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NOTE: This is Dulfy's original "about" page from her website. Most information (such as about ads/payments/donations) are no longer valid. These will probably be removed at a later point.


Kristina Hunter

Hey everyone, my name is Kristina and I go by the name Dulfy in most online games I play. I am a female gamer that plays various MMORPGs and create guides/coverages for them. Ever since I started playing MMOs in the early 2000s my goal have always been to create an accessible website for players to get help or get caught up on the latest developments. Dulfy.net is a project I started back in 2011 as a personal project that eventually grow to a site with a large website covering multiple games with the help of my readers over the years. So a big thank you to everyone who have visited and commented on the site!

I run the website alone with occasional help from friends and guildies. Most of the content are created by me (unless otherwise noted). You may see occasional grammatical errors and typos as proofreading isn’t exactly my forte. Aside from guides, I love to cover the cosmetics/micro-transaction aspect of the various games. I also help to run a network of fashion sites for the various games with my friend Exile who owns these sites. Contrary to popular belief, I do not have special access to game developers or receive free items. Pretty much everything has been purchased out of my own pocket. With the popularity of Twitch and Youtube, game companies seems to exclusively promote these channels and traditional fansites often get left in the dust.


In order to handle the spike traffic, the website is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with cloud hosting which is extremely expensive but more reliable compared to traditional hosts. To cover the hosting fees, we place ads on the website. Previously we used Google Adsense which is very lightweight. However, recently a couple of big advertisers pulled out of Google due to some fake controversies created by some news organizations. This caused my Google Adsense earnings to drop dramatically to a point that it can no longer cover the hosting fees. In lieu of this, I had to look for alternative advertisers to keep the site running. Unfortunately these new advertisers love to run video ads that can cause some performance issues. I have contacted these advertisers to troubleshoot these issues while looking for alternatives. Please bear with me as I look for a better solution.

Privacy Policy can be found here: Dulfy's Privacy Policy

Games I play/Characters

Image Info
dulfy-swtor SWTOR -  I main a sorcerer healer but play other healer types as well. I used to play exclusively on Harbinger server but these days you can find me in a bunch servers. You can find me under Dulfy or variants.
dulfy-gw2 Guild Wars 2 – Originally a mesmer main, these days I play mostly ranger/druid in raids. You can find me in the US mega server under the name Dulfy.
dulfy-bdo Black Desert Online – Ranger main but I also dab in other classes.  AFK fishing and lifeskilling are my primary activities with the rare grind sessions in between. You can find me under Dulfy and I mostly reside in the Calpheon channels.
dulfy-eso Elder Scrolls Online – I played ESO at launch for a few months but stopped to cover Wildstar Online since all my friends were moving there (big mistake). I always enjoyed the atmosphere/setting of Elder Scrolls and played Morrowind excessively back in the day. I am hoping to return to ESO one day and continue the guide coverage I left off.

Character portrait of my GW2 character done by Iske


Other Games

Games I played in the past but quit includes Rift, Archeage, Blade and Soul, and Revelation Online. Each game had various flaws that made it not enjoyable for me.

Future Games

While my interest is still primarily in MMOs, the future seems to be filled with Asian P2W games and kickstarter games that never get finished. Therefore, I am looking to expand to these MMO lite co-op games such as Destiny 2 and Anthem in the future.

If you have any suggestion on games I should look into, feel free to contact me.

Fansite recognition/Contributor

Contact Info/Social Media


Hosting a website of this scale is extremely expensive. If you like to support the website, there are several ways you can do so.

Thank you to everyone who donated or used the links, you have being a big help!

Archived Disqus comments

  • Jean-Yves


    I have done a french translation of your “Quick list of companion gifts” for my guildies. Do you see any problem if I publish this version on my guild website with link to your article?

    Anyway, thanks for this.

    PS: sorry for my english.

  • Jean-Yves

    oops, bad place to post 🙁 feel free to delete it.

    • dulfycleric

      Sure! I don’t mind

  • cali

    awesome blog wish i woulda came here before doing a few of those flashpoints

  • KaziWren

    Great work, Dulfy! From one female gamer to another, you go girl!

  • Alkony

    Dear Kristina,

    im in trouble. I started to play and finished the lvl 50 SWTOR as a healer. It was great and fun. I tried to WZs and some FP too. There was nothing problem with my healing.\ But im on lvl 50. I know my gear isnt the necessary but how can i gain my stuff? I read your guide and i tried to heal in a BT HM. It was a big fail. 🙁\ I dont know who were wrong but we wiped lots. Than i said, guys i dont wanna steal your time, try to find a better healer.\ Please help me how to heal in the HMs. My guild wanna start in OPs and they count on me as a healer.

    my mail: galagame@yahoo.com



    • dulfycleric

      Hey, it is hard to know exactly what went wrong there and sometimes it isn’t really the healer’s fault but rather ungeared tank or DPS that don’t know what to do. That being said, what gear you have on right now and what is your issue with heals? Are you running out of force too quick? People dying before you can get a heal off?

  • Alkony

    Yes, you were right. Yesterday we tried to make some HMs. With an other tank and we ground them. Only one enraged. My faith came back. Thank you. 🙂

  • Gillhawk

    You have done an awesome job on this site! I just hit 50 and have a lot of mmo experience and needed a quick, informed site to get me up to speed quick! Yours was by far the best and I can’t thank you enough for doing this for the whole community! I will spread the word!

    • dulfycleric

      thank you 🙂

  • Brian

    Hey Dulfy,

    As someone who works in the gaming industry, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. Your insight into the relationships between crit/surge/alacrity/power were especially helpful as I’ve been tweaking my own healing sorcerer. Would you be so kind as to post your current gear, including mods? Please also send me a quick e-mail in case I don’t remember to check back. Thanks!

  • Grace

    Great blog! It’ll definitely be useful when I get my sorcerer to 50. I’m taking my time though, because I do eventually get burned out on end-game content. I’m liking the frequency of SWTOR’s patches thus far though, so it might not end up being an issue. 😛

    • dulfycleric

      Thank you 🙂 SWTOR patch schedule is on par with Rift’s highly praised rapid patch schedule so if Bioware keeps it up you should never run out of content!

      • Grace

        I’m glad. I used to play WoW, but stopped because the casual raiding guild I was in (we raided twice a week) cleared all the content within a month after each patch. Even though TOR still has to iron out some bugs, I think that it’s a much better game. WoW got to the point that end game started to feel like a job.

        • dulfycleric

          Hehe I know what you mean. I dabbled a bit into eq2 before swtor and rift.. eq2 also had a very slow patch schedule but the content progression was pretty much gear checks such that they required guilds farming the bosses they can kill for months before they can move on and kill the next boss etc.

          Right after a new expansion came out, there were alot of easy content to devour and everyone was content but after a month or so.. all the easy stuff were killed and all the guilds came to pretty much a halt and snail paced progression. You were stuck in a farming loop because people would get bored of farming the same content over and over and then quit. This means you had to recruit more people – which means more farming.. and then more people get burned out etc.. eventually some bosses get nerfed and then you make a small leap and get stuck on new bosses.. and then before you know it, the new expansion is here and the cycle repeats :p

          • Grace

            Yep. The worst part is that in the middle of the farming, it’s inevitable that guild members start hating each other because everyone’s cranky and sick of the same content.

  • Drexia

    Hello,\ You are doing a great job Kristina! I am also a girl and just started to play Cleric. It is a really fun since I foun your website. I have learnt sooo much from you. Thanks for that and please, do not stop doing this :).

    • dulfycleric

      Don’t worry, I will be around! 🙂

  • Mike

    Great blog ! was wondering if i would be ok to copy your FP guides to our guild website, will ofc put links and mention this blog.

    • dulfycleric

      sure 🙂

  • Tony

    I can’t believe with your google rank, that you don’t have more likes. As a healer in MMOs, I appreciate this site very very much. Look for me on Thendys Noori – Cymric. Thanks for all the wonderful guides!

    • dulfy

      Hey, thank you for the compliment! – I recently moved into dulfy.net from dulfyforce.wordpress.com and lost some comments/likes etc on some pages/posts during the migration. Oh well!

  • Gillhawk

    New site kicks ass!  Keep up the good work!

    • dulfy

      Thank you!! 🙂

      • Gillhawk

        Have you checked out Guild Wars 2 yet?

        • dulfy

          Nope, not part of the press team officially recognized by Arenanet. I applied for the beta and hopefully can get it.

  • MB

    Wow, you have some very interesting and unique info up here!  Thanks for the great contributions!


    Hello Kristina,

    Anthony from France

    Excellent website, got some serious helps for SWTOR, and I see you go to TERA, me and my team too, so i will continue visit your site\ I would like to know what is the name of the newsletter plugin you are using on wordpress, and if you can explain me how it works.

    I would like to give a try for my WP blog.


    • dulfy

      Hey the newsletter plugin is called Mailchimp –\ http://mailchimp.com/ . Its actually a really nice plugin and free unless you have a ton of subscribers. It doesn’t automatically send out a notice to your subscribers when you make a new post though so you will have to do that manually each time you make a new post or you can schedule it so it checks for new content say everyday and 4 am and send out a new email if it sees you have posted a new content.

      When I moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, I was trying to figure out a way to export and import my old email subscriber list and mailchimp seemed like the best solution 🙂

  • Nortel

    Were are you from Kristina?

    • dulfy

      Canada 🙂

      • Neojin

        The homeland of poutine! 😀

  • Raincaller

    You spelled Guild Wars 2 wrong in your top banner thingy.

  • Sev13sev

    Thanks for putting a lot of this info together for SWTOR. I appreciate it.\ I also play on The Harbinger. It’s a good server.


    Hello Again Kristina,\ Its still Anthony from France,\ Thanks for answering my question about the newsletter plugin you are using on your website.\ MailChimp looks sweeeeeet!

    But  a question, have you changed the design of the subscribe form ? Can you do it ? I’m looking for a newsletter plugin I can choose the design, I hate so many of them cause of their non-possibility to design it… so I’m wondering if MailChimp subscription form can be edit and customized.

    And thanks for your website again

    • dulfy

      yes mailchimp subscription form can be customized. I don’t know the extent of customization but the plugin is free so you can play around with it and see 😉

  • Wraco

    Hi, i can across this site while searching SWTOR official forum – just wanted to say “keep up on good job” and to point out that you got small mistake in your top baner (Guild WaSR 2).

  • Merthanyalcin

    hi we really like ur articles as multiplayer team. multiplayer is a gaming tv show on NTV in Turkey we would like to contact you so maybe we can find a way to work together. you can msg me on facebook my name is merthan yalcin and our facebook site is http://www.facebook.com/multiplayertv

  • Magnus Breede

    I´ve translated your Stuff into German for my community, i hope you´re fine with it.\ have a look if you want to.\ http://naff3r.blogspot.de/

    Be afraid i´ve always post where i got the stuff from.


  • Cymric

    Hey Dulfy, I’m a developer, and making combat log and you seem the type to have good input. If you are interested, nottheguild.com is the site I made for my guild. You can contact me on there as Cymric. I’m Imperial on Thendys Noori. Thanks!

  • Preston

    Hi just curious but are you still actively playing swtor? I am thinking about getting the game, the trial was super fun as far as story play, but i read posts of doom and failure and empty servers…is it as bad as they say or is exaggeration going? I used to do wow and 2 years ago it felt saturated , tried ffxiv but … was lacking (including players), am hopeful this doesnt turn into another ghost town mmo

    • dulfy

      Sorry just saw this comment, yes I am still actively playing swtor. I log in everyday 🙂 Don’t believe all the doom talkers hehe. SWTOR is fun and I think it is here to stay 😉

  • Dominator

    I love you! lol

  • Aldoria

    Hey Dulfy,

    Just wanted to swing by and say thanks for all the great content you’ve been publishing! 🙂 Also, I wanted to say thanks for trying out our tool at fryingtime.com. Unfortunately the tool did not support the old format when you were trying it out but we’ve made a couple of changes to support some older log files. Please give it another go and hope you like it 🙂



    • dulfy

      Hey I tried it out but for reason it was marking alot of the encounters as unknown encounters 🙁\ http://www.fryingtime.com/?filename=combat_2012-04-05_21_02_02_114191.txt#

      • Aldoria

        Mmmm we’ll take a look and see what’s going on. Typically we can’t get an encounter name if you don’t do anything to the boss or the boss doesn’t do anything to you but it looks like you are taking some dmg. The other thing we’ve noticed is that ability names and mob names go missing from time to time ><

      • Aldoria

        We just deployed a patch to fix this issue! Please give it another spin 🙂\ Thanks!Aldoria

        • dulfy

          Looks great! Its sad to see that my healing relic only does like 1-2% of my overall healing 🙁

          Anyways, is there a way to see overall healing/damage from all the encounters uploaded? On a separate note, it looks like Bioware forgot to put in a date separation thingie in the logs as the stuff past midnight came first hehe.

          • Aldoria

            Thanks 🙂

            Mmm that’s an interesting suggestion. I guess it would be pretty cool to see your overall stats for the night. We’ll certainly add that to our list and see what we can do there!

            And yea… I wish Bioware kept the date in there 🙁 We will try to be smarter with the ordering.. at least within a single upload. Appreciate all the suggestions so far 🙂

          • Aldoria

            Just wanted to let you know that we’ve deployed the death reports tonight. Hopefully this will help you guys figure out the “wtf, how did I die” moments 🙂

  • Jessica

    Today I found out Dulfy is a fellow female gamer, and I should next time really click on the ‘about’ page on a website..

  • Healers Rule

    I’ll start out by saying great job on the site.  Very informative and easy to follow.  I had spent a good 8 hours trying to find all of those peices for the Rakgouhl event yesterday and your walkthrough had me to my last one in minutes.  I didn’t really see a place to message you directly so please excuse me posting it pubicly.  It would appear that the word “Wars” in “Guild Wars 2” in your Dulfy’s Healing Corner banner is misspelled.  I’m not a spelling or grammar nazi by any means but just thought you’d like to know.  Keep up the great work!

    ps.  no girls on the internet. =P

  • SWTORAddict

    Fantastic site and a lot of help!

  • Vysroy

    Outside Castle Panteer, left side, past the troops and robot, climb pile of rubble, grapple gun up, and third Unusual Egg Location. I figure you’ll get the word out to people better than I can. Also AWESOME page!!!!!!!

  • Vysroy

  • Er Moonanite

    I’m a fellow game writer new to the scene looking to discuss the craft. Any interest in this?

  • Kho

    This site is very helpful, thanks!

  • Chris McDermott

    Sweet another Canuck and Harbingrer.  Great site and great info.

  • Redfire252

    Have to say i’m extremely impressed with your website and the wide rang of information it’s mind blowing- how do you do it all?

  • Fabian Rust

    I send a Mail to you!

  • Kristian

    Hey it was awesome talking to you today on TSW. Lets hope for some more awesome updates! I was in mumble with my guild and they didnt believe it so I took a SS. 😛\ http://imgur.com/PR1Af

    • Dulfy


      • Kristian

        Hey and if you guys are interested in another healer in your cabal just let me know! 😛

        • Dulfy

          looking for one myself hehe 😀

          • Kristian Fields

            http://imgur.com/oMl23\ Ill just leave this here.

            • Dulfy

              haha me doing a headstand! 😛

              • Kristian Fields

                That spec is working wonders! Although I would like to throw around some ideas your way when you are on.

  • boshh

    Hi, the issue i am finding with TSW, is i cannot find the portals to the zones. would it be possible to do a little write up on the coords for these?

    • Dulfy

      Agartha portals? Definitely!

  • Exile

    Ey Dulfy 😉 Just wanted to tell you what an awesome site u got running here 😉\ So i saw u ingame and noticed you where going blood/fist 😛\ Any hopes for a writeup on more specs? ;> Would have loved to see some dps and other healing specs ;D Im always looking to try new stuff when i aint healing for the guild 😛

    • Dulfy

      almost done writing the blood/fist guide, should be out in a couple 😀

      • Exile

        oh looking forward to read it 😉 blood/fist is my main healspec so intrested to compare with what u are using 😛

        Would love to see some dps stuff from you to:P What do u run while ur questing?

        And yea, have you decieded on role for gw2? I kinda feel tsw has impressed me more than i actually tought and i really enjoy it. Hope its gonna last, but ive allready got a gw2 acc so guess im going for my necro there to:P

        • Dulfy

          still a bit undecided atm. I played mesmer BEW1, was enjoyable then BWE2 they nerfed mesmers quite a bit and was a pain to play in PvE. I tried a necro in BWE3 and a engineer and I liked both. I heard they are giving mesmers a buff before release though so we will see

          • Exile

            Hehe, as ive understood mesmer is gonna be buffed jea, so hopefully its gonna be nice;-) rolled a elem at bwe1 and really liked it, after the betas has gone by i really enjoy both ele and necros… so got a tough choice;-) Time to get to wrk here:-P Europe ftw:-P

  • kaa

    Hello dulfy, can I translate your article and place it on my guild forum? tnx.

  • Sophia

    I’ve translated your guide for Terror From Beyond in french for my guild, i thank you for the job you’ve done. The most efficient guide I’ve seen from a long date.

    I was looking for this informations on french site or forum without luck the swtorguide référent site for french community … well it’s not realy top, no good info and worst of all a lot of\ mistakes.

    So from my guild than you ! and i put your adress on the strategy because I invite friends etcommunity (everybody donc fluent in english) and I recommand your site for the vidéo.

  • Sophia

    I forgot the essential !


    our forum adress.

  • QuietIntensity

    Hey Dulfy. Any posting of your equipment for your Sorcerer anywhere. Just tried Lost Island and failed miserably with mostly Columi on a Sage.

  • wheelercub

    Fantastic blogs! Would love to see some character guides for Guild Wars 2. Specifically surrounding the best ways to build GW2 healers, tanks (ranged & melee), and Damage dealers.

  • Aza

    yay Dulfy, you’re the best. Your site has great content and you always have newly released game related stuff ready so quickly!

  • Destria Dark

    i just think you are awesome! thanks for what you do here! it has been a real help to me! 😀

  • Thorbjørn Jensen

    You need to come back to TSW, we need your sweet sweet touch and guides 🙂

    • Dulfy

      Currently busy with GW2 and SWTOR, maybe abit later 🙂

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