desert Highlands

There is a meta event Search for Buried Treasure that starts every 2 hours. During this meta event, Buried chests you find in the area will become Superior Buried Chests.  Use your treasure hunting kit in your inventory, go to the blue area it highlights and locate a Buried Treasure. This will turn into a Superior Buried Treasure and it will grant you the item required for the collection.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-29 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-30 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-31

Guardian Sand Lion Statue – Crystal Oasis

For this you just need to participate in the Casino Blitz event that occurs around Amnoon city . The Sand Lion Statue can be purchased from the Casino rewards vendor for 1 Casino coin.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-32 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-33

Guardian Hydra Statue – Elon Riverlands

This involves the The Path of Ascension meta event around Augury Rock in Elon Riverlands. Once the Augury Rock closes, there will be a Disperse the wild magic that escaped from Augury Rock event. Complete this and the final event of the meta will spawn, involving the Doppelganger that can spawn anywhere on the map and clone a player. Defeat the Doppelganger for the final step of the meta for the item.


Guardian Junundu Statue – The Desolation

This item involves the Maws of Torment meta. You will need to defeat the Legendary Forged Demolisher that spawns at end of the meta. Once the meta starts, the Ruptured Heart area of The Desolation will be three lanes. You need to help the Order of Shadow Agents to destroy the realm portals at each of the three lanes to spawn the Legendary Forged Demolisher (don’t need to kill the Realm Keeper that spawns after the portal’s destruction). Luckily with people doing the Realm-Portal Spiker achievement, you might be able to find a squad on LFG that does the meta regularly and join them as these squads usually destroy all three portals and finish off with the Forged Demolisher.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-37 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-36 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-35

Guardian Sunspear Statue – Domain of Vabbi

For this item you will need to complete the Serpent’s Ire meta which is quite difficult. The meta occurs every 2 hours at Grand Court of Sebelkeh on the NE corner of the map. There are three stages to the meta. For the first stage you will need to hunt down Veteran Branded Zealots which is just a matter of having everyone spread out and search for them and zerg them once one has been located.

The second part of the meta is the most difficult due to the need for tons of CC skills. Typically the squad is divided into five groups, each on one of the five Branded Forgotten Zealots. They are immune to damage until you break their large CC bar and you only get a few seconds to damage them before you need to do the CC again. You have to kill all 5 Zealots before the Detonation bar reaches 0 or the event fails.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-46 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-47

If you manage to succeed in the second stage, third stage is relatively easier. You need to defeat a duo of Ysshi Hessani and Pek Rakt Grag with the caveat that if you kill Pek Rakt Grag first, he will get resurrected to half life. Once Ysshi Hessani get low he will periodically go immune and you have to defeat the sparks before they reach him or they will amplify his damage. Luckily you have 20 minutes so there is time for some mistakes. You will receive the item on successful completion of the meta.


Legging – The Collection of Tribute

This collection is a bit tedious as it require you to gather some rare drops from the various nodes on the Path of Fire maps.

Slab of Architectural-Grade Granite – Crystal Oasis

Mine Orichalcum and Rich Mithril Vein nodes in Crystal Oasis for 10x Chunks of Granite. Double click the 10x Granite to turn it into the slab for the collection. There is a Rich Granite Lode by the Griffon roost where you can get a guaranteed Chunk of Granite once per day per character.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-67 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-66

Cord of Tamarisk – Desert Highlands

Gather Ancient Saplings and Mebahya Sapings in Desert Highlands until you have 10x Tamarisk Reeds. Then double click the reeds to turn it to a Cord of Tamarisk. There is also an Ancient Tamarisk Stand you can gather once per day per character with a guaranteed drop.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-53 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-54

Florid Banquet – Elon Riverlands

Gather 10x Late-Blooming Elon Lilies from Flax nodes in Elon Riverlands and double click on them. There is also a Late-Blooming Elon Lily node you can gather once per day per character with a guaranteed drop chance.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-56 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-55

Imperial Cadastral Suite – The Desolation

Gather 10x Ancient Surveyor’s Tools from Buried Chests in the Desolation then double click on them to form the Imperial Cadastral Suite.. You can find them using Treasure Hunting Kits earned from completing events or purchased for karma from Priory Historian Elisa. Double click them in your inventory and it will show you a blue circle on the map. Once you are inside that blue circle, you can spam the special action key to see where to go for the buried chest.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-57 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-58 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-59

There is also a Primeval Surveyor’s Chest you can loot once a day per character with a guaranteed drop chance.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-60 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-61

Bushel of Ancient Elon Grapes – Domain of Vabbi

Gather 10x Bunch of Rare Grapes from Desert Vegetable nodes in Vabbi. There is a Vabbian Heirloom Grape node you can gather once per day per character as well by Vehtendi Vineyard.

gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-63 gw2-funerary-armor-collections-guide-62

Boots – Walk the Land

Map complete the five Path of Fire maps for the Funerary Boots box.

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  • Henry Chavez

    gave up on armor in this game a looong time ago… charr is still using tier 3 from years ago

    • Alot

      The new helm you get from training the revenant’s renegade elite spec looks like a higher-res, upgraded version of the char’s T3 heavy helm (complete with signature neck armor). Besides that, you can cross off the last 3 years as far as charr fashion goes.

  • Maicon Spohr

    I’m having trouble receiving the Tale of Judgment, I’ve done all the events and nothing.

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      I am experiencing similar. I do the maintain order, wait, ad then the maintain order happens again. I have never seen ANY of the judges show up. DO you have to make certain choices during the order event?

  • Aymiia Darell

    For “Glorify the Golden Heart”, do you physically have to still have the items, or just recorded in the collection? I don’t seem to have the ‘Lost Emerald’ any longer (the only one I’ve apparently done for the collection thus far), but it’s recorded in the collection. Probably because nothing said I couldn’t delete it, and they are terribly inconsistent when it comes to telling you whether you can delete something safely or not once it’s in the collection.

    • Aria of the FENG

      from the collection page on wiki:\ “It is safe to consume the individual gems; players only need to bring an Amalgamated Gemstone for each (five in total) to Lair of Zommoros.”


    • Dulfy

      You need to physically have the item for the tales/blessings but for the gems you can consume them and just have them in the collectons

  • Zavos

    There is a guaranteed granite node near the crystal oasis gryphon nest.

  • Фролов Денис

    You can farm grapes in Vabbi with alts. Get griffon teleporter, and you can get there at level 1, easily cross Brand on griffon from roost, and get the thing.

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    Guys at the start of the expansion i got the tales of judgement but i didnt know that i need it to buy the last item from elisa, and i ended up destroying it and know i’ve done the judges event and i can’t get another one, is there other way to get it?.\ sorry for my bad english

    • Dulfy

      Try contact support

  • Void

    No one is doing Serpent’s Ire anymore. The event is effectively impossible due to abandonment.

    • Alot

      Pretty sure you could get a group together if you advertised on the weekend during prime times. Ironically, I believe this event would be mundane if a few druids or heal guardians tagged along – unfortunately the only niche spot for dedicated healers is in raids so there are very few present and they wouldn’t be wondering around Vabbi -.-

      • Noel Kantz

        I just did serpent’s Ire last week.

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