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Open Letters Current Events Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Tue 13 December 2016
Achievements / Side Stories / Current Events

A guide to the new Open Letters Current events added with Wintersday patch.

Requirements: You might need to have completed Season 3 Episode 1-3 for these items required by the achievement to show.

This is a new hidden achievement added with the Wintersday patch in the Current events category. It rewards 10 AP and some Corse/Premium paper.


Queensdale: Shire of Beetletun – [&BPoAAAA=]

Next to the CM entrance.

gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-2

Kessex Hills: Viathan’s Arm – [&BBwAAAA=]

gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-4 gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-3

Gendarran Fields: Ascalon Settlement – [&BI8BAAA=]

gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-5 gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-6

Harathi Hinterlands: Arca Lake – [&BKcAAAA=]

gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-7 gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-8

Queensdale: Shaemoor Fields – [&BPAAAAA=]

gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-9 gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-10

Hidden Letter: Imposter – [&BPkAAAA=]

gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-12 gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-11

Hidden Letter: Prosperity – [&BPQAAAA=]

gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-14 gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-13

Hidden Letter: Burden – [&BAMAAAA=]

gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-15 gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-16

Hidden Letter: Power – [&BMMAAAA=]

gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-17 gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-18

Hidden Letter: Heresy -[&BIsBAAA=]

gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-20 gw2-open-letters-current-events-achievement-guide-19

Archived Disqus comments

  • Captain Papaya

    The notes aren’t showing up for me, they’re already torn down even though I haven’t touched them, any idea why?

    • Dulfy

      Make sure you are talking to the right notes, there are a couple around the area related to another current event

      • Captain Papaya

        I made sure of that. I tried multiple of the locations aswell. Still no luck, guessing it’s just a bug.

        • Megan P.

          Having the same issue. I’m looking right at the posted sign next to the ministry guard next to CM. Totally ripped down. Is there something we need to do to trigger the events? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/78d928e752e9c54ab3141b8efcfde5ccd32cb59c0dd088cc3664d6134709850d.jpg

          • [Bee]

            Same here, I’m just staring at that torn off poster by the entrance of the dungeon.

            *scratches head*

            • Bex

              Figured it out. There’s multiple posters, and that’s not counting as one of them. There are 3 others in the area on the houses.

        • Adam

          Turn around from the entrance here, there is a poster just a short way down the path on a building. This was an interactable poster for me for this achievement, the one listed (next to the entrance) was also torn down for me.

  • jadu

    this “guide” is horribly incomplete if you dont add all the background requirments needed to do this event.\ “Talk to the Supply Crates next to Vic. You need to click the letter in your inventory to get credit.” – bet there are 100+ ppl reading this “guide” who all asked thjemselves “what fucking letter” when they read this line.

    • RabbitUp

      The letter you get from the supply crate. Do you need your hand held?

      • [Bee]

        Just exactly how do you get a letter from the crate? nothing got into my inventory, so I cannot click on it. Tried interacting with the crate before and after killing Vic. Nothing happened. So far I don’t see what triggers this hidden achievement list…

        • Helianthus

          You have to use a character that has completed the new story. Otherwise you won’t get the item.

    • George Smith

      calm down dude its hard to know the pre-requisites straight away for stuff like this, presumably the people doing the guides would have done all the previous stuff and wouldnt neccessarily have a way to tell what was required outside of comments filtering in from other players (unless they had alt accounts to do that which is a lot to expect imo).

      looks like it has been solved in the comments for this guide by now but perhaps for next time you could consider instead of raging to post some things you have and have not done that might possibly be pre-requisites to help out as opposed to that post.

  • Suan

    So my guess about episode 4 was more or less right. We’ll go after Caudecus, hopefully kill him and get Canach’s freedom back, then get him back to the guild. On our way there we can go get Kasmeer/maybe she’ll be send there as a reinforcements with some Shining Blades/Seraphs. Lazarus would probably be there so that would be an update on whats going on with him. Chance for Kas and Jory to talk/catch up if they didn’t saw eachother for a while. If S3 is really gonna be 6 episodes then I hope we can wrap up Caudecus situation and move on to the “guild and dragons” problems.

  • jaude


    • jaude


      • silver_stargazer


  • BayHoly

    if you had done the achievement before, you need to bring the same char. unless the notes would not show up.

    • Sagiso 鷺草

      can not confirm that. Did the previous one on my ele main and this one on my necro

    • Jacob Keller

      I think it’s just that you must have completed enough of the story on your current character to see the new notes.

      • BayHoly

        that’s odd, my ranger and ele both still not complete ls3 ep3 actually. The different between these two just ranger complete the achievement before…well still strange.

        • Jacob Keller

          What about episode 1? Bloodstone fen

          • BayHoly

            Just ranger done. Maybe we could think about it just need to finish ep1?

  • Simon Macedo

    Arca Lake letter is bugged for me. I have everything else but this one. I can read it and tear it down but i do not get credit for it.

  • lithlius

    I was considering doing this. But ive literally done each episode on a different character, does that mean i cant do it?

  • Llyweln

    This works just fine on the Open Letters achievement. Just finished it this morning, thank you again Dulfy for all your hard work on these guides <3

  • Mark A Torres

    Hmmmm I passed this Winters Day event completely… was utterly burnt out from the last one or one before with all that drinking/eating candy cane achievement. Well least I feel I didn’t miss out too much. Will work on these things eventually.

  • Fede R.

    Anyone else has issues completing this achievment? I can’t get the Harathi letter.

  • zozolove11

    i am not getting one letter from the supply crates. although i don’t have neither burden or impostors , yet i’m 90%. could anyone tell me why?