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Jan 9 Awakening Threats Current Events Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Tue 09 January 2018
Achievements / Side Stories / Current Events

A guide to the new Awakening Threat current events added with Jan 9 patch.

Awakened Attacks

These attacks spawn hourly at every 30 minutes past the hour (i.e. 1:30, 2:30) and three of the following zones will be attacked by Awakened forces. There will be red swords all over the map when these attack occurs. A bunch of Veteran Awakened spawn first, followed by a Champion at various locations.

gw2-jan-9-current-events-guide gw2-jan-9-current-events-guide-2

Here is a schedule of the attacks by that_shaman . Times are in server time (UTC). Eastern Timezone is UTC-5 and Pacific Timezone is UTC –8.


Completing any of the events will grant you the Awakening Threat achievement. If you stay in that map until all the related events are completed, you will get the Portal Breaker achievement. This is a repeatable achievement giving you 3 AP each time for a max of 30 AP. You will need to tag a certain amount of events or this achievement won’t pop. Just doing 1-2 events isn’t enough.

gw2-jan-9-current-events-guide-3 gw2-jan-9-current-events-guide-4

For the Zone Defense achievement, you will need to fend off the Awakened in each map they invade. That means staying until all the events in that map are done. Make sure you tag enough events or the achievement won’t update.



Portal Peacemaker

After you have completed the Awakening Threat achievement, you will get a mail from Peacemaker Ninn when you switch maps or relog.

Go to your home instance and talk to him (make sure you on the character that did the achievement as he won’t spawn for other characters). He will ask for some materials to make a device to predict the portal attacks. After you have all the items, return to him and he will tell you to return a day later for the achievement (it seems that Asuras, engineers. and Charrs with Iron Legion background do not need to wait and can get the Portal Peacemaker achievement right away)

gw2-jan-9-current-events-guide-13 gw2-jan-9-current-events-guide-14

The achievement give you an item Phasic Distortion Reader. It you click it from x:00 to x:30 it will tell you which maps the invasion is occurring at x:30. Handy for the Zone Defense achievement.


Resonance Tuner (Brisban Wildlands)

gw2-jan-9-current-events-guide-6 gw2-jan-9-current-events-guide-7

Etheric Tank (Timberline Falls)

gw2-jan-9-current-events-guide-8 gw2-jan-9-current-events-guide-9

Gate Alchemeter (Fields of Ruin)

gw2-jan-9-current-events-guide-11 gw2-jan-9-current-events-guide-10

Archived Disqus comments

  • Edgar

    If you are an enginner, you can build the device with Ninn, you do not need to wait a day for it to built.

    • Dulfy

      Thank you

  • Mlakuss

    Asuras can skip the time gate

  • Wojtek Pojda

    Asuras can help Peacemaker Ninn and receive the device instantly

    • Dulfy

      Thanks, updated

  • godsie

    I think you can repeat portal breaker 10 times which actually means you can get 30 AP in total

  • iggy

    I just did this with a Charr character who was Iron Legion and skipped the time gate.

    • Dick E.

      Ditto with a Dragon Hunter Charr.

  • Ardenwolfe

    Bless you for these guides.

  • Auren

    I got the Phasic Distortion Reader immediately as a Warrior Charr

  • kazerniel

    So exciting! Thank you for the guide 🙂

  • Nathaniel Lovett

    It’s bugged. Many players have made the events and we have not received anything.

  • Mr Discreet

    I just gave all those items to Ninn and I didn’t get the Phasic Distortion Reader

  • Yves Ribaut

    Guys, he states that he needs a day to assemble it….

    • Pressed Rat and Warthog

      If you are Engineer you help him build it and get it right away

      • Wolfgang Bures

        If you are asura as well. 🙂

  • Vadim Karpov

    So mutch zerg and mass waypoint’s teleportation, my game just crashed as permanent frieze for a whole computer.

  • lithlius

    I love how Anet has given this a bit of flavor with your choice of race class and or racial affiliation impacting the achievements in a simple way.

  • Krystal S. S.

    It’s super buggy, I’m only getting credit for three maps. The rest give me no credit at all no matter how many I tag or how high my damage goes. This will be my 5th attempt for Gendarran fields. I’ll wait for the hot fix. Thank you for the guide.

  • U N C L E

    The events are totally buggy and Ninn didn’t gave me the Phasic Distortion Reader even tho i have turned the itens more than 26 hours ago.\ Also my Portal Breaker achievement dont show the name like the pic on dulfy.\ I complain what BW is doing with swtor but Anet is not doing better with GW2 either. Non existence QA.

    • It’s Amazing

      ANet customer support takes usually about a week or so to respond. It’s not “non existence QA”.

      • Lowkeey

        A week is way too long for support. I once couldnt log in because i got no text verification and it took me 9 days to get a reply and a total 13days to finally remove my phone number and reattach a new one… and i already hooked to another mmo while waiting for the first reply. Thank God this game has no subs, otherwise it would be emptier.

    • U N C L E

      Ninn delivered me the Phasic only after 42 hours or the 3th fix patch. My ticket got ended before the 2th fix patch and none contact from support. Great way to deal with customers.

  • It’s Amazing

    A lot of people are going to Ninn with the items for the reader and then log-in a day later on another character expecting it to be with that character instead. I’ve done the Portal Breaker acheivement with five different characters and after re-zoning, Ninn wants to talk to all of them to build the reader. So far, everything is working right with me. I like this. It’s a fun event.

  • Talindra

    Is AP the only reward from this?

    • Dulfy


  • Steevee

    I was looking for a Peacemaker for ages in my charr’s home instance before finding he was called Mechanist Ninn

    • Lockheart

      For future people suffering with this, he is located near the ash legion tents.

  • eithed

    Very buggy – have done all events on the map and haven’t received anything

  • zozolove11

    hey. where the hell can i convert Quartz Crystals into Charged Quartz Crystals??

    • Chelle

      At any hero point that involves communing.

  • Talvi

    Mechanist Ninn won’t take the items from me at all and I’ve tried several times over a few days to get him to take the items. Still very buggy.

    • Rosie

      Seen many people say this. Be sure you have Mithril INGOTS not just Mithril.

  • Teerack

    timers are wrong and useless

  • Randy Thompson

    Time are not wrong, they are in server time. Just go to options and change your time to Server instead of Local time. The times are also in army time (24 hour clock) so you have to change them to 12 hour clock then they match to server time. For example: if it says 13:30 server time (24hr clock) that is 1:30 pm server time (12hr clock). Easy peasy. If you don’t know how to canvert 24 hr clock to 12 hr clock, go back to skoul 🙂

  • Randy Thompson

    Just to clarify: 1) Change your in-game clock to “Server” under “Options”, (you can put it back to “Local” after the event takes place). 2) Google “24 hour clock”, the times you see in Google will match exactly to the chart on this page. For examples: Google will say that 13:30 or 14:30 etc. = 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm respectively. 3) Go to your game at 1:30 pm “Server time” (instead of the 13:30). 4) Kill some monsters 🙂

  • Jade

    Is this still active? I have been trying to do the events but can’t seem to find them. I’m probably too late?

  • Arle Andersanka

    is the achievement soulbound? Walked past that resonance tuner box three times and it’s just a non-interactable piece of environment.