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The Rise and Fall of Kookoochoo Achievement Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Wed 25 July 2018
Achievements / Festivals / Festival of the Four Winds

GW2 The Rise and Fall of Kookoochoo achievement and Torn Fliers guide.

This is a new hidden achievement added with Festival of Four Winds. It requires you to collect 30 Torn Fliers in exchange for 10 AP



Timestamp can be found in the video description


Map{sizes="(max-width: 796px) 100vw, 796px" srcset="http://dulfy.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-map-1.jpg 796w, http://dulfy.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-map-1-300x182.jpg 300w, http://dulfy.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-map-1-768x465.jpg 768w"}

1. Incombustible

Talk to Folamh, select the bottom option

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-59 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-60

2. Inconsequential

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-49 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-50

3. Insecure

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-33 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-34

4. Inaccurate

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-53 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-54

5. Infirmed

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-36 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-35

6. Insubstantial

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-28 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-27

7. Invalid

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-38 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-37

8. Infuriated

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-40 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-39

9. Indiscreet

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-21 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-22

10. Incautious

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-23 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-24

11. Infernal

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-31 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-32

12. Invidious

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-14 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-13

13. Inappropriate

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-10 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-9

14. Incoherent

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-11 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-12

15. Inane

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-55 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-56

16. Iniquitous

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-42 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-41

17. Inexplicable

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-43 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-44

18. Incongruous

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-7 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-8

19. Incomprehensible

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-57 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-58

20. Infallible

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-5 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-6

21. Indisputable

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-45 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-46

22. Incontrovertible

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-47 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-48

23. Inscrutable

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-29 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-30

24. Indubitable

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-3 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-4

25. Intemperate

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-2

26. Intolerant

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-19 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-20

27. Insane

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-17 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-18

28. Incriminated

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-51 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-52

29. Indicted

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-25 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-26

30. Incarcerated

gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-15 gw2-rise-and-fall-of-kookoochoo-16


Special thanks to Rubik and Wonder Kitty’s squad for help in finding these Torn Fliers.

Archived Disqus comments

  • AbnerDoon

    Free the Kookoochoo!

  • Vadim Karpov

    Another stupid timesinking achievement. Wish they done more achievement like “jump in the wather from Elen Keile skyship or toss wather baloon to thouse charr captain, not another “finde 14234523542 hidden junk pieces”, oh wait, they making this achievement only for one reason: force people to explore the map devs designed, because usually nobody need it.

    • The One Copper Bard

      People ask for content that will keep them busy so they deliver.

      Are you that hateful for getting new content even if it is for a short time event?

    • Tony Schoepe

      “force people to explore”? Who is forcing you to do anything? If you CHOOSE to do the content, it’s there, if you CHOOSE to not do the content, there are several other maps to CHOOSE from to explore.

    • Ricky Grimes

      It’s 10 AP….

    • Mkkoll

      So you dont like the content….so don’t do it? Or is your carrot-on-stick achievement hunting lizard brain ‘forcing’ you to do it for the AP?

      • Vadim Karpov

        anet’s white knighted brained fand hase no arguments, but insulting, how thypical.

  • Raizel

    Great as always Dulfy. Keep the good work 🙂\ *Waiting impatiently for the Gautlet’s Bosses guide*\ P.S. it already exists ( http://dulfy.net/2013/08/06/gw2-queens-gauntlet-guide/ ) but some bosses received an update (like Subject 7 who only splits into new oozes around himself) and many new adds (the infamous Special Tier).

  • Kalcheus

    Thankfully this achievement has unique identifiers so you won’t need to spend an hour figuring out which flyer you missed.

  • mathis

    Free the Kookoochoo!

    • KJ

      I am the egg man. I am the walrus.

  • Ki’ran

    Thanks for the guide. Missing 6 on the main map btw.

    • Dulfy

      Thanks! Updated to include it

  • Kalcheus

    So is this still display bugged? I’m only at 7 of 30 despite searching everywhere for sky crystals, I would expect to have found a lot more by now.

    • Dulfy

      Seems to be still bugged