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Ley Line Research Events and Achievements Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Wed 01 June 2016
Achievements / Side Stories / Conservation of Magic

A guide to the Ley Line Research events and achievements added with the June 1, 2016 Game Update.

Getting Started

You may get a mail when you log in from Ela Makkay telling you to visit her in Lion’s Arch. You can ignore it if you wish as it is not relevant except for lore/background purposes.

Now head to Blazeridge Steppes.

The story here is that there are 3 parties interesting in getting Ley Line for their research. The Inquest, Priory and the Consortium. You can’t help the Inquest but you can help the other two parties to collect Ley Line. Now there are 3 possible spots where a new event spawns roughly every 20 minutes.

gw2-ley-line-research-event-locations-2 gw2-ley-line-research-event-locations gw2-ley-line-research-event-locations-3

The Consortium party is situated at The Last Whiskey Bar Waypoint ([&BPkBAAA=]) with the expedition headed by Manager Flinzz. The Priority party is located left of Refuge Sanctum Waypoint ([&BAUCAAA=])with the expedition lead by Magister Keadin. Now roughly every 15 minutes or so an escort event will start at the that location involving the mentioned NPCs. They will pick one of the three spots for the event and then walk there. Because the location they pick is totally randomized, it is possible that Priory and the Consortium will pick the same location and have a 3 way fight with the Inquest. Other times they will pick different locations so there will be two simultaneous events happening at the same time but the Inquest will be at both.

gw2-ley-line-research-event-consortium gw2-ley-line-research-event-priory

Event & Achievements


The event as mentioned above happens every 20 minutes. Because there are 3 possible spots for the event, it is not advisable to park yourself by the event location but rather at the Consortium/Priority party camp so you can just follow and escort them every 15 minutes or so.

The event is basically you beat up waves of Inquests and their golems. There is a giant orange looking orb that moves around and drops off small Ley Energy (with a hand symbol above them) on the ground every few seconds. Pick up these Ley Energy and hand them to a Ley Capacitor belonging to either the Consortium or the Priory to get the giant orange orb move towards the capacitor you handed the Ley Energy to.

Each Ley Energy can be only picked up by one player at a time and there are achievements for collecting of them and handing it to either the Consortium or the Priority Ley Capacitor. Since the June 2 patch they made it so the Ley Energy are player specific so you no longer need to compete with other players for them.

gw2-ley-line-research-event-guide gw2-ley-line-research-event-guide-2

Usually this is just a two way tug of war between Priory/Consortium and the Inquest but when both Priory and Consortium pick the same location for the event there will be a three way tug of war.


These achievements are found under General –> Current events and won’t show up until you complete or partially complete them.

Out of the Wrong Hands – 10 AP


Thwart the Inquest – 10 AP


Ley – Line Research – 3 AP


Ley – Line “Research” – 3 AP


Archived Disqus comments

  • Kasper Asmussen

    You can tell where the NPC’s are going before they start moving. If there is a Veteran Inquest Lead Scientist at one of the 3 possible places, then atleast one of them will go there.

    • Archi

      confirmed. Dulfy, you might want to add this to the details in your post

  • Sinis

    Gotta be quick on grabbing those ley-line orbs that the ley-line elemental flings out. Be sure to work on one side first (either Durmond Priory or Consortium) then the other because if you get the sides mixed up it will take things longer to finish the achievement since both have 3 tiers to work through. Its not too bad but, again, spam your action button and pick up an orb before someone else does lol.

    • Karen

      don’t tell people how to do it! I need 30 total!

      • Pat

        It’s likely to last a few weeks and it’ll die down after 4-5 days making it easier. Right now everyone is just rushing about.

        • Karen

          But I want it now! I have school work to do!

    • zonko

      one of the best things in GW2 was – you don’t need to compete to ANYTHING with other players in PvE. until now… gg anet, gg -.-

      • Pyxelmajick

        i’m not fighting over AP ..masteries maybe but certainly not AP. that’s what they did with halloween and wintersday in GW1 until people complained they couldn’t get any loot. then they changed it.

      • shodannet

        Well, as time goes by, there’ll be less people to compete with, making it easier to do.\ I didnt do the previous events when they were first came out, so Im finding it difficult to do the “Hold the Line” achievement

      • zonko

        oha they fixed it:\ The “Defeat the Inquest to prevent them from capturing the Ley-Energy\ Coalescence” event will now create player-specific versions of the\ ley-energy items to reduce competition.\ seems all the rants triggered xD

  • Aerinndis Athyrium

    One of the npcs at the escort spawn point showed where they were going when I talked to her and this was before the event started.

  • Mors

    I got around 40 of them in maybe 2 or 3 hours. It’s a bit stupid and competitive, but totally doable, especially when the popularity of the events go down again.

    • Xileer

      2 total in 3 events – 250ms ping FTL :p

      • Karen

        that’s not so bad; you’ll get more once you understand the full mechanics

        • Xileer

          The mechanics aren’t the problem – Having 30 people and 10 shards per event is.

          • Karen

            you mean 15 people and 40 shards per event, pre-patch

  • Alismora

    These events feel like busy work. When are they releasing Season 3?

    • Ardenwolfe

      Agreed. Might be skipping this one. Very much feels like busy work. And having to fight other players for the required item? Not the Guild Wars 2 I remember and loved.

    • Shaggy

      i think its just to pass the time before they start releasing s3 content. the bandit stuff was also probably part of it, as there were subtle hints here and there that bandits are going to play a bigger role in the future.\ be patient, not pessimistic. dont judge a small event like a large one, wait until they release actual s3 content before hating on it.

      • Alismora

        I wasn’t hating on S3 content.

        • Shaggy

          i didnt mean to imply you were.

          just thinking ahead, i suppose.

      • Alot

        Subtle? Bandits are dropping white mantle badges.

        The only way it could get any less subtle would be if Lord cadences walked around divinity’s reach putting up white mantle posters.

        • Leycris

          I think the story from new season will lead somehow to raid’s last wing, where we will fight the last leader of the White Mantles.

          • Alot

            I’ve been of the impression that the white mantle would be the subject of the next expansion, not season 3.

            If that’s the case though, the devs who came up with the the survey choices for our bands new name are even more inept then I’d presumed.

      • Edwin Karat

        Not just bandits, but White Mantle — you get a White Mantle badge drop after defeating the bounty targets you get from turning in the encoded orders.

      • Naro Zakheim

        Im glad to have some new events to do…. ive been having fun completing these and i suppose they are leading towards s3. this is what they did at the beginning of s1. I was missing living world… the game was feeling monotonous and unchanging for a while. I think these little events freshen up the game and bring attention to great locations around the map that wouldnt normally be given much attention. GW always wanted to create a living changing world. I thought they had given up on this but this new system brings it back enough for me 🙂 If we give support… I think this could turn into a really interesting mechanic

  • kazerniel

    Can people with free accounts do this quest? I only heard about ley lines stuff in HoT areas.

    • narg

      all this events are in old Tyria maps, but i dont know, if you NEED have HoT or not to see them..

      • kazerniel

        Yeah I’m doing the bandit one atm. I guess I’ll give the newest one a try and see 🙂

  • SuzukiMasami

    ANet have finally come to their senses with the patch that just went live.

    • Phobia256

      “The “Defeat the Inquest to prevent them from capturing the Ley-Energy Coalescence” event will now create player-specific versions of the ley-energy items to reduce competition.”\ Yep xD

  • Jana A Adiwoso

    Can we still do the bandit current events?

    • Dulfy


  • Alot

    I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere but there seems to be an event at the leyline spots which occurs when you fail them. First off, when failing, there remain some imbued corrupted creatures around the leyline spots which have an imbued effect (release energy on death). Secondly, I’ve run into timed events on empty leyline spots which featured a champion imbued corrupted creature (complete with timer and progress bar and an aura similar to volt).

  • Clisna

    Thwart the Inquest easily? you serious? it’s soooooooooo hard… above all when that event just start. no way!

    • Ardenwolfe

      It used to be easy. In fact, you could complete the event in less than a minute before the update. Now? Yeah . . . pretty much impossible.

      • Clisna

        yea…that achievement almost always failed when event start now, the most massive part…

    • nadrian3k

      It’s still easy. Bad part is, to make it “easy” you have to camp a map until it becomes underpopulated (the message appears). That achievement is best done with around 5ppl max. 2 carry rest kill.

  • Kalavier

    Can you still do the original ley-line event achievements with these active?

    • Karen

      Yes; they happen at the same places in between.

  • nadrian3k

    They did it right this time by telling you something is up in that area, beforehand. The event is nice altho the upscaling is kinda too much sometimes. I found myself just camping a map till it got underpopulated to get some of the achievements easier….or even wins.