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About Cali Garmo

Hey all! My online name is Cali, but in RL my name is Aram Dermenjian. I'm a gay gamer that plays various MMORPGs when I have the time, which, recently, is almost never. I therefore stick mostly to Guild Wars 2. I might expand to other games in the future though! I made this site because I know how helpful this website was to everyone when it was live and wanted to keep up Dulfy's amazing tradition of helping the masses by bringing it back for everyone. Just like Dulfy, I'm not very good with writing, but I try my hardest. I speak five languages so sometimes the languages get garbled together. Outside of gaming I'm a professional mathematician and I try and dance whenever I can. If you ever see me in game, come say hi! I'm normally running around not knowing what to do. My username in game is: thecaligarmo.1749

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