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October 4 Current Events Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Tue 04 October 2016
Achievements / Side Stories / Current Events

A guide to the new current events added with October 4 GW2 patch.

There are two separate current events/achievements going on right now, one involving the rifts by Gillscale Pond and the other involves the Sad Anomaly. Do not mix them up!

Rifts in Gillscale Pond

1. Go to [&BM8AAAA=] Gillscale Pond in Fields of Ruin. Look for a Class I Magic Rift around the pond and jump through it, it should port you directly above the pond and you drop down underwater.

gw2-october-4-current-events-guide-9 gw2-october-4-current-events-guide

2. Now go to the bottom of the pond and you should see a ???, interact with it and pick it up. It will become a Mysterious Device in your inventory.


3. Once you have the Mysterious Device, talk to a NPC called Auris Weirdbringer (Charr) that can be found around the pond (he moves around so just run around the pond until you see him). He will say wait a minute, so you wait for him until he teleport you. This will put a Class I Rift Stabilizer in your inventory.


4. Now double click the Class I device in you inventory and go near any of the Class I Magic Rifts earlier to click #1 button (Activate Stabilizer) , the #1 button will change into numbers. Different number port you into different locations when you jump into the rift. If you don’t see numbers but instead circles, spirals, and squares, change them all to spiral the then rift will stabilize, allowing you to see numbers on the #1 button.

gw2-october-4-current-events-guide-7 gw2-october-4-current-events-guide-8

5. Jump through the rift each time with a different number on your device. Go through all 13 locations in the rift and it will break the device. You don’t have to do in order, just need to visit all 13 locations

6. Once your device is broken, find Auris Weirdbringer again and talk to him. He will give you a Class II Device.

gw2-october-4-current-events-guide-5 gw2-october-4-current-events-guide-6

7. This class II device functions similar to the class I but now you have two numbers when you activate it near a Magic Rift. Some numbers combinations does nothing, others port you to different locations. There is a very small chance that activating the device can turn you into a hostile player that can be attacked by others.


Sad Anomaly – Burden of Choice


1. You will see a sad anomaly randomly on your screen, this is a random client side spawn that can appear anywhere, anytime. The sad anomaly only appear for a few seconds so you need to be quick. Interacting with it give you a new set of achievement called Burden of Choice. This is unrelated to the Rifts in Gillscale Pond, simply a new achievement they put in with the randomly appearing sad anomaly that was spotted over a month ago. The Anomaly is not clickable and looks semi transparent.


2. Talk to Ogden in Durmand Priory Headquarters in Lornar’s Pass – [&BOkAAAA=]. Go to the back of the Durmand Priory Hall and enter the instance. You will find Oden in one of the rooms.

gw2-burden-of-choice-achievement-guide-2 gw2-burden-of-choice-achievement-guide-3 gw2-burden-of-choice-achievement-guide-4

3. Speak to Tranton, across the hall from Ogden


4. Collect a Bloodstone Sliver from the Bloodstone Harvest Achievement. If you already done the previous Current Event stuff, you can skip this part as it is already completed for you.

5. Speak to Tradesman Maezz in Lion’s Arch. You can buy some Snake Oil from him if you like.

gw2-burden-of-choice-achievement-guide-6 gw2-burden-of-choice-achievement-guide-7

6. Return to Tranton

7. For this last step you can either talk to Tranton or Maezz to complete the achievement. If you talk to Maezz, you get an ascended snake oil that lasts for 4 hrs. If you talk to Tranton you get a Reforged Shadowstone that doesn’t seem to do anything.

gw2-burden-of-choice-achievement-guide-8 gw2-burden-of-choice-achievement-guide-9

Archived Disqus comments

  • Jane

    Is there any difference which one you choose – the Priory or Consortium, for Burden of Choice achieve?

    • Ardenwolfe

      As of right now no, but most are choosing Priory . . . because the Consortium’s solution sound like glorified snake oil.

    • RabbitUp

      Priory guy lets you keep the shadowstone, but Consortium guy will start charging you 5g for the Krait Oil (you can stack up before that, just in case the item is important)

      If you choose Consortium guy, you hand over the shadowstone, but you can buy ascended quality Krait Oil

  • Kali

    The 6’s are wrong… it is 6,8 6,9 and 6,11

    • v

      that’s what i’m getting too

  • Lionblaze

    Too fucking complicated

    • Answerer

      hey hey hey, there are kids on this website. Don’t use the word complicated. it discourages them. Use the word ‘challenging’

      • concot

        But challenging is also bad, I means it isn’t spoon fed, this “event” is not idle auto attack friendly.

  • Max Durak

    I cant seem to break first stabilizer. Jumped to every location, Any ideas?

    • Answerer

      after all the jumps, you got to do another jump back to I, did you do that?

      • Max Durak


        • Answerer

          then I don’t know.. try again, I guess?

  • 蕭凱仁

    I found that if you glide into the portal, no matter which number you choose, you always get send back to the pond, even with the number which has no destination.

    • umbriel84

      yes, because gliding takes out your 1-13 skills from the skillbar so it’s like you’re jumping into a rift with no item equipped (which is what did to get the item, in the lake).

  • Rye

    Is there any achievement for also going through all the Class II Combinations?

    • umbriel84

      just finished them all, nothing happening so far, item is not broken either :/

      • masu

        Just did the same, got nothing.

        • Jacob Keller

          Go into a rift one more time

      • v

        is this including 1-1 to 13-1? the ones that brought you to the original 13 locations?

  • mrh

    RIP players without solid state drives, or potatoes.

  • Andovar Edoras

    There has to be something about the fact that you rarely turn into a Leyline Anomaly at the tier 2 rift part. There’s a weird tether to the rift at that moment…

    • Cain

      You can turn into an anomaly with the tier 1 stabilizer too. I just did it going for VI just before everybody came to kill me. 🙁

    • Muffinbottoms

      What if the random anomalies that keep appearing were actually “us” the whole time? Or like when Weirdbringer (the charr) says we said “97” and keeps saying things like we were from a different time kind of like the Mistlock Observatory asurans are stuck on repeat, maybe time itself is being effected?

  • El Sitrik

    is this whole event only to look on loading screen for an hour ?!? nicely done

  • Alex Manukhin

    “Perhaps this is timegated and we need to wait for class II Magic Rifts?”

    When you break lvl1 stabilizer and sent to FoR, you spawn next to Ebonhawke and a quickly closing rift. While you yourself cant see it, a bystander can notice that you actually fall off (grab ur seats) CLASS V MAGIC RIFT

    • Muffinbottoms

      Do you have a screenshot of it saying that it’s level 5? I just came outta the last rift and am seeing people come out as well, but this one doesn’t show a level

      • Alex Manukhin

        Ofcourse I don’t. It was there for a few seconds, but even in this comment section there are ppl who saw it too and a lot of ppl on reddit.

  • Atlas

    For the Achievement “Burden of Choice”, when interacted with a sad anomaly. For your guide:\ 1. Have a close encounter with an anomalous vision.\ 2. Speak to Ogden in the Durmand Priory Headquarters.\ 3. Speak to Tranton, across the hall from Ogden.\ 4. Collect a (first) Bloodstone Sliver from the Bloodstone Harvest achievement.\ 5. Collect a (second) Bloodstone Sliver from the Bloodstone Harvest achievement.\ 6. Collect a (third) Bloodstone Sliver from the Bloodstone Harvest achievement.\ 7. Collect a (fourth) Bloodstone Sliver from the Bloodstone Harvest achievement.\ 8. Speak to Tradesman Maezz (Lion’s Arch, Grand Piazza).\ 9. Return to Tranton.\ 10. Talk to either Tradesman Maezz or Historian Tranton.

    • Edgar Manuel Nieto Aviles

      Whats the difference between talking Maezz or Tranton at the end?

      • Atlas

        If you choose Tranton, you keep the Shadowstone in your inventory, the Krait Oil will from Maezz will then cost 5 gold.\ If you choose Maezz, you lose the Shadowstone, but the Krait Oil will only cost 10 silver.

        • Boo!

          what is more valuable? the shadowstone or the krait oil?

          • Name

            We don’t know. The next part of the story hasn’t come out yet, so neither of them do anything.

            But the consortium seem kind of shady.\ The description on the Krait Oil buff is “everything SEEMS fine”, which implies it’s not actually fine.\ And krait oil sounds very similar to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snake_oil

        • Jacob Keller

          Don’t forget that you can buy the ascended version of krait oil if you talk to him, where as you cannot do that otherwise.

          • SuzukiMasami

            Is this an endless use item? Or do you have to pay Maezz 10g each time you want to use it?

        • Edgar Manuel Nieto Aviles

          ok thank you very much!

    • Atlas

      Gives a maximum of 10 AP:\ 1 objective = +1AP, 2 objectives = +1AP, 3 objectives = +1AP, 7 objectives = +2AP, 9 objectives = +2AP, 10 objectives = +3AP

  • Seba

    I’ve seen a class V rift for like 3 seconds at the place where you end up in Field of Ruin after finishing all 13 locations, so it’s far from finished.

  • Alessandro Ruisi

    WTF, rift 11 take you at the end of the jumping puzzle in dry top…\ I spent 1 week to end this jp and take the dive master achievement and now it can be done with a damn jump into a rift lol 🙁

    • Boo!

      lmao! D:

    • Darren McCreadie

      Its the daily jp today as well

  • El Sitrik

    after many many loading screens got nothing 🙁

  • Ardenwolfe

    Not seeing this rift anywhere on the map. Seeing the ‘stars’, but nothing else.

  • Azeroh

    Rifts in Gillscale Pond:\ after gone to all locations lv2 nothing happens .. strange

  • Aerinndis Athyrium

    Sort of confusing initially but I went from one number to the next waiting for a rift to spawn where I landed (no idea how long it takes for rifts to spawn) though #6 Lornar’s pass was on top of an arch and after waiting around 30 minutes it still spawned over the arch too high to jump into so it was nigh useless. I gave up and went back to Fields of Ruin to get a rift to get to #7. Other than that I have waited and the location I got to for the next rift to spawn to get to the next number which seems to be working well. On #10 with the first device. I did run through about 3 rifts very quickly as they were up when I arrived and were active long enough to get to the next one…

  • Aerinndis Athyrium

    Ok, I do not understand the spreadsheet for device #2. So far for myself (showing #1/#2 as the numbers I have put in the device) I have no locations for 1/1-13, 2/1 – Holbracht, 2/5 dredgehaunt, 2/10 gendaran, 2/11 frostgorge, 2/13 sparkfly, 3/1 cursed shore, 3/2 southsun cove, 3/3 fireheart. I am wondering if these may actually be tailored to each person as to where these combinations of numbers lead us.

    • Anon

      The column represent the #1 slot and the row is the #2 slot

      • Anon

        column is #2 and row is #1 switch the order of previous comment

  • Erick Domínguez

    did u guys notice there is also another event in fields of ruin, about killing 7 bloodstone elemental vets in a short timed while?

    • OklahomaGirl93

      Yup, I did. It is very interesting… wonder what that means lore wise.

  • Brian Stoepker

    Has anyone else noticed the big fiery eye gazing at us through the rifts?

    • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

      That thing was always there. In all the rifts that were previously in game.

      • Brian Stoepker

        True, but it’s a lot easier to see in the new rifts.

  • Ardenwolfe

    Thank you for posting this. Man, you’re a life saver.

  • SuzukiMasami

    What happens exactly after you Maezz the Reforged Shadowstone?\ I’m assuming the following after completing the Burden of Choice final step by giving him the reforged shadowstone. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. A new item becomes available to buy from him: The ascended Bottle of Highly Concentrated Krait Oil for 10g.\ 2. It is an endless-use item.\ 3. It gives the same buff as the non-ascended version, except it lasts longer.\ 4. Bottle of Refined Krait Oil is no longer available to buy from him.

    Please help confirm what the actual facts are.\ Thanks.

  • HadesClutch

    Stop filling our inventories with items Arenanet, damn!

    • Zionikk

      No kidding!

    • Seth

      All a conspiracy to make us buy more bank tabs I’m sure *Adjusts tinfoil hat*

  • Weiric

    Hey guys, can confirm existance of [CLASS V]( http://imgur.com/5mCVVtA ) rifts…

    • Seth

      Someone doesnt want that to be seen, or did u remove it? Its gone

      • fcobos

        remove the last parenthesis from the link

        • Seth

          Ah TY. I do need new glasses after all… xD

  • Greg

    Do we have to do all the – Ley Line Anomaly current events – or only a few to be able to see the sad anomaly ?

    • Seth

      I think they intended that we do all of them however i just did a few and was able to do this current… eh… current event. Lol

  • Backflip Dino

    bugged, as usual, at VI. Lornar’s you get teleported under instead of on top of the roof, and if you fly there you cant use the device because it teleports you before you get to land… meh

    • RabbitUp

      You don’t have to use the return portals, just WP back to Iron Marches. They have a spawn timer, so you might find yourself waiting anyway, it’s faster to just WP.

      • Backflip Dino

        yeah I did that, thanks

  • Backflip Dino

    Maybe class II Magic Rifts are made for teleporting, some of these places are hard to get to, maybe its meant to be a shortcut.

  • ross oogo

    i have not finished ley line anomaly achvement still got achvement for sadanamoly achvement,,,, so i do not think u need ley line achvement finished completely… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4c7166cdeab7d941f1a9bfa48609bd71d41d9e19dfab7f751718ef87f72220f7.png

  • nadrian3k

    I honestly didn’t even know they added this content…i didn’t receive anything.

    • RabbitUp

      Current events are spoiled through the patch notes, there’s no in-game notice.

      • nadrian3k

        That’s sad.

        • Moku

          Though you don’t get an obvious notice there are generally plenty of clues in pve. Like the bandits dropping the items that lead to the bounty hunt thing. I found out about this certain set of achievements because I came across a class I magic rift in Fireheart Rise and didn’t know what it was. So if you pay attention you generally stumble upon these

          • nadrian3k

            Once u do the maps like i have, and are up to date with all events and so on, there is no reason to go back to those maps and check for new stuff.

            No, the best way they could do it is by sending an ingame mail, a system they have since day1 of the game and which was used for the exact same reason in the past.

            The “search for clues in pve” only works if u are:\ 1. Not done with maps and u happen to be on those or have a daily on those\ 2. Are not done with all stories and somehow u end up on the right map\ 3. Have to be in the area of the map & time to notice the event thing.

            That’s not a reliable way of doing things imo…when u clearly have another proven to work option.

            • RabbitUp

              You don’t need to randomly search maps. Like the last patch notes said something strange is happening at Gillscale Pond. You just go there and check it out.

              • nadrian3k

                The whole idea of “content” being announed ONLY using patch notes instead of also using an ingame indicator (ex: ingame mail like they did for 90% of their shit), is disturbing.

                I will never be able to see eye to eye with people who find that as being normal and ok. I am sorry…i might be old fashioned and expect game content to be ALSO presented to me in the actual game, not only through patch notes.

              • Sty

                It’s not that new though. They use this way to “announce” content since May 2016, and not necessarily with additional in-game messages. It does not seem disturbing to me when these chunks of contents are designed in a way that players can run into it, like the sad anomaly collection.

            • Suz

              They are supposed to be Easter eggs. A lot of players actually like to be surprised and don’t want to be spoon fed everything. Other players have the option of spoiling the content for themselves by looking online. No reason to remove the element of mystery from the game at the expense of those who don’t want every little thing spoiled.

              • nadrian3k

                I think you misunderstood what the goal of an easter egg is. Eastereeggs are stuff that are completely unrelated (and unrewarding) to the main scope and story of the game. An example of an easter egg would be, if you would find a “guild wars 1” poster hanging somewhere in the guild wars 2 universe.

                Here we are talking about actual content that influences the game..the story and ultimately rewards u with either salvage trash or AP or both.

                If this is intended by anet to be as an easter egg, i honestly pity them.

        • lilia


        • Sabriel9

          No it’s not sad. You find out about this stuff by talking to other players and keeping up with the community. This is a good thing!

          • Ryan Hill

            yea, its still sad, cause that doesn’t always work.

  • Bite

    When You choose Tranton option it will end with some cool stuff 🙂

  • VOjta Šostok

    After you will get the number 2 . Just keep it on 9-7 and keep jumping . After a while your energi will teleport away .. and your character will stay down under the portal . What to do next .. no clue . At least now we know how to do it :3

  • Kaede

    Noticed something weird, guys … re: Tranton’s appearance before/after making your final choice.


    • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

      Now I am interested 😮

    • eff

      This is intriguing. Hmmm

    • Kaede

      UPDATE: If you remove the Reforged Shadowstone from your inventory, he shows up as Canthan/Asian. o_O

      • Sagiso 鷺草

        lol? I guess it’s a bug then!?

        • Kaede

          We’d thought for a while that his appearance was due to whether or not you were carrying the Reforged Shadowstone in your inventory, but after further testing it looks like it’s randomised each time you go in — sometimes he’s Canthan, sometimes ginger, may have nothing at all to do with the story per se … or maybe the player character is just going crazy. 😀

          • Alberto “Arceso” Mata Espiga

            Something like that happens (at least on my client) with Hal the Hermit (The one from the Hungry Hal achievement). But I managed to get 2 different looks.\ 1º – Young and shaved.\ 2º – Oldie and unshaved (as on wiki appears).\ wiki – https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Hal_the_Hermit\ May be is just a bug, may be is a future content stuff (as for the sad anomaly).

      • Sagiso 鷺草

        i just went there, still got the reforged shadowstone in my inventory and he is actually canthan. weird ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • Kaede

          Wish there were a way to undo the achievement chain so we could test on a fresh account.

          1. Is the Canthan (first) and ginger (second) progression always what happens if you choose to have the stone used on you?

          2. The FIRST time you talk to Tranton, if you pop in and out of that instance repeatedly, does he change at all?

          3. How about after the Consortium guy?

          4. If he appears Canthan first, when you return to him (before choosing an option) is he still Canthan until you pick an option, or has he already changed to ginger?

          5. HNNNNNGGG. Needs more science!

          • George Smith

            think its just a bug he was canthan both times for me

          • Sahara

            He is still ginger for me every time I re-enter the instance. He was\ canthan up until I chose to have the stone used on me, then after the\ shiny explosion he was ginger.

    • Suan

      Pretty sure it’s RNG, some NPCs [most of circus ones] change their looks on daily basis [or maybe it’s when you just revisit the Ember Bay]

      • Kaede

        It’d make sense to me (lore-wise) if the circus performers changed their looks — they’re in the business of theatrical entertainment after all! — but it’s weird to me that a random Priory guy would do that. The only possible non-mysterious explanation my guildie and I could come up with was that Tranton might be a mesmer, and just like messing with folk. 😉

    • Kioga Mariano

      I can confirm this, Trenton goes from Canthan guy to red head caucasian (in his 40s). Screenshot attached (sorry for the quality.. was playing in the office pc lool).

      maybe is a Consortium spy and Trenton its now dead.


      • Kaede

        That’s certainly a possibility! I guess we won’t know for sure until more of the story comes out. If he never shows up again, I guess he’s just a mesmer who changes his appearance when he’s bored. 😉

      • A Mesmer

        I believe his appearance depends on whether you are a member of the priory or not. The ginger is what you see all the time if you are in the priory.

    • Sahara

      Confirmed for me as well! I asked my guildies but nobody else paid attention. He is still ginger for me every time I re-enter the instance. He was canthan up until I chose to have the stone used on me, then after the shiny explosion he was ginger.

  • Curious

    what does the snake oil do?

    • Sagiso 鷺草

      nothing. you get a buff and poisoned but that’s it

      • Curious

        What kind of buff?

        • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

          “Everything SEEMS fine…”\ That’s all.

        • Sagiso 鷺草

          the same buff normal krait oil gives you: [&Bn2LAAA=]\ but a 4 hour version, so really nothing 😀

  • Angelion Blackfire

    can someone try using the /sad emote as anomaly? I don’t think it’ll do anything but eh, they always look sad, or at least used to.

    • lilia

      just did it and nothing happen but havn’t lot of time because every ***** people jump on you and kill…

  • Jesse Wan

    This Current Event is very… ir-rift-tating. XD

  • Noobtubespamlad

    If you survive as the hostile anomaly long enough you turn allied to players

  • Io

    I did the leyline achievement and been waiting for 2 hours in my guild hall but no sad anomaly yet… any tips for me?

    • mrh

      Obtain the “anomaly spotted” achievement in genderran field, timberline falls, or iron marches.

      • Victor Maze

        i got mine in cliffside fractal boss fight

      • Xenomorph013

        It can literally spawn almost anywhere. Got mine mid-event in Tangled Depths

        • mrh

          You need to have that achievement in order to start seeing them everywhere.

    • Sahara

      I would not wait in your guild hall. Every time I have spotted the sad anomaly it has been in a lower level zone. This time it was Sparkfly Fen. Previously I would see it in the same zones as the giant anomaly would run around in (the “anomaly spotted” achiev)

  • \///

    went through all rifts and device didn’t break … yay :/

    • \///

      ok, looks like you must use it once again after all 13 locations for it to break.

  • The Pole Dancer

    It just ports you to vistas, JP, other exploration stuff, that is hard to get…nothing special – it just changes the type of the thing it ports you to.

  • Definitely not Doge

    Apparently picking the between Tranton and Maezz does have some minor cosmetic effect as posted on. https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/565x3r/spoilers_the_snake_oil_does_something/

  • Harold Jacques

    Wait so is there even an actual achievement linked to the rifts events ? and do i have to go EVERY single location once I have the class II device ? There’s over 40 of them

    • Definitely not Doge

      It is speculated that you’ll have to wait for Level II Magic Rifts to actually progress. As some rifts are bugged and sometimes can’t be jumped into, I’d rather wait for the next update than wp back to the pond every time.

  • Asda

    “The Burden of Choice” == Prologue for 2-faction IN-WORLD PVP. Screencap this post, it’s coming.

  • VOjta Šostok

    For the rift current events chain. “The content has been temporarily disabled. Please try again later” .. so we cant become that Lay-line Anomaly anymore xD. Guess that wasnt suppose to be there or they are fixing it so it would continue ? o_O

    • Suan

      Wait what? I’m pretty sure that us looking like/being an anomaly is tied to The Burden of Choice aka Sad Anomaly and some of the previous “Current Events” that I forgot the names of. The rifts thing is separate stuff and has nothing to do with it. There’s not even an achievement yet.

      • VOjta Šostok

        Well maybe you mean something else then me . I have on mind when I used the Portal Controller Class II. Chanaled 9-7 and kept jumping .. then I become Lay-line anomaly. I mean this thing. Now you cant do it. They might be repearing it or deleting it and we might see it later in current events .

        • Suan

          Oh that, it’s just a random effect. Here: “There is a very small chance that activating the device can turn you into a hostile player that can be attacked by others.”

    • Ezequiel

      “The content has been temporarily disabled. Please try again later” happens when someone else just used the rift, apparently they took a safety measure to avoid glitch ports :b

  • Ezequiel

    Ack, apparently i messed up the sad anomaly event big time.\ i already had the slivers and “talked” to one anomaly (that’s how i found the event) when it popped up right by me. Then i went to Lion’s Arch, to get a short, free of cost trip to the Priory place… and noticed the consortium guy. talked to him, and he gave me the reforged shadowstone (!?), then i canceled and went to speak with ogden, then to Tranton. Instead of his first dialogue (event step 3) he gave me the last text and used the shadowstone. then i talked to him again, and it gave me the suposedly 3rd event step…

    Result (TL;DR): I completed the event and instead have a Broken Shadowstone item sitting on my inventory.

  • RKC

    It wasn’t as hard as I expect it to be.

    In saying so I found it annoying that the rift didn’t open in a few places when you press 1.

    Also they need to place that instance icon in the Durmand Pirory HQ to go to the instance! I didn’t see it and assume you have to redo one of the past stories mission to get in!

    • Ezequiel

      the rift opens in every place you get ported to, but there is a “cooldown time” for it to show up again. I’ve been trying at some spots. they vary on scales of 5 minutes. some places i can open in 5, some in 10, and some in 15 minutes after it closed. It appears to be random, and not a set time by location. But i could open a portal back on every of the tier 1 locations (1\~13), except the one above the bridge cannot be jumped into.

  • Kim-roger Hustad Sørø

    Does anyone know if it is completely required to have the Ley Line Anomaly current events done before i can do this one?

    • Kaliskaar

      What I understand is: you can do the rift event but you need to complete the Ley Line Anomaly current event to see (and interact) with the sad Anomaly. “Make sure you have done the Ley Line Anomaly current events as this sad anomaly may not show up otherwise.”

  • Ezequiel

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/344a8cf4ab5e06d3db1e946f41dce55d4997474a063e69c9b82c2c65717215c8.jpg\ Just as a matter of curiosity, here’s a comparative of a player that have not done the events (to the left). his “frame” is white and don’t have a core (also energy flows outward the character, from inside)\ male asura to the left, male sylvari to the right (priory/yellow)

    • A Mesmer

      Nifty, I have never seen any of these before and I stand in (or near) the Mystic Toilet in LA quite a lot. If you jump into the middle it flings you out.

      • Ezequiel

        you should approach slowly for this to happen. you walk inside it instead of jumping in.

    • SuzukiMasami

      Did you choose Priory or Consortium?\ What is this “core” you are talking about?\ And I don’t see any asura in that screenshot.

      • Ezequiel

        indeed it’s difficult to see in a static picture. but around the chest area there is a glowing orb/core at the chest area on the character to the right (yellow / priory). on the character to the left some rays of light flow from inside out the character, and it have no orb inside it.\ sadly i cannot record this to make a gif, and taking multiple screenshots didn’t work well either :/\ there are posted gifs by other peoples on the comments below tho.

  • Doghouse

    Well – technically, it’s “Krait Oil”, not “Snake Oil”. But I rather think that the similarity/confusion is deliberate, and reflects both the product and its vendor – he’s a con man, pure and simple.

    • Don36669

      If you know where the word “krait” comes from, the comparison is easily made.

  • CraniumAmbiguity

    i’m not sure if it’s related but when i started the rift jump to get the ” Class I Rift Stabilizer” from Auris Weirdbringer the first thing he says in the dialogue is “92” which your character asks about and he replies as if you said it first. This might be a clue for the class 2 or even a class 3 device. Also should be noted to receive the device from Auris Weirdbringer, wait a bit in chat after he says to “wait a minute” to actually receive the Class I Rift Stabilizer.

  • Ista

    Hey, just wanna ask, is this event (and the other Curent Events) still doable? I haven’t been in game since the Unidentified Lodestone Event, and when I’m at Gillscale Pond try to find the Magic Rift, it doesn’t show up, but the orange event mark is there.


    • kazerniel

      I’m curious of this too. I got the Class I Rift Stabilizer, but didn’t finish the event. Now when I go back, there are no rifts around the pond.

      • Eggbutt

        The rift above the pond is simply the one used to drop players in, so you can’t use it. The rifts are at the yellow event icons on the map (when you walk up to them, the UI won’t show any events). Simply use the stabilizer at one of these icons and the rift will appear.

        • kazerniel

          Yes, but when I was trying the other day there were simply no rifts or event icons at all around the pond, even though I ran around for 5 minutes. Yesterday I went back and there were another 3-4 people there, and rifts and events did appear with some regularity, with few minutes gaps. Maybe their appearance is tied to the number of players in the area?

        • kazerniel

          • Just now waited 13 minutes around the pond, without any rift or event icon appearing :/ Even though there are 2-3 other players around. This is so random…
    • kazerniel

      Finally found a rift up in the sky, but when I used the device on it, it just kept knocking me on the ground while showing number 1, then disappeared.

  • Sayo

    Soooo, did anyone else get a broken Shadowstone out of the burden thingy?

  • SuzukiMasami

    Is there a guide to quickly stabilize rifts?\ That is, given all possible starting combinations of swirls and circles, what is the fastest way to solve each of them?

    • Tilveran

      It’s a simple mechanic. When you flip a tile, the ones next to it flip too. It only takes a few minutes to see the pattern and solve any combination. Often enough the last move is to flip tile 1 or 5.

    • emil


  • Ivan Wimbush

    I’m starting this event a few months later (Rifts in Gillscale pond) and I’m unable to start it. There are event icons that pop up on the map, but there is no rift for me to jump through. I’m kind of at a dead end.

    • Goob

      I just started too, just had to wait until a rift shows up, there two rift spawn points i’ve seen, one is a little south of [&BNgAAAA=] and the other one is a little west of the pond PoI

  • kastean

    is the event over? can i still do the event after months has passed?

  • Vebedar

    I just got the rift stabilizer event done. Maybe they unbugged it?

  • Kandice Hanna

    Why dont I have the option to enter instance when I get to the durmand priory?

  • LilSamii

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but in order to Turn into an anomoly yourself during the rift stabilizer thing, you need to have had Burden Of Choice completed, and have your stabilizer turned to 9 and 7. It sometimes takes a while, or will proc right away, but you basically have to jump into the rift until it turns you into the anomoly. Becareful, though, cause if you jump into the rift as the anomoly, it drops you back in the lake. And if you touch your body, which is laying on the ground in a small circle, it will just put you back in your body.

  • Hunter Eifert

    Is this only bound to one character? I can’t seem to open any rifts after PoF with my stabilizer and when I try to get another one on a different character the “???” is nowhere.