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Lunar New Year 2019 Achievements Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Tue 22 January 2019
Achievements / Festivals / Lunar New Year

GW2 Lunar New Year 2019 Achievements Guide.

New Items

Lucky Boar Lantern

gw2-lucky-boar-lantern gw2-lucky-boar-lantern-2

Lucky Great Boar Lantern

gw2-lucky-great-boar-lantern gw2-lucky-great-boar-lantern-2

Lunar New Year

These achievements are able to be completed one time only.

Celestial Companion – 5 AP

Soulbind any of the Lucky Great Backpacks during the Lunar New Year Festival. The recipe is 1 Lucky Lantern, 20 Elonian Wine, 250 Essence of Luck (blue) and 25 Lucky New Year Firework or you can just buy them from the TP.

Celestial Racer – 5 AP, Mini Lunar Gourdog

Complete the race event in DR during Lunar New Year under 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Race occurs periodically in Crown Pavilion. You will need a mount for this achievement.

gw2-lunar-new-year-achievement-guide-4 gw2-mini-lunar-gourdog

Firecracker Finder – 5 AP

Find all 10 firecrackers in the Crown Pavilion. See guide here for a more details but here is a map of their location below.


Golden Firestarter – 5 AP

Earn gold medal in the Lunar New Year Adventure. You will need to grab 12 firecrackers within 4:30 for gold. It is fairly easy to get gold as most people finish below 4 minutes. Use the path below.


Light Up the Sky – 5 AP, Mini Lunar Shepard

Self explanatory, just light up 88 fireworks.


Sparking Celebration – 5 AP

Set off 8 Great Fireworks during Lunar New Year Festival. You can buy these on TP (any of the four will work).


New Year’s Customs

These achievements are repeatable once a year.

New Year’s Benevolence – 5 AP/25 AP

Donate 100 New Year Food to Celestial Pigs in Crown Pavilion. These food can be found on the TP or in envelopes (Spring Rolls, Delicious Rice Balls, Sweet Bean Buns, Fried Golden Dumplings, Steamed Red Dumpling.  Can be done a max of 5 times for 25 AP.

gw2-lunar-new-year-2019-acheivement-guide gw2-lunar-new-year-2019-acheivement-guide-2

New Year, New Quaggan – 5 AP/25 AP

This is a new achievement for the 2019 edition of Lunar New Year. Drooburt now accepts Essence of Luck instead of expensive food compared to previous years. Can be done a max of 5 times for 25 AP. Need to donate 1000 Essence of Luck (Fine = 10, Masterwork = 50, Rare = 100, Exotic = 200, Legendary = 500)

gw2-lunar-new-year-2019-acheivement-guide-3 gw2-lunar-new-year-2019-acheivement-guide-4

Celestial Messenger – 5 AP/25 AP

Complete the race event 3 times for 5 AP up to a max of 25 AP.

Celestial Racer (Annual)

Complete the race event under 3 minutes and 30 seconds

New Year’s Resolution (Annual)

Complete the race event under 5 minutes and 30 seconds without a mount.

Golden Firestarter (Annual)

Earn gold medal in the Lunar New Year Adventure.

Sparking Celebration (Annual)

Set off a Great Firework during Lunar New Year Festival.

Light Up the Sky (Annual)

Set off 100 fireworks during the Lunar New Year Festival

Firework Festival – 5 AP/25 AP

Set off 300 fireworks during the Lunar New Year Festival. Repeatable 5 times for a max of 25 AP.

Dragon Ball

See guide to the Dragon Ball activity here : http://dulfy.net/2013/06/11/gw2-dragon-ball-guide/ . None of the achievements here grant any AP, only lucky envelopes.


Dragon Ball Champion

Win 10 games of Dragonball. This can be repeatedly infinitely and each time you get Coffers that grant you tokens to buy more lucky envelopes than the daily max.

Dragon’s Shadow (Annual)

Gain 5 Invisibility Power-ups (marked as # on the map) in the Dragon Ball arena. 8 Little Lucky Envelopes per completion.

Dragon’s Gaze (Annual)

Interrupt 8 skills (using #4 skill Dragon Kick) in the Dragon Ball arena. 8 Little Lucky Envelopes per completion.

Dragon’s Heart (Annual)

Gain 8888 HP (running through blue orbs) while in the Dragon Ball arena. 8 Little Lucky Envelopes per completion.

Dragon’s Breath (Annual)

Gain 4 Dragon Damage power-up (marked as # on the map) in the Dragon Ball arena. 8 Little Lucky Envelopes per completion.

Archived Disqus comments

  • YoupiJay

    what about the Annual Customs achievement worth 50 AP ?

    • Person

      You get it automatically, just mouse over the AP on it, if it says something 50/1000 then you got it. It doesn’t light up since it a repeatable, confused me too

  • Korey Garabed

    Anyone else find the backpack disturbing?

    • Ares Zax

      Slightly, yeah. Unlike previous year’s backpacks, this one actually looks like a taxidermied real boar’s head, although the upgraded version does look more like the cast gold statues of the previous years.

  • SuzukiMasami

    Does the new adventure have any achievements for it?\ Does getting gold on it count for the daily (when it’s up)?

    • Ares Zax

      The new adventure has no associated achieves. I can’t say for sure about the daily, but it does NOT count towards the Annual adventure achieve. Only the first (original) adventure does.

  • E. H.

    I love that the number 8 features prominently during this festival. For those who don’t know, 8 is considered the luckiest number in China.

    • Ares Zax

      Indeed. For those curious about why it’s considered lucky, in the Cantonese dialect, the word for 8 sounds very similar to the word for luck, so a superstition sprang up that anything related to the number 8 brought luck.

      • E. H.

        True. Likewise, the number 4 is regarded as the most unlucky, because it sounds very much like the word for death.

        • Mr. Principal

          Nooo..! 4 is my fav number..!

      • Micky Lee

        Allow me to clarify this since i speak cantones.\ The word for 8 is considered the luckiest number because it sounds like the word for “Rich”. not ” Luck “….

  • Zathris

    does anyone know how to get the Annual Customs 50AP achievement?

    • Alot

      Complete 9 of the other achievements.

      • Zathris

        Hmm well ive done all the single complete ones in “new year customs” and have completed the infinite repeat ones once each. no achievement. sorry want am i missing. Please dont tell me its Dragon Ball stuff

        • Ares Zax

          You need to complete 5/6 of the achieves marked as (Annual). IIRC, there’s a Fireworks one, a Grand Fireworks one, find the 10 Firecrackers in the Pavillion, get Gold in the adventure, do the race mounted, do the race on foot and one other that escapes me atm.

          • Zathris

            Thanks Ares and Alot, ive done the 50ap one once, i dont recall having this achievement last year, so i guess i have it. Ive completed the 6 achievements listed, and i have the mini lantern.

        • Alot

          As Ares said, you need to complete the ones marked as annual. More specifically you need to have completed them this year and once you do, depending on which box you looking at, the achievement will still not be highlighted as complete. If its the repeatable one which rewards 50 ap for a max of 1000 ap, you will need to go into it to see if the 50 ap has been rewarded (out of your running count).

  • Raidan

    I think you only need 1 great firework for sparkling celebration. At least it worked for me 🙂

    • Isla

      can confirm

      • Tomato

        using 1 firework gives you initial achievement, then all 8 completes it.

  • BrotherHolmes

    You can get GOLD on Firecracker Lighting 2 (the new one this year) WITHOUT the need to have any mounts unlocked! https://youtu.be/k5Dgwaw7i7s

    • Raizel

      Any point in doing that except “fun”? I mean, any associated achi?

      • BrotherHolmes

        No achievements, but the chests do give you envelopes and the more you open with MF boosters on and in the Silverwastes if you can, the more money you can get!

  • For the Glory of Satan

    This one, Celestial Companion, you should craft or buy from TP?\ I bought it from TP and nothing happened.

    • Etheriana

      You have to soulbind it, then the achiev unlocks.