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Wintersday 2018 Activities and Achievements Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Tue 11 December 2018
Achievements / Festivals / Wintersday

GW2 Wintersday 2018 Activities and Achievements Guide.

Gemstore/Cosmetics 2018

Candy Cane Skins

These are the new skins from the Wintersday gifts

Candy Cane Dagger [&ClYhAAA=] Candy Cane Pistol [&ClghAAA=] Candy Cane Scepter [&CmchAAA=] Candy Cane Sword [&ClchAAA=]
gw2-candy-cane-dagger gw2-candy-cane-pistol gw2-candy-cane-scepter gw2-candy-cane-sword

Wintergreen Skins

These are the new skins from the Freezie raid boss

Wintergreen Dagger [&CkghAAA=] Wintergreen Pistol [&ClUhAAA=] Wintergreen Scepter [&ClshAAA=] Wintergreen Sword [&CkohAAA=]
gw2-wintergreen-dagger gw2-wintergreen-pistol gw2-wintergreen-scepter gw2-wintergreen-sword


New Mini Raid – Secret Lair of the Snowmen

There is a new mini raid added with the 2018 update. It is recommended to have a full squad of 10 players and some healers. Entrance can be found here in Divinity’s Reach


After clearing a bunch of trash mobs you will have to fight Freezie the Snowman. There are a couple mechanics to beware of.


One player (usually the person furthest from Freezie) will have a giant snowball chased after them. Their name will be called in chat. Just kite the snowball away from rest of the raid as it will damage whoever gets run over.

gw2-secret-lair-of-the-snowman-guide-2 gw2-secret-lair-of-the-snowman-guide

Freezie from time to time will gain an Icy Barrier. When this happens you will need to kill the Icy Protector that spawns or you will deal reduced damage to Freezie.


Freezie also have a rotating beam attack where he will swing a dark blue beam around. It won’t instantly kill you like Sabetha’s flame wall but does tick for quite a bit of damage and can down you if you are low health.

gw2-secret-lair-of-the-snowman-guide-4 gw2-secret-lair-of-the-snowman-guide-5

After you kill Freezie for the first time, Ice Stormers and Ice Spikers will spawn all around the room and start throwing snowballs at you. Avoid them and kill them to spawn Snowball Piles. Each pile you pick up have 3 charges and you can throw the snowball at the Freezie’s Frozen Heart in the middle of the fight arena to regenerate its health. You will get a certain time limit to regenerate the Heart before Freezie respawns with full health and you start the fight again.

gw2-secret-lair-of-the-snowman-guide-7 gw2-secret-lair-of-the-snowman-guide-8

Once Freezie returns, he will have some new attacks. The ground will have icy cracks that deals ticking damage to you if you stand on it (especially in the middle under Freezie’s feet).


He may also his Freeze Over attack which is basically a bunch of small rings around him and then a large circular ring around the edges of the fight arena.

gw2-secret-lair-of-the-snowman-guide-10 gw2-secret-lair-of-the-snowman-guide-11

You basically repeat the fight until Freezie’s Heart regen back to 100% and then the fight ends.


Unique Loots

The boss can drop the new Wintergreen weapon skins

Story & Collections

These are from previous years but if you havn’t done them yet, you can do them now.


Achievements: Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx

Achievements here can be done once per account only

(New) Winterday’s Guardian – 10 AP

Defeat Freezie in the Secret Lair of the Snowmen

(New) Straight to the Heart – 5 AP

Help Freezie within three heart phases in the Secret Lair of the Snowmen. Pretty easy achievement to do as long everyone throw snowballs at Freezie’s Heart.

(New) Polar Bones – 3 AP

These bones can be found here in the lair. Recommended to do after the Freezie fight as all the trash mobs will be cleared.

gw2-polar-bones-achievement-guide-2 gw2-polar-bones-achievement-guide

(New) Pitcher of Joy – 1 AP

Throw 101 Snowballs in the Secret Lair of the Snowmen. Do this after defeating Freezie. There are snowballs that allow you to spam them on to the now friendly Freezie until you finish the achievement.


Wrapping Everywhere – 9 AP

Dolyak Defender – 5 AP

Nothing but Broken Toys – 5 AP

Disassembly– 10 AP

Honorary Krewe Member – 5 AP


Wintersday Wrecking Ball – 5 AP

Ringing the Right Notes – 10 AP

Donation Defender/Finders Keepers




Silver for the Season/Golden Generosity

gw2-ho-ho-tron-location gw2-ho-ho-tron-location-2

Holiday Food Drive – 15 AP

Near the entrance of Crown Pavilion is an event that occurs sem-regularly. You will need to donate either Tropical Peppermint Cakes, Scoops of Mintberry Swirl ice Cream or Peppermint Omnomberry Bars.Donate 150 food in total to finish the achievement. This achievement also give the Mini Gift Box Gourdon

gw2-holiday-food-drive gw2-holiday-food-drive-2

Achievements: Wintersday Traditions

Achievements here can be done once per year for the annual achievements.

(New) Holiday Traditions (Annual)

Complete the following 7 (out of 8) annual Wintersday achievements. Can be done once per year.

Reward is Mini Freezie’s Heart


A Season of Merriment – 10 AP/100 AP

Wrapped Sword Wrapped Hammer Wrapped Longbow
gw2-wrapped-sword_thumb1 gw2-wrapped-hammer_thumb1 gw2-wrapped-longbow_thumb1
Wrapped Short Bow Wrapped Axe Wrapped Dagger
gw2-wrapped-short-bow_thumb1 gw2-wrapped-axe_thumb1 gw2-wrapped-dagger_thumb1
Wrapped Greatsword Wrapped Mace Wrapped Pistol
gw2-wrapped-greatsword_thumb1 gw2-wrapped-mace_thumb1 gw2-wrapped-pistol_thumb1
Wrapped Rifle Wrapped Scepter Wrapped Staff
gw2-wrapped-rifle_thumb1 gw2-wrapped-scepter_thumb1 gw2-wrapped-staff_thumb1
Wrapped Focus Wrapped Torch Wrapped Warhorn
gw2-wrapped-focus_thumb1 gw2-wrapped-torch_thumb1 gw2-wrapped-warhorn_thumb1
Wrapped Shield

Dauntless Donator – 5 AP/25 AP


Season’s Generosity (Annual)

gw2-ho-ho-tron-location gw2-ho-ho-tron-location-2

The Giving Spirit – 5 AP/25 AP

gw2-wintersday-2017-event-guide-3 gw2-wintersday-2017-event-guide-4

Toypocalypse Survivor – 5 AP/25 AP

Age of Toypocalypse (Annual)

Some Disassembly Required (Annual)

Festival Automation (Annual)


The Bells of Wintersday  – 5 AP/25 AP

Holiday Musical (Annual)

Winter Wonderland Mastery  – 5 AP/25 AP

Leap Above the Snow (Annual)

Snowball Mayhem Participant

Ulla’s Rival – 5 AP/25 AP

gw2-wintersday-2017-event-guide-2 gw2-wintersday-2017-event-guide

Snow Drifter (Annual)

Frozen Footrace

Achievements: Winter’s Presence

Achievements here can be done once per account only

Frozen Claw – 3 AP

Sounds of the Season – 10 AP

The Wintersday Gauntlet – 3 AP

Snowball Fight! – 3 AP

Toy Quality Control – 3 AP

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  • Batchie

    Some Disassembly Required requires destroying 500 toys.

  • Jalen Dmello

    Oh its a raid?? I thought ti would be a beetle race . Oh well

    • narg


  • Aymiia Darell

    Some Disassembly Required. “…or exploring Tyria.”

    Well that sounds like a fun way to do it, where do you find toys to destroy in Tyria?

    • narg

      its in every starting zones 1-15, like was heloween doors, but now its big gift, if you open it, it spawn skrit or toys and rewards you with christmass gifts

    • Ares Zax

      You may come across giant presents lying on the ground in the open world. Interacting with these will spawn one gift on the ground that you can loot, along with random hostile toys or skritt. The toys will count towards the achievement. It is, however, MUCH faster to complete in Toypocalypse or Tixx’s Infinirarium.

    • Aymiia Darell

      Ah, thanks! I tried the old boxes, but realize now what was coming out were skrit and not toys.

      Thought maybe they added something new out in the world in this respect, but I guess they didn’t.

  • Don Claiborne

    whats up with Drooburt hes not taking my snowflakes

    • Mr. Principal

      That scammer..? Isn’t this something to celebrate..? 😁😜

  • NeedHelp

    After the Wintersday update my fps is always 1-10 (all settings on low) in any map of the game. I can’t play the game anymore basically. I only have this lag in GW2 (i used to play 60 fps sharp with high quality before the update).

    • Suan

      If you’re using arcdps. either delete or update it. That helps.