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Mad Maleficence Collection Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Wed 17 October 2018
Achievements / Festivals / Halloween

GW2 Mad Maleficence Collection guide. This collection was added with the Halloween 2018 update.

Getting Started

To unlock this collection, first go to Veteran Brigadier General Kernel in Lion’s Arch Fort Marriner area. Make sure you have done Long Live the Lich living world episode (Season 4, episode 3). Talk to him about Joko to unlock the collection.

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Mad Maleficence


Joko’s Crown (Replica) – Crystal Oasis

Purchase it from an Awakened Merchant just outside the Casino in Crystal Oasis for 1 Candy Corn Cob.

gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-3 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-4

Awakened Officer’s Service Medallion

You can get this item from Palawan Phylactery bags which drop off any Awakened Champions. The best place for Awakened champions is usually the Domain of Istan meta – Great Hall/Palawadan.


Mummy Wrap Field Kit

Go to any of the Crystal Desert maps (i.e. Crystal Oasis/Deserrt Highlands etc) and start using those Treasure Hunting Kits you have in your inventory from doing events/looting chests. Using the special action key to locate these Buried Treasures and open them up to receive the kit. Don’t forget that these kits will highlight the area on the map you will need to search.

gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-7 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-6

Journey of a Youth – Mad King’s Labyrinth

Go to the very north of the Mad King’s Labyrinth and then talk to this Mad Spirit. Best to griffon/glide from the waypoint.

gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-8 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-9

Ancient Awakened Soldier’s Ring – Mad King’s Labyrinth

Found in Lost Belongs just SW of the NW waypoint in Mad King’s Labyrinth. This one is tricky because Mad King loves to teleport you when you get near that place so it is to fly really fast to it using griffon from the waypoint and just click F as fast as possible on the item.

gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-10 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-11

Draft of a Love Letter (Page 2) – Mad King’s Labyrinth

SE corner of the Labyrinth. Easiest to just griffon from the NE waypoint.

gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-12 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-13

Chariot Reins – Mad King’s Raceway

Talk to the Lunatic Boatmaster inside Mad King’s Labyrinth to get access to the Raceway and then you will find the item in a Lost Belongings just south of the WP.

gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-14 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-15

Joko’s Book Club Sections – Mad King’s Raceway

Also inside the Raceway, just SW of the waypoint.

gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-16 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-17

Book of Palawa Poetry – 1st Draft – Domain of Kourna – [&BFYLAAA=]

Right near the Bokoss Prison Ruins POI in Domain of Kourna – [&BFYLAAA=]. Use springer to reach. Loot the Abandoned Lockbox for the item.

gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-18 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-19

The Scourge of Vabbi’s To-Do List – Domain of Vabbi – [&BD0KAAA=]

Take the jackal portal at Seborhin Circle POI – [&BD0KAAA=] to get teleported inside the Vista room in Garden of Seborhin in Domain of Vabbi. Loot the Abandoned Lockbox inside.

gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-20 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-21 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-22

Aphorisms of Joko, the Eternal Monarch of All – Domain of Vabbi – [&BJsKAAA=]

On top of the Great Palawa Joko Monument POI – [&BJsKAAA=] in Domain of Vabbi.

gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-23 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-24

A Treatise on the Veridical – Elon Riverlands – [&BJkKAAA=]

Right by Triumph of Palaway Joko POI/Statue in Elon Riverlands – [&BJkKAAA=].

gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-25 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-26

The Diary of Palawa Ignacious Joko – The Desolation – [&BFQKAAA=]

Inside the Forbidden Vault in The Desolation. This area is normally closed off and requires an event from Lair of the Forgotten – Help Burran investigate the mysterious gate . The Abandoned Lockbox is on the second floor of the vault once you get in.

gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-27 gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-28


Once you finish the collection, go back to Veteran Brigadier General Kernel in Lion’s Arch and talk to him again to get the Close the Floodgates of Death achievement which comes with a Mini Pumpkin Jack.

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Archived Disqus comments

  • Timóteo André

    The pumpkin mini is not even carved… Anet so lazy, tsk tsk tsk.

    • Alot

      On the other hand, if you could carve it once a day…

    • Rehjo

      This mini functions like the mini snowballs, you can combine multiples in mystic forge to create a carved one, and then combine multiple carved ones to get an on-flames carved one.\ They also drop from BL chests, so you can buy more from the TP.

      • Eth

        I.. don’t think they drop from BL chests.\ You can right click a black lion chest and preview the items that drop there and the pumpkin isn’t there. Not in the Bl chest and not in the Gnashblade bag that is a garanteed drop from Bl chest.

        However, they drop from Trick-or-Treat bags, and are in the “Rare” category.

  • Squatch

    I’m happy there is an homage to the feud between Joko and Thorn this patch, but I was hoping for a little more. Joko and Thorn are really unusual and interesting characters, and with Joko’s death I was hoping for some kind of way he’d return in the mists for a Halloween standoff.

  • Morbid Eel

    Typo. “Help Burran investigate the mysterious gate” should be ”\ Help Buuran investigate the mysterious gate

  • James A Beggs

    Ancient Awakened Soldier’s Ring is very clumsy. There is a better way. Just fly to the mad spirit on the same island instead, change to hopper, hop onto the raised edge, change to unmounted and walk to the item and claim it. Zero problems that way whatsoever.

  • samanime

    Small PSA for those that don’t have Jackal, but have Springer and Raptor with Canyon Jump. It is possible to jump through the small gap in the window very high up on the south side of the area where it is locked. Climb up the tall rock across from it using Springer, then use Raptor to jump into the hole. May take a few tries, but it is possible.