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Super Adventurer’s Quest Achievement Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Thu 28 March 2019
Achievements / Festivals / Super Adventure Box

A guide to the Super Adventurer’s Quest achievements with the 2019 release of the Super Adventure Box Festival.

Super Adventurer’s Quest (World 1)

Everything must be done in order.  Tiara –> Hat –> Crown –> Key –> Reward.

Completing this achievement will upgrade your bomb to the Mega Bomb which costs 5 bauble per throw (you have the option of throwing the small bomb still)


Video Guide

1. Extra Tiara (Zone 1)

Buried at the top of the tree at the very beginning. You can find this at the standalone tree at the entrance of zone 1. Climb to the top and then use the shovel to dig out the chest.

gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-2 gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide

2. Auspicious Hat (Zone 1)

Use the Bomb to open a cave in the Sunny Glade. You must have tiara before you can get the hat. Go to checkpoint 3 in zone 1 and then turn back a little ways and blast your way through the cave. Exchange tiara for hat inside.

gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-3 gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-4

3. Majestic Crown (Zone 2)

You can drain the Improper Water using the Bomb. Exit Zone 1 and go to Zone 2. Past checkpoint 3, throw bomb at the marked location below in the improper water and talk to the shopkeeper for the crown.

gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-5 gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-6

4. Secret Key (Hub)

Climb down carefully in the Hub. Exit to the hub, behind the entrance to world 2 is a Tribulation Cloud. Talk to it and exchange the crown for the key.

gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-7 gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-8

5. Incredible Reward (Zone 3)

Use the bomb to find the Secret Cannon at the start of the Kingdom of Fungus. Zone 3. This one is a bit tricky so better to watch the video first. Make your way to the platform marked on the first picture. You need to go through the big horizon trunk near the entrance and then take an immediate right after the trunk. Follow the ledges and then bomb your way at the platform. Go through the secret entrance made by the bomb and make your way to the cannon. After the cannon then you need to navigate the maze filled with poison water. You don’t need to go through entire maze as there is a ledge you can jump on from the first waterfall inside the maze that allow you to navigate the top of the maze. Once you get past the group of snakes there will be a chest at the top left corner.

gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-10 gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-11 gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-9

Super Adventurer’s Quest 2 (World 2)

Must be done in order: Cheese -> Cake -> Drumstick -> Apple –> Prize

Completing this achievement will replace your Whip with the Boomerang.


Video Guide

1. Legendary Cheese (Zone 1)

Buried next to a Racing Cactus. This one is can be only done in normal mode as the race isn’t present in infantile mode. Zone in to zone 1, use shovel to dig next to the Racing Choya.


2. Mythic Cake (Zone 3)

Rescue the trespasser frozen by a Yeti. Proceed through zone 3 until you reach the Yeti platform near the end. Take a right past the checkpoint and you will see a mouth which you can open with the flute by playing 332331. Then inside you will find the frozen prisoner you can rescue by playing 133133. Talk to it and exchange your cheese to get the cake.

Note: Both songs (332331 and 133133) will only work if you have learned them before from secret rooms. If you havn’t learned them yet, then find their secret rooms and learn them ( see guide here – just search for 332331 and 133133)

gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-15 gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-16

3. Fabled Drumstick (Zone 2)

Use a Secret Song to reach the picnic in the cliffs. Go up the big tree at the entrance of zone 2. You will see a tiny cloud at the top. Play 123123 on the flute and then a cloud jumping puzzle will spawn. Jump across and make it to the picnic on the other side.

Note: You must know the 123123 for it to work (should be unlocked by visiting hidden room 6 in this guide ).

gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-19 gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-17 gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-18

4. Epic Apple (Hub)

A Bee Dog can reach the secret tree in the hub. For this you need to get transformed into a beedog first. This can be done by going to the underground area in the hub with all the sprouts and then get yourself shot up to the clouds via the mushroom pad in the middle. Use one of the cannons to launch yourself to the area with the honeybee comb and run into it to get transformed. Once you done that, fly as a beedog back to the underground area, the apple tree will be on one of the lone pillars

gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-22 gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-21 gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-20

5. Incredible Prize (Zone 1)

The prize dispenser is set up at end of the rapids. This one is at end of zone 1, past the last checkpoint and right before the boss. Take a right after pasting the checkpoint and jump through the ledges. You will see a yellow tree you can burn to get access to the ledge above with a friendly Hillbilly. Don’t forget to use the prize machine next to him to exchange your whip for a boomrange.

gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-24 gw2-suoer-adventurer's-quest-guide-25

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  • breezedthroughtribulationmode

    attempting incredible reward is giving me cancer

    • breezedthroughtribulationmode

      thank you Dulfy for curing my cancer

  • A_bAnAnA

    “find the frozen prisoner you can rescue by playing 133133. ” It’s not working for me 🙁

    • A_bAnAnA

      Finally worked. got someone to come in and do it fast

  • answerer

    Refer to:\ > http://dulfy.net/2016/04/01/gw2-super-adventure-festival-daily-achievements-guide/ > http://dulfy.net/2018/03/29/gw2-super-adventure-box-2018-event-guide/#Older_Achievements\ for older achievements and dailies

  • Karagianis

    Mythic cake is in the secret room in the corner of the Yyeti boss’s area with the barrels containing food. There is a raccoon in an ice block in the back of the room, it needs the Ice shatter song to free it.\ (never mind I should have updated the page first before posting)

  • michael

    drumstick song isn’t working for me

    • Lobsang Dawa

      same, it is not working me either

  • Ayakaru

    2. Mythic Cake (Zone 3)

    Then inside you will find the frozen prisoner you can rescue by playing 133133.

    Is this part right? nothing’s happening

    • Dulfy

      Have you learned the song yet? it won’t work if you havn’t learned it yet

      • Ayakaru

        I thought i did them all, but i guess not, then..\ There’s no way to check which songs you’ve unlocked without just trying and failing I guess?

      • Lobsang Dawa

        how can i learn the song 123 123? i have the flute, i did all previous SAb achivement since last 3 years… but i wont get the drumstick one… help?

  • Miss Lana

    I’ve learned every song but the mouth isn’t opening for me. I confirmed that I’d learnt them all by checking on gw2 efficiency, but no matter what song I play it won’t open.

    • Krystal S. S.

      I also learned all of the songs but it seems that the patch took away song 332331. I had to go get it again. After doing so, go back and play it again (you might have to play it a few times) i had to play it 7 times before it opened.

  • Ares Zax

    Question. Since the achievement is account wide, does it automatically upgrade all of your characters to the Mega Bomb/Boomerang, or do you still have to repeat these collections on each character in order for them to access the new items? (Similar to how you would need to acquire the Torch/Whip/etc. individually per character if you wanted each character to have access to them.)

    • Mr. Principal

      I tried it with another character (already have small bomb..) but there is no big bomb.. So it is per character & not account-wide.. 🙁

  • Christie Meierz

    Drumstick song not working for me either.

    I got the Mythic Cake — 332331 worked to open the door, then 133133 worked to break the ice.

    123123 doesn’t do anything.

    I even went back to zone 1, went to the secret room that’s supposed to unlock 123123, then came back and tried it again on the little cloud at the top of the tree, still nothing. Not sure what to do at this point.

    • Ares Zax

      An oddity about SAB is that the upgrades and items you unlock are character-specific. It’s possible that the character you’re using has both the Gatekeeper Song and the Shatter Song, but not the Secret Song (123123). If you’ve linked your API at GW2Efficiency, you can check to see which SAB upgrades you’ve unlocked on your individual characters at: https://gw2efficiency.com/account/sab

      • Christie Meierz

        No, that’s not the case. I use one character for SAB and have never taken any others in, mainly because I didn’t want to go to the trouble of unlocking everything all over again.

        • Archi

          I’m in the same boat of only using 1 character in SAB. I had a lot of trouble getting the clouds to appear. I finally just spammed 123123123123 while walking around on the tree. It seems to be spot specific because they only triggered after about 30 seconds of spamming the song and walking all over the top of the tree

    • Jade Heirs

      I’ve definitely unlocked 123123 song and it’s not working for me either x_x

    • xiiliea

      Had the same problem. Apparently I never learned the 123123 song. You learn it by talking to a log just before jumping into the hole in the shop. You don’t even need to jump inside.

  • Alot

    How much stronger is the mega bomb compared to the bomb?

    • Ares Zax

      According to the Wiki the Mega Bomb deals 100 damage. IIRC, the basic Bomb deals 50 damage, so the Mega Bomb is twice as powerful, although it costs 5 times as much to use. (5 Baubles as opposed to 1 for the Bomb).

      • Alot

        Coo, thanks. Think its worth the cost.

        • Ares Zax

          It also has a bigger explosion and different sound effect. 😉

          • Samarkand

            and it opens different places 😀

            • Ares Zax

              Really? That is VERY interesting to know. What are some of these new spots you can blow open with the Mega Bomb?

  • Gewgulkan Suhckitt

    When you trade your whip for a boomerang, you can then use the same vending machine to swap back to a whip and vice versa.

    • Ares Zax

      What’s the difference between the two?

      • Ares Zax

        OK, I’ve just finished the second collection and gotten the Boomerang. It works like the Whip in that it stuns (does 0 damage) and collects items for you on the way back. Its main benefit is that it has a HUGE range compared to the whip (probably 1200 range, by my estimate) and it hits twice, once on the way out and once on the way in. It does have one drawback in that it has a 1s cooldown after returning to you, so unlike the Whip you can’t spam it on enemies to keep them permanently stunlocked. As such, the Boomerang is probably a better choice if you play SAB solo, but if you’re running in a party, having two or three people just spamming the Whip on (mini)bosses is far more effective in keeping them stunlocked.

  • Karagianis

    The powers only unlocked on the one character I did this on, can I just go back to the reward and pick them up for other characters on my account?

    • Ares Zax

      That’s something I’ve also yet to discover. Haven’t had time to work on the collections yet, so if you try this out, come back and share your findings! We DO know that the Mega Bomb/Boomerang are NOT unlocked by default on your other characters.

      • Karagianis

        Very annoying, you CAN’T as far as I can see get the unlock on any other character. None of the collection items are there any more. I got to the mega bomb chest again on another character and there’s custom text there saying “the chest is empty”.

        • Ares Zax

          Well, THAT seems like a major oversight. It seems silly that we can only ever have those two upgrades on one character. We should raise that to ANet. Maybe once we’ve unlocked them, we can equip alts with those two items by spending Baubles at the SAB vendors in Rata Sum?

        • SabSparrow

          You can get the Boomerang with a different character by interacting with the vending machine, if you have a Whip, but I haven’t found a way to get the Mega Bomb on other characters

  • Rebellune

    For the 123123 song you have to talk to the wooden post in the secret shop ( hidden room #5 )

  • Dustin

    This article needs to be polished up writing wise, the way it’s worded is awful. The fifth item is how they all should be written.

  • SabSparrow

    While the racing cactus isn’t present in Infantile Mode, digging in the same location will still give the chest, containing the cheese