Dulfy Reborn

an archive of dulfy.net for Guild Wars 2


On 26 September 20202, the https version of dulfy.net suddenly went offline and so I decided it's probably a good idea for us to have a backup of Dulfy's website in case her main website goes down as well. You can still access all of Dulfy's content at http://dulfy.net. This website is an archive of all the things on Dulfy's website that are not found on the wiki just in case.

🚧 Sorry for the mess! 🚧

Some notes for the website:

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But Cali, why didn't you bring every page over?

  1. First, most of Dulfy's content is already on the wiki. It didn't make sense to have duplicate content.
  2. I specifically chose to only include the following:
    • Jumping Puzzle Guides
    • Festival Guides
    • Raid Guides
    • Dungeon Guides
    • Achievement Guides
  3. I specifically chose not to include any of the following:
    • Gemstore information
    • Patch notes
    • Skin galleries (Except when related to achievements)
    • Non-game related content


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