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Feb 22 Current Events Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Wed 22 February 2017
Achievements / Side Stories / Current Events

A guide to the new current events added with the Feb 22 patch.

Getting Started

First, make sure you are on a character that have completed Heart of Thorns. Read your mail on that character and talk to Warden Leide at the entrance of The Grove to get started.

gw2-feb-22-current-events-guide-3 gw2-feb-22-current-events-guide-2

You will get a letter telling you to go to your home instance and talk to Ridhais. Talk to Ridhais, if you don’t have the Broken Caladbolg on you, you can get it back by talking with Miyani next to the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch and spend 10x Bottles of Elonian Wine (if you don’t see this option on Miyani, you have to talk to Ridhais first and make sure you pick the Mystic forge option in the dialogue)

gw2-feb-22-current-events-guide-4 gw2-feb-22-current-events-guide

Shards of a Thorn

Completing this achievement will give you 5 AP and Spiritwood Scion. Special thanks to Imminent Aegis and Gyrana Argen for locating these shards.


1. Carried by a soldier seeking a knight

Automatically granted upon opening the collection.

2. Left to rot in a forest of corpses where the Pact Fell – Verdant Brink – [&BPAHAAA=]

Back of Blighted Depths

gw2-shards-of-a-thorn-guide gw2-shards-of-a-thorn-guide-2

3. Purified by falling water in a jungle valley – Auric Basin –  [&BPwHAAA=]

At very bottom of the waterfall there is a cave you can enter that hides this shard.If you are not sure how to reach the waterfall area just follow the dotted line on the map.

gw2-shards-of-a-thorn-guide-3 gw2-shards-of-a-thorn-guide-4 gw2-shards-of-a-thorn-guide-5

4. Lost in the dark waters beneath the jungle’s depths – Tangled Depths – [&BIgIAAA=]

This is next to the Jellyfish Grotto hero challenge. If you don’t remember how to get there, remember you have to run up the rocks next to Dragon’s passage waypoint and then take the updraft to get up top with the Nightthistle Blossom hero challenge before running/gliding to the end where you can drop down into the water.

gw2-shards-of-a-thorn-guide-6 gw2-shards-of-a-thorn-guide-8 gw2-shards-of-a-thorn-guide-7

5. Splintered atop a spiral of thrones in the jungle’s heart – Dragon’s Stand

Talk to Agent Zrii at entrance of Dragon’s Stand to get teleported to the special instance for Hearts and Minds. Go up the spiral thingie and at the top jump to the shard.

gw2-shards-of-a-thorn-guide-10 gw2-shards-of-a-thorn-guide-11 gw2-shards-of-a-thorn-guide-9

Dreams of a Thorn

Completing this collection give you 5 AP and Orb of Natural Essence


Sprouting Mote

Automatically granted upon opening the collection.

Radiant Mote – The Grove – [&BLwEAAA=]

Go the bottom layer and swim down to find a secret area

gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-2 gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-3 gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-4

Serene Mote – Fields of Ruins – [&BEsBAAA=]

gw2-dreams-o-f-a-thorn gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide

Defiant Mote – Fireheart Rise – [&BB0CAAA=]

gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-5 gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-6

Patient Mote – Drytop – [&BIYHAAA=]

Glide down from the waypoint

gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-10 gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-9

Blossoming Mote – Diessa Plateau – [&BN4AAAA=]

It is in the secret strawberry farm area.

gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-7 gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-8

Determined Mote – Harathi Hinterlands – [&BK0AAAA=]

gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-11 gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-12

Misty Mote – Gendarran Fields – [&BN8AAAA=]

gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-13 gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-14

Pure Mote – Kessex Hills – [&BBIAAAA=]

gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-18 gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-17

Violent Mote – Sparkfly Fen – [&BLMDAAA=]

gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-15 gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-16

Shining Mote – Brisban Wildlands – [&BGQAAAA=]

gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-19 gw2-dreams-of-a-thorn-collection-guide-20

The Last Step

Once you finished the two collections, bring a Vision Crystal, the two collection items, and the Broken Caladbolg.

Vision Crystal

Talk to Ridhais at your home instance again, give her the Vision Crystal and she will tell you to meet her at Kessex Hills. Make sure you have CC skills for breakbars. Remnant of a Warrior has a rapid telegraphed attack and a circular attack you can block.

gw2-feb-22-current-events-guide-5 gw2-feb-22-current-events-guide-6 gw2-feb-22-current-events-guide-7

Spiritwood Scion

Go back to your home instance and Ridhais will take your Spiritwood Scion and direct you to Verdant Brink. Fight with Remnant of a Scholar is much of the same, bring crowd control skills for the breakbar.


Orb of Natural Essence

Go back to your home instance again and Ridhais will now take your last item. The final fight has mechanics from the first two instances. However, at the end you will get to pick one of the five weapons. You can repeat the whole thing to get all five weapons so there is no need to panic if you picked the wrong one the first time: Sword, Greatsword, Dagger, Scepter, Shield.

gw2-feb-22-current-events-guide-10 gw2-feb-22-current-events-guide-9

Upon choosing a weapon, you will complete The Sword Regrown achievement.


Knight of the Thorn

After you done The Sword Regrown achievement (just need 1 weapon out of the 5), you will get another mail after the daily reset asking you to visit Omphalos Chamber at the Grove. Go to the upper most level of the Grove and take the pod up to the Omphalos Chamber. Talk to the Pale Tree and after a short conversation you will be get the Knight of the Thorn achievement and title.

gw2-knight-of-the-thorn-achievement-3 gw2-knight-of-the-thorn-achievement-2 gw2-knight-of-the-thorn-achievement

Sword Taxonomy

For this achievement you need to collect all 5 skins. You can do this the hard way to craft all 5 weapons or the easy way using Unbound Magic. Special thanks to MMOInks for the tip!


Easy Way

Make sure you have completed Knight of the Thorn. On that character you completed the achievement go and find Ridhais in your home instance. She will allow you to exchange your current ascended weapon for a different one for 1k Unbound Magic.


Ridhais Locations

Human Sylvari Asura
gw2-sword-taxonomy-achievement-guide-2 gw2-sword-taxonomy-achievement-guide-3 gw2-sword-taxonomy-achievement-guide-4
Norn (Up top) Charr

Hard Way

If you want have all 5 ascended weapons, you have to do it this way. Make sure you have 4 other characters who have completed Heart of Thorns and repeat the whole thing (minus the scavenger steps)

You also need to make your own Spiritwood Scion and Orb of Natural Essence using the recipes you have learned already by completing the collections (recipe requires 500 in any weapon crafting profession like weaponsmith, huntsman etc and is automatically unlocked on those professions).

Orb of Natural Essence Spiritwood Scion
- 1x Maguuma Lily - 5x Spiritwood Planks
- 2x Flax Blossoms - 2x Deldrimor Steel Ingot
- 3x Passion Flowers - 30x Fulgruites
- 5x Evergreen Lodestones

gw2-orb-of-natural-essence gw2-spiritwood-scion

Weapon Rewards

All the weapons here are ascended in quality and you can get all 5 by repeating the last step.

Caladbolg Astera (Shield)

gw2-caladbolg-astera gw2-caladbolg-astera-2 gw2-caladbolg-astera-3

Caladbolg Orchida (Greatsword)

gw2-caladbolg-orchida-2 gw2-caladbolg-orchida-4 gw2-caladbolg-orchida-3

Caladbolg Origin (Greatsword, Reward for completing Sword Taxonomy)

gw2-caladbolg-origin-2 gw2-caladbolg-origin-3 gw2-caladbolg-origin-4

Caladbolg Solana (Dagger)

gw2-caladbolg-solana-3 gw2-caladbolg-solana-2 gw2-caladbolg-solana-4

Caladbolg Rosa (Sword)

gw2-caladbolg-rosa-2 gw2-caladbolg-rosa-4 gw2-caladbolg-rosa-3

Caladbolg Iridi (Scepter)

gw2-caladbolg-iradi-scepter-3 gw2-caladbolg-iradi-scepter gw2-caladbolg-iradi-scepter-2

Archived Disqus comments

  • Brethil

    1: Received from the mini instance\ 2: In The Grove on the bottom floor, you can dive in the water through a small cave to a secret garden\ 3: Secluded Glen, north-west in Fields of Ruin\ 4: God’s Hand in Fireheart Rise\ 5: Oasis in Dry Top\ 6: Anya’s Strawberry Patch south-west in Diessa Plateau (you have to go through the hidden open pipe)\ 7: Hidden Ourobon (giant’s cave) east in Harathi Hinterlands\ 8: Melandru’s Cenote, near HP, south-west in Gendarran Fields\ 9: Just north-west of the waterfall in Kessex Hills at Cereboth waypoint\ 10: At Caer Brier waypoint in Sparkfly Fen\ 11: Aurora’s Remains south-west in Brisban Wildlands

    • lithlius

      God Bless you

      • Brethil

        you welcome 🙂

  • Hadi The Edgemaster

    nvm i got it

    • lithlius

      you buy them from Miyani and speak to her agaian and offer them to her and she just deposits the weapon on your inventory

      • Figerion

        I have 10x Bottles of Elonian Wine in my bag, but Miyani doen’s give me that conversation.. 🙁 I also check all my chars if i have Broken Caladbolg somewhere, but i don’t. I am lost… 🙁

        • lithlius

          make sure you have done all the previous steps before going to Miyani. if that doesnt work then try checking GWEfficiency site to see easier if you have the item somewhere.

          • Figerion

            I spoke with Warden Leide, but I still don’t have a conversation with Miyani. Another step before is just finish story, right? Also I check my acc by GWEfficiency and dont see… 🙁

            I don’t want, but… if I will make HoT story with another charr, will I recieve that Broken Caladbolg?

            • lithlius

              you speak with Warden then go to home instance and talk to Rhida, THEN go to Miyani… think of it this way. If your character doesnt know he NEEDS caladbolg how is he supposed to ask miyani about caladbolg? your jumping that step

              • John

                We know we need this because Dulfy said we needed to in ‘Getting Started’! o/ 😀

              • lithlius

                yeah but he/she exchanged the steps, youll see. first home instance THEN miyani

              • Figerion

                oh, I am stupid… I made cleaning my bag and i made big mistake… I salvaged it again… I have both first quests done. It’s any possibility to get Broken Caladbolg again???? Or I will pay for my stupid? 🙁

              • lithlius

                im guessing youll have to buy 10 more elonian wines? alternatively you can just beat the HoT story with another character and get another Caladbolg

              • Figerion

                already bought, but not have that question… 🙁 also i was visited all npc… oh god… i have a day… 🙁

              • lithlius

                if you already spoke to all the npcs and have the achievemnts in current events unlocked, u didnt salvage the blade, the npc in your home instance takes it

              • Figerion

                but here is written:

                The Last Step\ Once you finished the two collections, bring a Vision Crystal, the two collection items, and the Broken Caladbolg.

                I don¨t have yet Vision Crystal, but they want also Broken Caladbolg…

              • lithlius

                just finish the collections. and follow the steps as normal. Its just badly written in the instructions but if you read the dialogue of the npc she asks you to hand over the blade before giving you the first item from each of the collection achievements. Dude seriously you need to stop freaking out, read the actual stuff IN GAME, and stop taking the guides too literal. Even the Raid Guides on Dulfy have 2 or 3 mistakes

              • Figerion

                Uff, finaly done!!! Thank you for help!!! 🙂

              • narg

                you need this do 4more times anyway

              • Figerion

                finaly!!! thank you very much!!! 🙂

            • nadrian3k

              Did you go to your home instance and talk to the dude in there? When you talk to him, you get 2 “exit” versions..one is that you will return with carotbolt..the other, you tell him you need to go to myiami.

              After i hit that, i went back to LA, talked with her and the option was there. Bought 10 wines and done

        • RabbitUp

          Did you start the mission? You have to talk to the guy at the monument, get the second letter, talk to the sylvari in your home instance, and THEN go to Miyani.

  • Tom Stone

    After you do the 2 scavenger achi you need to bring the items along with vision crystal to npc in home. Each item will lead you to a quick instance boss fight, after 3rd vision you can choose one ascended caladbolg weapon: sword, dagger, scepter, greatsword or shield. achievements give you 1, you can craft the rest (recipes unlock afterwards), and there is achi for having all 5 ascended caladbolg weapons.

    To create remaining 4 you would need 4 vision crystals, 20 spiritwood planks, 8 deldrimor steel, 120 fulgurite, 4 maguuma lily, 8 flax blossoms, 12 passion flowers 20 evergreen lodestones.

    Have fun!

    • Sanne Remeijer

      I can’t seem to find them as a recipe, I do find the Orb of Natural Essence and Spiritwood Scion, where did you find it?

      • Aria of the FENG

        recipe is unlocked along the item when you finish the achievements

        • Sanne Remeijer

          I’ve gotten the greatsword, that’s why I find it odd I can’t find it.

          • Aria of the FENG

            found mine in weaponsmith (because that was the craft I had on current alt when I checked), I suppose recipes are shared on all weapon crafts… they were not available on armorsmith

            • Ylanniss

              You don’t craft other weapons. You go to statue, talk with NPC, go to home instance and repeat Visions. Just u craft Scion and Orb. And Vision Crystal.

    • reda zaher

      any idea on how to get access to the recipes?

      • Alexander Kulbov

        You get them automatically after completing the collections.

    • MissKatMoon

      20 spiritwood planks, 8 deldrimor steel…\ Kill me, pls…

      • narg

        for craftin ASCENDET weapons this is ridiculously cheap, BUT dont forget, for crafting another weapons, you need NEW broken caladblog from finished story with another character.

  • DD

    I KNEW IT! I never destroyed the broken caladbolg

    • Alot

      I destroyed many many caladbolg 🙁\ I never expected Anet to go back and fix loose HoT story issues. As a permanent cynic, its nice to be surprised.

      • Ares Zax

        I KNEW that ANet would introduce a use for it one day, although I only kept one copy of the broken Caladbolg as a souvenier, since I was confident that ANet would also include a means of reacquiring it if you lost it.

        Anyhoo, this seems like a fun collection. 🙂 And my Sylvari has a new scepter to work towards!

        • Alot

          Found an undeleted Calagbog on a much neglected raid engi – who’s blowtorch damage now resembles an aggresive prod from Balthazaar himself -.-\ Though I’ve never had reason to use it, I landed up building a purple healing druid running the “sparkle sparkle princess” appearance. The overly glowing staff will fit the look better then the slightly glowy staff of disembodies human spines from gorse.

    • John

      I don’t have mine either, and I do ‘not’ have the option that Dulfy indicates above. So now what?

      • RabbitUp

        Did you do the first step (visit the monument and then talk to the sylvari in your home)?

        • John

          It appears as though the guide has changed now. Thank you.

    • Trek the Stars

      Agg, I only kept one for the sentiment. Destroyed the other two I got.

  • Grand Paladin Tyrux

    Can you craft all 5 weapons on the same character, or do you need to complete the HoT story 4 more times for new Broken Caladbolgs?

    • RabbitUp

      You can get the skin from Miyani for 10 (I think) Bottles of Elonian Wine, but I don’t know if you can do it 5 times, worth trying.

    • Dulfy

      Can’t do it on the same character, need to have 4 other characters who also completed HoT

      • Aerinndis Athyrium

        I wish that once you completed this on the character that you have completed HoT that you could just craft the orb and scion and proceed on any other character on the account regardless if they have finished HoT. Just thinking about having to put 4 more characters through that story and final fight, ugh.

        • Yanshuly Katz

          do i need to do all hot or just the last one?

          • Suan

            You can’t skip to last part on another character. Even if you did it on main one. You must go through all 16 parts.

            • MissKatMoon

              fck D:

            • Yanshuly Katz

              nvm i did it the easy way today..

  • Fleshmask

    I delete my Calabolg, I would do again too. I have 4 ascended weapons in my bank and 3 sets of ascended armor. I am a Scrapper to boot, I can’t use any of those 5 offered weapons.

    • Trent Ice

      You can use shield 😛

      • Fleshmask

        I am a Scrapper. Not giving up my extra dealing damage hammer for a shield.

        • Gitgud

          The whole idea of gw2 is to step way from the notion of ‘mains’. Gear up another character that can use one of this weapons?

    • dez

      Every profession can use at least 1 of those weapons.

    • wQnxy

      i have 15 characters and i want more (3 thiefs, 2 engis, 2 warrs, 2 mesmers) =.=

  • John

    For what it is worth, not only do you have to talk to the person at the statue, but you have to talk to Ridhais in your home instance to ‘see’ that there is an option to go talk to Miyani before the option will show up on Miyani. I tried to go directly to Miyani after talking to tree-boy, per the instructions, and the option was not there yet.

  • Dreadedkitty

    Another step toward anet forcing players to craft. Every other game it’s an optional thing to do.

    • RabbitUp

      And this is not optional?

      • lithlius

        Shhh let the cry babies be cry babies with their ” OMG THIS REQUIRES ME TO ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME!? thats such bs , also game is boring and has nothing else for me to do in it ”


        • Dreadedkitty

          I play the game ALL THE TIME. Playing a game and crafting in a game are two different things entirely. You know what? All these pissy comments just reaffirmed my former resolve to never comment on anything ever because someone is going to make it out like I’m ‘crying’ or ‘not playing’ a game that I spend more hours on every day than I even care to admit.

          You have all missed my point, so what else is new? Also, if it requires you to craft, it is not a free weapon. It’s costing you time/effort/gold, etc to level crafting and make the required item.

    • Daaw Daw

      ROFL,you get ascendent WEAPON for FREE. aka anet just given you 150g and your reaction is crying ?

  • The_Super_Namek

    A video of the last instance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3wHaIJgPlY

  • John Doe

    I literally finished HoT and then got rid of Caladbolg today -_-

    • Trek the Stars

      And it costs about 2.5 gold to get a new one or have to play through again.

  • Sandro Patanè

    this was too good, too bad the replayability is pretty bad since crafting those items isnt cheap..\ but still, i needed an ascended GS today and got it for free, i’m kinda emotionally attached to it too, best current event so far <3

    • Rhianydd Taylor

      U don’t hafta do it 5 times u can put the gs in forge with 1000 unbound magic to change the weapon. Do this with all 5 weapons and u get all skins and the caladbolg origin 🙂 but if u want all 5 ascended weapons not just the skins to get the achieve, then yeh it’s costly and will take time

  • Knight_ldr

    This is a great event, an inexpensive Ascended Weapon with selectable stats and a nice send off for Trahearne!

  • Daaw Daw

    Caladbolg Origin rly need some kind of trail,its epic weapon,but missing that puff effect…

  • David Gallagher

    Caladbolg Orchida and Caladbolg Origin look the same to me – how are they different?

    • Knight_ldr

      Origin has a golden aura to the blade.

    • Hadi The Edgemaster

      origin is the original blade Trahearne wields

    • Dantonsis

      They’re very similar, but Orchida has more vines and leaves growing out near the hilt and up the blade.

    • Luke Bailey

      The new form has an aura and effect where as the original doesn’t

  • Shiro Yamato

    You also get a new title when you’re done. “Knight of the Thorn”

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    How long does it take to do in total?

    • Suan

      If you have Vision Crystal [or all the stuff needed to craft it] probably not that much. 1-3 hrs\~.

      • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

        Ah thankyou

      • Alexandre C. Fernandes

        Sadly, it needs to be Vision Crystal (Lesser doesn’t works), that I don’t have yet. Neither a maxed crafter.

        • Suan

          Yeah, I guess this is bad for people that still didn’t finish crafting. There is a chance to drop the crystal from a few specific bags but it’s rare.

        • Suan

          You can also get it as the last log-in reward I think? So that’s always an option if you don’t want to spend money on crafting.

  • Suan

    There is some update with Pale Tree, just got a mail in game.

    • DD

      Same, despite I still prefer “Commander” over that crappy title xD

  • MissKatMoon

    ANet still had not forgotten about Trahearne… Q_Q Thanks.

    I knew it was not in vain so far kept the broken Caladbolg!\ I’m so sad because of the fact that in his honor did not do any of the memorial, and that we haven’t even said goodbye properly. A great weight off one’s mind.

    • narg

      well actually, i think he deserve something more then poor statue, where i cant even go near or made some action, like /kneel or put flowers etc, or some more action like with Eir, looks lot of wretched to me, why its in place, where it is not even visible, why its not in middle of Grove, or near home instance ?? WTF seriously

  • M “INKS” Weik

    Working on the video now. But you do not have to repeat all of those steps and make all those ascended items with sword Taxomity. Simply take your weapons, sword, scepter whatever back to a home instance and talk with Ridhais. for 1000 unbound magic and the weapon it will let you pick a new weapon. keep doing this until you complete that colleciton.

    • MissKatMoon

      YAY, thx, Anet!!! *\^* https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8dca753033148d9b6e577a12fc6e98046c03523db5f35831a3a4f2394c522546.jpg

    • MissKatMoon

      YAY, thx, Anet!!! *\^* https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/785fa1dbc55f6414c886cf1a14b72f1ecd19413ee57f1639aa12c59b6d06229e.jpg

    • M C

      This npc is nowhere to be found in any of my city home instances. Do you have to have completed the extra trip to the pale tree first? Or did this get patched out with the “fix” patch a little while ago?

      • M “INKS” Weik

        you have to have gotten the mail (wait for reset) talk to the pale tree and get that achievement, then go to any home instance. she isn’t standing in the same place I don’t think but she is in there. see screen

        • Yuukie

          How do you talk to the pale tree? Does it have to unlock somehow? Because it`s not giving me an option to

          • M “INKS” Weik

            you’ll get mail after reset of the day you completed the quest.

    • Heather

      Whereabouts is she located? I just finished the current event and chose the dagger. I went back to my home instance, but can’t find Ridhais. Unless she moves around…?

      • M “INKS” Weik

        you need to wait for reset after you complete the quest. (I was a little unclear) then you’ll get mail to see the pale tree. go and see her then check for Ridheis

    • Aerinndis Athyrium

      I see for each one of those weapons that they are soul bound upon acquire as well. Hopefully this isn’t something intended.

      • M “INKS” Weik

        no once you pick the ascended weapon it is account bound.

    • Chazzychef

      that’s fantastic

    • Tilveran

      Super useful tip, thanks INKS! I saved a lot of gold on weapons I didn’t need 😉

  • Lockheart

    Strangely this made me oddly sad for Traherne’s death. Despite loathing him in the story, HoT really made me like him somehow.

    • Trillium

      Can’t help but respect a sylvari who has the willpower to retain his free will while being directly hooked up to Mordremoth both physically and mentally.

  • Sabwafair

    so I get to the agent in dragons stand and it tell me she needs to explore more, i see others getting the port, and yes I have found all the other shards

    • Suan

      Did you finish the story? You talk to the Asura – Agent Zrii right?

      • Sabwafair

        yes,gave the sword to the npc in my home instance, et al

      • Sabwafair

        and Done, you cant mix toons! have to recover on the toon you turned in the sword, UGH

  • M “INKS” Weik

    For those wondering. Here is the video of Sword Taxonomy –You can complete this without making all those ascended weapons. https://youtu.be/ZPuyzaQS3yg feel free to ask questions. thanks.

    • nadrian3k

      Down side is u sacrifice the ascended weps..so if u are interested in keeping the all weapons, making the items is worth it. All in all you pay aroud 300-400g (all costs..if u don’t have anyhting on u) to get 6 ascended weps. Pretty worth it.

      BUT…if u don’t need those weapons or consider them useless, yes the guide above is very good.

      • M “INKS” Weik

        thanks. you can still go through and make those weapons if you desire.

      • narg

        you still keep last used weapons, so it not completely waste..

        • nadrian3k

          Oh, i thought it was sacrificed during the exchange. Yea so basically exchange gold for that other currency.

    • Toby Larone

      You needed to make a 3.5 min video for that? Just give the information omg. 20seconds spent, “oh i don’t know how to say her name haha someone tell me”

      • M “INKS” Weik

        The information is all above in Dulfy’s guide. You are welcome Toby. The information is also shared all over reddit. Many options to not listen to me.

      • Ardenwolfe

        Wow. Way to be a douche canoe. How about your make your own, short video? Shithead.

      • VibrantViolet

        He didn’t have to make a video to explain it. You clearly expect other people to explain how to do things in the game for you given your comment. How about figure it out yourself, or don’t bitch when someone tries to help but it’s “too long” for you.

  • Kklt

    Are these soulbound on acquire or account bound?

    • ExOnizuka

      account bound like any other ascended!

  • ExOnizuka

    hey just got a new achievment with my silvary! 25AP and a title, just log in and get a messege telling me “the Pale Mother has recovered and request your presence”\ https://i.imgur.com/pvlFb4F.jpg

    • narg

      i suppose, this is silvary exclusive title ??

  • Ardenwolfe

    Thank you for posting these again. You’re a lifesaver. Though . . . no staff?

  • Chazzychef

    Nice of them to give engies a version of this weapon that they’d ever want to use… oh wait…

    • narg

      well, all this weapons are “live”, so i suppose all of them grow up like “fruits” from some (Pale) tree, so i cant imagine, how do you want “grow” moving parts like guns have, but i think more, that anet have rest of collection for some future addon (or will be gem shop in next patch)

      • Chazzychef

        They coulda made a hammer though. I dunno, I don’t really care, I’d only want it for a skin anyway, but ostensibly the reason they made 5 different weapons was so everyone would have something they could use. I’m never gonna run around with a pistol/shield.

        • narg

          its like in Lake Doric, you have only staff for map currency there and idk why its only staff…

          • lithlius

            Theres a shield too and a backpiece.

            • coranax

              there is a back piece?

        • noov

          Hammer would have been awesome.

        • Burn Bicz, BURN

          It’s stupid that they give us 2 GS

          • lithlius

            Technically its only 1 GS, the Other is simply the Original skin of the weapon when it first appeared in game and basically its Real self.

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    Great little quest was fun

  • Trillium

    Won’t read the guide as not to spoil things, but what’s important is that it’s looking like meaningful final stop of HoT’s own storyline… Next expansion announcement soon?

  • Trek the Stars

    Holy crap, I got rekted on the last fight. Even though all though fights are pretty much the same for some reason I was just too strong for myself.

    • Vladislav

      Same here.. Me used this line-multi-energy-wave attack too much time when i was casting…

      • Trek the Stars

        Yea the attack that guardians used, then I went directly into some crazy strong telegraph attack. I’m a melee thief so I made it near impossible to get near enough to kill myself lol.

  • Stefano Manno

    Almost a perfect set for a Sylvari Guardian. Dagger Elite next expansion? XD

    • Aerinndis Athyrium

      Yes, I love how the greatsword and sword look on my Sylvari. Maybe this was Anet’s way of salving some of the misery of completing the HoT story by giving us some fairly easy to get ascended weapons.

  • DD

    Which of the new maps is the best one to farm unbound magic?

    • M “INKS” Weik

      farm berries in bitterfrost and consume them.

  • miszelll

    When i finish both 2 collections i should talk to Ridhais but i don’t have Broken Caladbolg. How to get it again?

  • Tilveran

    The last battle was just like ascending in Guild Wars 1!

    Now that I think about it, using the Vision Crystal and battling my Doppleganger… does this make our characters ascended for dealing with the Mursaat? I wonder…

    • emonyna .

      We already kind of did the trials of Ascension in Arcana Obscura, complete with the Turai Ossa ghost !

  • Pressed Rat and Warthog

    I main a Sylvari engineer. So the Sylvari character I took through all this doesn’t get a Caladbog weapon. Sad.

    • j

      Engineers can use shields.

  • Vladislav

    That really great event, but i still wondering. Why there no Staff?

    • Rajani Isa

      Yeah, a staff seems natural for this kind of weapon. Was hoping for one for my daredevil!

      • Jayce

        You can get an ascended staff for the daredevil or druid elite specs by doing the rare collections. It takes time but it’s pretty easy. And once you have the Machined Staff, it’s even easier to get a second staff on the other spec, as they share lots of parts of the collection.

  • bob

    may sound silly but…but how long do I have till this event “expires”?

    • Vladislav

      At least 6 month i guess. Event with Anomaly still running around

      • bob

        ah okay well I’ve yet to even complete HoT story and the vision crystal kinda threw me off as well, but then I realized I can get 1 in 7 days via login rewards.

    • Grand Paladin Tyrux

      The devs have said this is intended to be permanent content.

  • Sollunad

    Ridhais location in charr home instance: http://puu.sh/ugLDw/a4ed822a5a.png

  • Paco Chung

    RIP to all those that followed that hard way.

  • Mike Yorku

    “after the daily reset” wat? Logging in late punishes you a day.

    • George Smith

      punish? its 1 flippin day….

    • Suan

      It does not, even if you started on the patch day you still had to wait for the reset [well, back then we didn’t know that there is something else after all of that]. So even if you start today, you’ll just get the Pale Tree mail tomorrow. No matter when you start. as long as you do the current events and end up with a weapon in one day, you have to wait a day[next daily reset] for the mail from PT.

  • coranax

    You might want to note that the reward for the Taxonomy achieve is only a skin and not another weapon. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/39ea6806d431166b089c0d9c54ef602348a5ac36f1973aa7857100de111a8668.png

    • Larry Martin

      OK…I got the Greatsword and put infusions and upgrades on it. If I go back and buy the other 4 skins will I still have the GS and its improvements at the end or will I end up with whatever final weapon I buy with no improvements on it?

      • Dulfy

        Don’t put the infusions/upgrades on it as you may lose them

        • Larry Martin

          Well, it’s too late for that, but I’m still unsure if I’ll end up with my original GS or not.

          • Chris G

            The unbound magic switch destroys the weapon you have so unfortunately you’ll lose anything you’ve applied, but you when you use the 1k UM you get a box that lets you choose whichever weapon you want so you will always be able to get back to the original weapon you chose.

            For anyone doing the achiev though, you want to pick a dud first and leave the weapon you want until your last choice.

            I went dagger first (wanting that) and swapped to get the others only to have to pay another 1k UM to get back to dagger, so leave the one you actually want to last.

      • Suan

        As long as you have Unbound Magic you can swap the weapons. Unless the devs will change it.

        • Larry Martin

          I don’t want to swap to a new weapon, I just want to get the achievement and end up with my original GS without having to buy it again.

          • Suan

            So you get the other 4 weapons the hard way – by making them. There’s only 2 ways for that collection, you either spend money and make them. Or just sacrifice 4k of Unbound magic [5k if you want to go back to your first weapon like I did] and swap until you unlock all of them.. I think you just don’t get how it works somehow..

            • Larry Martin

              You’re right, I don’t fully understand how it works, but I’m trying. I was just trying to save myself the final 1000 UM that I guess I need to switch back to my GS (which is the only weapon I really want). I thought maybe you just purchased the skins and added them to your collection without actually getting the weapon itself.

              • Suan

                Spending UM gives you a real weapon but takes the current one you have with you [also you need to have it in your inventory, not on you] You’ll get an item which allows you to pick one of the five weapons. You do that until the collection is done and then you can go back to the one you want. 5k UM is not that much. If you have lots of characters just take them all to bitter frost frontier and farm berries, then eat them. A stack should give you around 5-10k UM.

              • Larry Martin

                TY for all the info…I get it now. I do farm Bitterfrost for berries and UM, but I’m using all of it now to buy the ascended accessory and back for a family of alts so the extra 1K UM is important to me. Now that I understand the process though, I guess I’ll just need to farm harder.

              • Suan

                No problem, it’s really easy. Also it’s just my opinion but as long as you don’t have that many characters and play them really often then I would say that you can relax on all those backs and accessory. We should still have at least 2 more episodes before LS season ends so that means 2 more backs. I have 10 characters and with each episode I just get one back and accesory to give it to my alt and for skin, on other hand I mostly play on my main and do alts from time to time.

            • redkiteross

              Could you not have just transmuted back to the other weapon rather than spend 1k?

              • Suan

                How do you want to transmute let’s say from a dagger to a shield? Are you drunk or was it late and your brain stopped working for a sec there?

              • redkiteross

                aha maybe both? >_>

  • Jose Heredia Hernandez

    Caladbold changes the default animation in any weapon attack?

  • Teting Rtfmlao

    I’m standing where Ridhais supposed to be in Human instance .. and she is not there.\ Anyone can confirm it, was it nerfed?

    • Ainseland

      make xur da character you using has completed the achievement above this guide.

      i tried using my other character i couldn’t find her, i guess bcoz that i did finish the HoT story on that other character

      • Teting Rtfmlao

        this morning update fixed the problem.

  • Slart

    I opted to do the “hard way”, as I just finished the HoT story on another toon.. so as soon as I finished, I brought my broken sword, vision crystal, and the 2 crafted items, orb and scion, and headed to my home instance. No Ridhais. Not even in the location specified above. What gives?

    • Slart

      Nevermind.. someone told me I had to go to the Grove and talk to the dude there.

  • Lauri

    Can you get the same weapon (e.g. sword) twice, when you repeat the event with another character?

  • paul

    just finished the HoT story line, I should be getting the letter next reset right?

    • Max Shinoda

      u get the mail already? cuz after finished the HoT story, still not receive the mail

  • Steve

    This is wrong. You need to talk to Ridhais before you get mail. It might be different for some people, but once you complete Heart of Thorns, DO NOT WAIT FOR MAIL before speaking with Ridhais.

    You’re welcome.

    • Zietlogik

      going to the statue and talking to the NPC there in the Grove will trigger the Ridhais mail, and completing HoT will trigger the Statue mail.

  • Barry Jones

    I’ve seemed to have misplaced my Caladbolg again after doing the Mystic forge and getting the two other things from the motes. I have no option to recreate the Caladbolg but I can still buy wine. Anyone experience this?

  • Ryan Hill

    i gave the newly created Caladbolg from Myami’s 10 wines and gave it to Ridhais to start the 2 current events collections. I no longer have the Caladbolg. Ridhais has it. How am i suppose to complete the last step now????

    • Twisted Yarn

      Don’t worry, it’s normal 🙂 You don’t need the broken Caladbolg, the last step is described a litte wierd. Basicly Ridhais already has the Caladbolg, it dissappares from your inventory after you give it to her. Just give her the vision crystal and continue the questline

    • Kaukov

      Yep, what Twisted Yarn wrote. I learned that the hard way by buying another 10 Wine thinking I lost it again, but Miyani didn’t offer it again so I was confused. And then I thought Ridhais might have it and everything’s fine 😀

  • M

    did they remove Ridhais shop to exchange for the other 4 weapon skins? I cannot find her in the home instance after completing the event.

    • Adzekul

      The mail to visit the Pale Tree will arrive after the next daily reset. You have to wait for this before she shows up in your home instance. I had difficulty finding her also, and was reluctant to believe guildmates when they said you had to wait a day (why the hell should it be designed that we have to wait? On well). They were right of course.

  • zaw

    soo i got the weapon…but no more ridhais for me (char, ran all around home instance, checked location shown on screenshot…;/

    • Ironexus

      she changes position once you did this just look at one of the pictures she posted but she doesn t have one for charr tho

      • Answerer

        I know in the human instance she’s on the green berch behind the sales stands.\ Just go down the stairs when you enter to the market plaza. he’s standing beneath one of the trees behind the market stalls

  • Liesl P.

    Kind of confused on how to get the vision crystal? Do i really need to craft it or is there another way because i don’t really have any crafting experience at all on any of my characters.

    • narg

      yes, you must craft it or have some of these, for you, there is chest of ascended crafting materials which is reward for log in daily for 30 days

      Chest of Ascended Crafting Materials\ Dungeoneer’s Grandmaster Chest\ Fluctuating Mass\ Generosity’s Reward\ Gift from Mawdrey II\ Gunk-Covered Pellet

      • Liesl P.

        thank you 🙂\ for others asking/wondering.\ those last 4 things are the packets you get from the anomalies and Herta and Princess like things 🙂 (I can’t remember which one gives which thing) Just seems to take a lot of patience.

  • Azhar

    So if i want a second caladbolg weapon, i have to go the hard way?

    • narg

      if you want new weapons, not only skin, yes

  • BCo

    for the charr home instance, you can find Ridhais just South from the Hero’s forum POI

  • Amayon Black

    If you do it it the cheese way with the unbound magic, does it remove Ridhais from your home instance? Say I want to finish it now, just the skins, but later when Im rich(er) and have time to run alts through, I want to make them all from scratch. Can I do BOTH?

    • Ezmyrelda Andrade

      It’s not the cheese way, It’s just efficient for some peoples purposes.. as soon as I can finish up HoT on my alts I intend to get four more ascended weapons. And no.. Ridhais is there in your home instance for the duration.. Though I don’t intend to get rid of my Caladbolg so I’m not going to test any theories.. 🙂 I don’t see any recipes for anything resembling caladbolg in my list though so I believe that the ones you reforge through the story are unique in as far as being called “caladbolg”. I think the most you can craft is ascended and then just apply the skin. Hence, why I just grabbed the skins first.

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  • Chris Klinge

    so i completed the full HoT storyline, but i never got the letter, is there an alternate way to start the quest? what should i do?

    • Anonymous

      You just go to the grove, and find Warden Leine. If you completed the story, then you don’t need to do more

      • Chris Klinge

        thanks, i actually found out my issue was that the letter doesnt get sent to you until the next reset.

  • Rene Krajnc

    is it possible to repeat this with a different or same charakter? and how?

    • narg

      No, you get only one Broken Caladblog once per every character, who complete HoT story.

  • Israel Manzo

    Hello. May I have some easy explanation, please? I finished the achievement with my main character. I got the ascended scepter. Now I want the other weapons, my question would be if I need to replay my personal HOT history with my other 4 toons, finishing the history with each one of them and replaying the mission to obtain the weapon? Or do I have to craft these items with my other toons?\ BTW can I just skip to the final scene of the history or not?

    • Dulfy

      If you just want skins, you can exchange the weapons for unbound magic. if you want the weapons, then need to do HoT on other chars

      • Israel Manzo

        Thanks for the answer. So I need to replay my personal history with my others 4 toons to unlock the mission to get Caladbolg on each one of them? Sorry if I’m being repetitive I’m just want to make sure that I’m not going to fail on this.

        • Dulfy


  • Serkan Ünalan

    Do I need to wait for daily reset for Ridhais to appear again in my home instance? I want the skins but there is no Ridhais…

    • Joanna

      Home instance for human – she is near merchants.

  • Jean-Patrick Ranu

    Thanks for this guide. It was very useful.

    However, it would be great to add a warning regarding the last part in the lines of “WATCH THE DIALOGUES CAREFULLY”. I was expecting a reward window to appear at some point letting you chose which weapon you wanted but that’s not how it works.

    I wasn’t really paying attention myself, defeated the clone of my character then spoke to it just like I did in the two previous parts and ended up with a stupid shield instead of the dagger I wanted.

    “You can repeat the whole thing to get all five weapons so there is no need to panic if you picked the wrong one the first time”. This sentence is essentially wrong since you can only do it once per character.

    The only way to change the weapon type requires unbound magic which you can’t get unless you buy access to the living world season 3 stories. So if you don’t have them, you had better be VERY CAREFUL during that last part.

    • FerretWearingShitgibbon

      “You can repeat the whole thing to get all five weapons so there is no need to panic if you picked the wrong one the first time” – True, a highly misleading sentence. I thought at first that I can just repeat the fight again and pick another weapon. being able to have all 5 in the end. Not how any of this works… 🙁