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Slayer Achievements guide

By Dulfy , Published on Mon 13 May 2013
Achievements / General / Slayer

A guide to completing the Slayer Achievements in GW2 with maps and instructions compiled by Evelyn Firstborn.


Introduction & Tips

The guide was written and created fully by Evelyn Firstborn (Korny.3168) e-mail: korny66@net.hr (EU server) so if you have any feedback please direct it to him.

First all, I must thank Dulfy for posting this in my name and for her help and support in the past. I must thank Aleph for spellcheck and endless compliments : ) Neladia and Agenciq for their endless support and laughs we had on skype. Also Xerger, Vuul and certain members of Whitelions [Claw] guild from Desolation for helping me test Giants.

Aimed for solo

Most of this guide is aimed at solo play since creatures are in most cases are very low level.

Don’t push these achievements do them in free time

I assume if people are doing these achievements they already have done plenty of things in game. Don’t start pushing these slayer achievements early in game since you will encounter a lot of creatures throughout game. Do them in free time while you wait.

World Boss proximity

A lot of locations are close to World Bosses due the fact that alot of people are camping the bosses at spawn windows and are left doing nothing. Use the time to get few achievements if u want.


My advice in order to be fast and efficient is using maximum dmg output it doesn’t matter which profession I myself used to use Warrior, Elementalist and Guardian for most of these.

Use guesting

Use guesting and jump from server to server. Using this technique will speed up the achievement process very very fast since you won’t have to worry about respawn timers.

Encounters with other people

I expect people will start using these locations more often as they become aware of them and you might find other people close to you also doing them. With some achievements you can group up and do them together but most of these creatures are low level and are meant for soloing.


Don’t kill 500+ at the same time do them slowly or you might as we say “burn out“. Let up some sort of time window or kill window. Like 100 kills per day or 20 minutes per day.


Try to coordinate your slayers according to daily. If daily say 40 Shiverpeaks kills go kill 40 kills from this guide located in Shiverpeaks area.

Weapon Mastery

While you are doing Slayer achievements use weapons with which you DON’T have 5000 kills with. There 39 Slayers to be obtain that means at least 39 000 kills that means you can “easily“ fill in 8 Weapon Masters There are currently 19 Weapon Masteries you can obtain. Try to focus using weapons you rarely use on these achievements.

Plenty of people will ask “Hey how am I supposed to get Shield mastery or Torch Mastery“. For those 2 I suggest checking Indiscriminate Slayer part of the guide with a good location to getting those.

Centaur Slayer

“A few more centaur herds are thinned out.”

Centaurs can be found in every Kryta region in high population so you are definitely gonna get them in time.

There are many location to farm them:

Use the following location to get it fast:


Drake Slayer

“Enough of these massive drakes on Tyria’s massive plains.”

Drakes can be found in almost every region in game. Just to remove confusion Risen drakes don’t count towards Drake Slayer (they count towards Risen Slayer). Basilisk can be found in few regions and they counts towards Drake Slayer.

Use the following locations to get it fast:


Harpy Slayer

“Clip the wings of these she-beasts.”

Harpies are mostly located in Ascalon regions with the exception of one small spot in Queensdale, a small spot in Eternal Battlegrounds next to Ogre camp and the “Harpy” or “Raving Asura” fractal.

Use the following location to get it fast:


Spider Slayer

“They should have used their eight legs to run away from tougher fighters.”

Spiders are widely spread across Tyria, incorporating different attack patterns from melee to ranged damage with some annoying pulls, immobilizes etc.

Use the following location to get it fast:

gw2-spider-slayer-achievement gw2-spider-slayer-achievement-2

Indiscriminate Slayer

“If small things were meant to live, they’d have bigger teeth or faster feet.”

Indiscriminate Slayer are achievement rewarded for killing ambient or white name creatures that you can find pretty much everywhere. These creatures all count towards Weapon master achievements when you kill them. I would also suggest using this location to get your own Shield mastery and Torch Mastery as there are two groups of white creatures which should be easy work for Guardian’s “4” on shield and Torch “5”

Use the following location to get this slayer fast done or to farm kills for weapon mastery:

gw2-indiscriminate-slayer-achievement gw2-indiscriminate-slayer-achievement-2

Bandit Slayer

“All criminals eventually meet a dark end.”

Bandits would be the closest “nemesis“ figures to the human race. Similar to Flame Legion, Sons of Svanir or the Inquest being the nemesis counterparts to other races. Players playing the human race will likely encounter quite a few of them in their leveling.  Caudecus’s Manor (CM) dungeon will also contain plenty of bandits for those looking for more group content.

Other than these use the following location to get it done fast:


Skale Slayer

“It’s not polite to eat the dead.”

Skale are common lizard like creatures.Don’t mix them up with Skelk. (Skelk usually stealth before attacking you)


Bat Slayer

“Consider these winged rats cut down.

Most people have special tactics with this achievement (like having 2 characters on different spawn places and relog on both as not to waste time waiting for respawn) but after checking multiple locations it would seem that the famous graveyard is still the best location to do it.

Also when you arrive at the location you will maybe have to wait a bit “till it gets dark“ and then they spawn often. Guesting should also help since servers have different “time of the day”

Here is the location:


Shell Slayer

“Even the creatures in the deep aren’t safe from harm.”

Shell slayer can seem difficult but the fact is that most people just ignore these creatures while exploring. They never attack you and have regen and blocking ability so people just skip them. Almost any location is good for farming these slackers. I personally prefer this one because you can run in a circle and there is a decent amount of them.

Also don’t forget to kill the ambient crabs as they also count towards achievement.

Here is the location:


Devourer Slayer

“Devourers may be ugly, tough, and dangerous, but they’re still prey for a skilled adventurer.”

These scorpionish creatures can be found all over Ascalonian regions. Since I spend a lot of time in dungeons I was able to hit this achieve pretty quickly doing Citadel of Flame path 2.

In case you are not a dungeon fan I would suggest this location:


Dredge Slayer

“Become the enemy of the collective by killing dredge.”

The Dredge…everyone I know hates them. In my opinion one of the toughest creatures in game. Most people face palm when they get them in Fractals or anywhere.

Due to their omni prescence in the Shiverpeaks area, Living story and Fractals I suggest to not bother doing this achievement as you will get it fast. (on higher level fractals you kill over 100 dredge in 1 run)

Elemental Slayer

“Fire, earth, lightning, water, and ice can’t stand up to steel and magic.”

Elementals are everywhere in more or less every region. Most people at some point will get this achievement completed so don’t bother hunting for them.

Ettin Slayer

“Just goes to show, two heads are not better than one.”

Most people usually avoid these guys due to their high HP and their knockback ability. Here are two locations to farm them for the achievement.

gw2-ettin-slayer-achievement gw2-ettin-slayer-achievement-2

Ghost Buster

“Send the spirits into the Mists so they can rest in peace.”

This achievement is very easy if you visit Ascalon Catacombs (AC) dungeon. As a starting dungeon I would advise going there since the tokens can also be used to get some good gear very quickly along with leveling up your character. So in my opinion don’t bother looking for ghosts in Tyria better hit a few runs in AC and get it done fast.

Alternatively you can just run around in Plains of Ashford since 75% of the map is Ghost infested you should have no problem doing it.

Giant Slayer

I expect a lot of people will fast scroll / jump to this part of the guide. : )

Well as of this point I’ve finished my research related to this topic. I’ve seen on reddit and a few forum topics this practice being used by some people so it’s nothing special and new but I will share this information with everybody. I also encourage people to help each other (including me) to make this achiv possible.

First I’m gonna list some information related to this achievement.

gw2-giant-slayer-achievement gw2-giant-slayer-achievement-2

The first 2 locations contain a Champion Giant which, lets get real is a pain to kill and requires bigger groups to make it not so time consuming.


Here in Brisban Wildlands there is an event called “Broken Golem“. He is on his mission to save his Asuran creator. After a brief self dialogue he begins his first encounter with a normal non-veteran/non-champion Giant which is can be easily killed by anybody. This giant counts towards Giant slayer and on top of all that when you finish or fail, the Broken Golem event restarts a 6 minutes after.

However, that is not it.  To my big surprise when you bring a friend and do this event with 2 people 2 Giant will spawn.I tested with 9 people and we got 4 Giants and some say that with 20+ you get 5 Giants spawning.

I have started a Giant Slayer Guild whose sole purpose is to group people with interest in Giant slaying no need to represent or anything just join Guild so people know they can whisper you “Hey wanna go in group with us?“ If you want an invite contact the following two guilds.

EU servers:

NA servers:

Now I am going to  explain why I want people to join a Guild to make this more easy to get groups.

Grawl Slayer

“They should have worshipped you. At least they’d still be alive.”

The Grawl are present everywhere in Shiverpeak Mountains and most people get this achievement fairly easily by farming these grawls.

The first location is easy low level area with plenty of Grawl. The second location, however, is more popular as it is very close to Claw of Jormag and they drop very nice loot. Also expect Grawl to be present fairly often in Fractals.

gw2-grawl-slayer-achievement gw2-grawl-slayer-achievement-2

Griffon Slayer

“Hunting these formidable beasts has been a Tyrian pastime for centuries.”

In my experience most people avoid these beasts due to their ability to evade and knockback but it should be very easy to complete this achievement at this location.  The griffons here have a high respawn rate and are all low levels so they don’t use their high level abilities.


Hylek Slayer

“Cull these aggressive amphibians.”

The Hylek are usually peaceful but they have several attacks they make them a pain to fight: heavy conditions, stuns and evades and their risen counterparts are even worse.

This location on the other hand make this achievement very easy to obtain. Risen Hylek don’t count towards Hylek slayer.


Flame Legion Bane

“Smoke out Baelfire’s minions, and show them what real power looks like.”

The Flame Legion, nemesis of Charr and residents of Citadel of Flame (CoF) dungeon are one of the most easy achievements to obtain. Living story has accelerated this achievement even more so I’m just going to use this picture as motivation towards it.


Fish Slayer

“Gut the scaly swimmers to catch an achievement this big.”

Almost everything underwater except crabs and kraits are considered as fish (Barracuda, Shark, Jellyfish, Salmon, Tuna, Armored Fish, Wave Rider and similar variations to these names).

Place to get them? My advice would be Underwater Fractal. On last boss there are endless waves of Jellyfish you probably kill 50-100+ per run so few runs of those should get you this achievement sooner or later.

Since daily’s often require underwater kills these should help you progress quite fast.

Imp Slayer

“Don’t worry. Demon blood is easy to wash out.”

These guys are present everywhere and yet nowhere. Imps are often summoned by Svanir or Flame Shamans and in most cases those summoned Imps count toward the achievement. I personally killed most Imps farming CoF path 1 (on acolyte part), but I can’t expect everybody to do that. So I’m gonna suggest this location if you really wanna speed it up.


Inquest Bane

“If they are so smart, how come they couldn’t stop from getting killed?”

Inquest are present in dungeons and Orr.  However, people often neglect them or find them too annoying to fight thus making this location your new hotspot for obtaining the achievement.


Insect Slayer

“Squish these creepy crawlies.”

Insects are everywhere as in real life they stick close by to water or swamps. I found this location great due to making a circle around the Hylek village and large amounts of insects are present.


Jotun Slayer

“These creatures used to be powerful and great kings. Now, dead.”

The ancient Jotun race is hardly seen in these Tyrian times and are on side pages of main story thus most people tend to ignore them. They aren’t difficult enemies and these locations shall give you achievement very, very fast.

gw2-jotun-slayer-achievement-1 gw2-jotun-slayer-achievement-2

Krait Slayer

“Make it safe to go back in the water.”

Both underwater and shore menace with high variety of skills makes this creature very annoying and I’m sure some people still remember trying to get that vista in Nonmoa Lake in Timberline Falls and facing constant pulling and knockbacks.

Krait are everpresent in almost all regions in Tyria. They appear in multiple occasions in personal story quest as well as the “Underwater” fractal and sooner or later you are going to  get this achievement, because like it or not these creatures are everywhere.

Use this location if you want to speed it up a bit.


Minotaur Slayer

“Half-man, half-bull, all dead.”

The Minotaurs are barely present in Tyria. They can be found in some locations in Shiverpeaks and Ascalon area and in some personal Norn storylines. These 2 locations should speed you up and guesting is advised to make it faster.



Nightmare Court’s Bane

“Haunt these evil sylvari like a bad dream.”

The nemesis of the Sylvari race are present in Sylvari personal storylines and in most Maguuma regions. Since most people have done Twilight Arbor (TA) Dungeon you are likely to already have plenty of kills or have this done

Use this location to complete it nice and calmly.


Ogre Slayer

“Big and tough are only impressive if you’re alive to show it off.”

The big creatures with pets can be a real menace and most people just kill Ogre’s when they do tasks in Fields of Ruin and in Blazeridge and never return.

These locations in Fields of Ruin are the best to achieve it due to high numbers and fairly low level.


Ooze Slayer

“Hit them in the right spot, and they make cool patterns in the mud.”

The flubber creatures spawn everywhere in Tyria but to be honest other than this location there are hardly any good spots for farming them easily

So my advice is use this location to farm ooze and try not killing the Ooze champion when he is  there as he spawns endless ooze.


Pirate Slayer

“The worst thing to happen to pirates since scurvy and sea monsters.”

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they arrrrrrr

Pirates are normal in higher lvl Krytan area’s like Gendarran Fields and Bloodtide Coast and aren’t hard to find but in this location the concentration is at it’s peak with over 70+ pirates in a small area.

Don’t forget to bring rum.


Plant Slayer

“These leafy monsters are now mulch.”

The Plant slayer is in my opinion at the moment the slowest slayer achievement so don’t rush it. In order to obtain you must slay plant like creatures like walking Ent’s such as “Oakhearts“, “Pinesouls“,“Mosshearts“ and Husk’s.

In 90% of cases all of these creatures are veterans and aren’t too hard to kill but there are so few of them.

Therefore I suggest using these locations to farm them:

1. Close to “Shadow Behemoth” World Boss

2. Close to “Spider slayer“ and “Ettin Slayer“ location

3. There are usually a few people killing them either for dailys or achievement so it should be faster in a group


Raptor Slayer

“These birds of prey have met their predator.”

These guys are probably the most neglected slayer achievement  (not including Giant one) since you rarely have to kill them for tasks, events or even in personal story as you usually can just run past them and ignore them.

My advice is using this location and after clearing, guest over to some other server and clear again. Return, rinse, repeat and that should really speed up things a bit.

Also I added the WvW location for farming them so I hope I won’t get too much hate from WvW players and will remind them this is only a suggestion. : )




Skelk Slayer

“These tricky hunters learned the hard way you were the most dangerous game.”

People often mix Skelk with Skale on first sight, main difference is that Skelk stealths and attacks suddenly from shadows. You often encounter them in world with their thief-like need to gank you. Most people usually have plenty of kills. That’s why I suggest these 2 simple location to fill up your Skelk slayer bar as you go.

gw2-skelk-slayer-achievement gw2-skelk-slayer-achievement-2

Skritt Slayer

“Scrape these scavengers off the surface of Tyria.”

These rat like creatures in their endless pursuit to find shinies are mostly friendly in Tyria. The hostile ones can be a real menace due to their pack-like lifestyle, often swarming you in groups of  5-6+ Skritt so take caution.

A lot of people were able to finish this achievement during the Wintersday events.


Son of Svanir’s Bane

“The only good ice dragon cultist is a dead ice dragon cultist.”

The nemesis of Norn’s, the Son’s of Svanir’s are present everywhere in Shiverpeaks area, in Norn personal storylines, Honor of the Waves (HotW) dungeon and in “Snowblind” fractal. In most cases you don’t need to farm them due to their high world abundance.

But in case you are missing few use this location to blitz that bar to the max.


Troll Slayer

“Even trolls can’t stand such brutal onslaughts.”

Trolls are fairly easy to obtain since a great number of people have farmed them or continue to do so in Frostgorge. Using this location will get your slayer filled up very fast and with addition to guesting you will get this done very painlessly.


Wind Rider Slayer

“Tangling with you was the last stupid decision these smart creatures ever made.”

The Wind Riders are creatures resembling a levitating octopus or some kinda of Cthulhu like creature. Most people who don’t skip mobs in Bonus fractals have fairly high amount of kills but for those who prefer skipping I suggest this location to max the bar.


Wurm Slayer

“Slice these slimy things from top to bottom.”

The achievement is fairly simple since you encounter plenty of Wurm in Tyria. This location should help you if you want to speed it up.


Zhaitan’s Bane

“Zhaitan should have raised a better army.”

Zhaitan’s Bane is very simple and is usually the first slayer achievement most players obtain.

Since current personal story and end game zones are filled with Risen you will probably kill over 50 000 in few months so don’t worry at all with this one and just enjoy the show.

Archived Disqus comments

  • Josh

    Would be interested in joining/forming a guild for giant slaying.\ IGN: Errant Venture\ Server: Sanctum of Rall

  • Krow

    Just as a note, risen vultures actually count towards vulture slayer. The Melandru temple chain has a bunch of spawns at the last few parts.

  • Aikanaro

    Thanks! Very good work on gathering intel. Awesome, as always.

  • Pascal Durand

    also for plant slayer you can kill the mosshearts in calydon forest near the Wurm event, theres about 3-5 vets in a circle that go down super quick, and when you finished the last one the first one respawns again 🙂

  • Johnathon Wong

    Hahaha, keep calm and farm for CoF.

  • potatoface

    Go solo in the Swamp fractal and kill spiders / skelks there, very fast respawn and way faster than places in the guide!

    • Evelyn Firstborn

      Well if I recall people used to farm those and they removed loot so and we are talking about lvl 80 creatures don’t see how you can kill lvl 80 faster then lvl 5-6.\ Respawn time is really good in Swamp but only that if you gonna put small effort in killing lvl 80 mobs might as well have some drops if u ask me.

  • Innovator

    Another great spot for centaurs and weapon mastery is the chain events in hierathi hinterland with massive swarms of kills

  • Zhentar

    Giant Slayer: final boss of Crucible of Eternity (story) counts for the achievement.

    • Tolaxor

      As I know hes undead now and doesnt count

  • Pickled radishes

    This is a really good guide, but, I’m missing something… why do these slayer achievements? Why should I do them?

    • Dulfy

      Because of achievement points.

  • Tara

    lvl 80 Skritt with nice loot –> WvW Borderlands, north/west corner of the map. Same with Centaurs –> north/east corner of the map –> “kill 30 centaurs” event. Than “kill centaur boss” event with respawn time of 10 short minutes

  • Bezayne

    For the shell slayer you can also kill the little white crabs which appear next to the hermit crabs. Plus, the crabs are best killed from range, they only start blocking when close to the attacker.

  • Justicía

    Alternative Imp-methode:

    “Defeat the brimstone imp and summoned imps” in Lonars Pass, North of the Cascade Bridge Waypoint is a far better way in my eyes instead of the highlvl fireheartrise area.

    When the golems picked up enough essences from the ice imps, which u killed with an equipable gun and you use the interface near the asura on an essence, a verteran brimstone imp will appear.

    This imp is immun to attacks as long as its summoned servants are alive and he re-summons them always. Furthermore you can simply run away to make him reset(full life again), he is a verteran so he wont die just from some hits.

    In addition to that he spawns an “altar” if this happens dont destroy it. This altar also spawns 3 Fire Imps like every 5 seconds in addition to the normal summoned ones which are 1-3. All these normal fire imps die after 1-3 attacks.

    Health regen food might be a good choice, even me as a guardian ran out of HP after maybe 10 attacks. So keep your health bar in mind.

    • Sweetblue

      Another lower level place for imps is in Dredgehaunt Cliffs in Kolkorensburg next to the Hessdallen Kenning waypoint (slightly southwest from the entrance to Dredgehaunt from Hoelbrak). There is the event “Retrieve containment crystals from skritt and return them to Scholar Dane” that spawns Phantom Imps (level 41). If the event is up, you can just go back and forth, there are about 15+ imps and they respawn quickly.

      Unfortunately, it does rely on having the event active and no one else completing the event while you are there. Worth checking if you are working on this achievement.

  • Chiara Marcocci

    For Insect I also suggest in Queensdale \~ Ojon’s Lumbermill Waypoint, and go east. You’ll find plenty of wasps and wasp nests and if you are lucky you will find also Wasp Champion Queen event that spawns several wasps in the meantime of fight!

  • Kudos

    Skale density in queensdale has been reduced. Try southeast corner of Plains of Ashford instead. Grubs count for wurm slayer, try the grubs in the champ troll cave in queensdale.

    • charly chan

      right on. Ascalon basin is much better to get skale slayer. the density is three times as much and respawn is faster as well.

  • yoko

    Where is the Hydra Queen located

    • Xadirius

      Hydra Queen is a pirate captain event on laughing gull island in bloodtide coast if i recall correctly. Her event can be a little bit of a pita to get going, or atleast it was last time i killed her. Goodluck.

      • Flatbedotr

        Still is had to do the first part of the chain 3x to progress the story. Make sure you look at wiki because there is another event you need to have done to get the chain started.

  • Xadirius

    Found another excellent spot for hylek slayer south east of the loch waypoint there is a non-aggro but attackable village of hylek. There is about 25 if you run the whole camp (both sides of the stream) and they are only lvl 3 so they die rapidly (i was one shotting them with a shortbow thief) and their spawn time was fast enough that by the time i finished the full camp they had reset back where i started.\ Also as a bonus there are some weak inquest walking about if you need inquest slayer, not alot though.

    • Xadirius

      oh its in Metrica Province lol forgot to say that. lol

    • Ainseland

      2015 – it has a nice quantity of hylek but for some reason theyre Green name to me and it takes time for them to turn their name into yellow

  • Wis Tai

    Wind riders, Mount milestorm under Avernan waypoint theres event where you can grab essence gun and 2 shot wind riders, theres plenty of them and respawn rate is awsome!

    • Justicía

      The event doesnt seem to be anywhere near the windriders location or? Couldnt find the gun, but there are still probably more than elsewhere and easy 2 kill.

  • Flatbedotr

    I went with your call on the shell slayer but there is a place in metrica from the old golem factory wp to jeztar falls wp littered with the level 1 crabs. These crabs could also help you get the indiscriminate killer slayer achievement done at the same time.

  • Ghotistyx

    I found the best place for Skelk is the bottom of Shaman’s rookery in Wayfarer’s. You can run a figure 8-ish path mobs will almost always respawn before you finish another loop. An added bonus, is that they die to \~3 hits with a Guardian staff, which means you can just run around spamming 1 and kill stuff on accident.

  • CuteShelly

    for plant slayer you can also kill sylvari player in world vs world 🙂

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