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Seeds of Truth Living World Story Achievements Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Wed 03 December 2014
Achievements / Story Journal / Living World Season 2 / Seeds of Truth

GW2 Seeds of Truth Living World story achievement guide. Both Meeting the Asura and No Refuge achievements are now available.

Meeting the Asura

You will need to do this instance at least twice. Once to get Aggressive Infiltration and another to get Invisible Infiltration as these two achievements are mutually exclusive. The achievement  Unforgiving Infiltration can be done with either of the two achievements but I personally did it with Invisible Infiltration as I felt it would be easier given lack of combat.

Invisible Infiltration – 15 pts

You goal is not to get detected at all during this instance. There are a couple of ways you could get detected

It is safe to stand inside the white telegraphs from the Asuras when you are in stealth. However, if you try stealth knockdowns, you must do it away from the white telegraphs as they will turn orange at the last second and detect you.

First Room

First room is fairly easy, you should knock out 4 Asuras, starting from the nearest and work you way down to the one next to the alarm. The patrolling Krewe Guard can be knocked out if he stops but it is not necessary.


Second Room

There are two alarms you need to disable with a patrolling golem in the middle. If you disable one of the alarms, the golem will rush in to repair it. Therefore, you should only disable the first alarm when the golem is furthest away from you. Once the first alarm is disabled, run straight to the next alarm and disable it before the golem has time to repair the first alarm.


Third Room

This room combines the mechanics from the first and second room. I find that it is easiest to knockdown the patrolling guard at the very back and then work your way to the front.

gw2-invisible-infiltration-achievement-guide-3 gw2-invisible-infiltration-achievement-guide-4

The patrolling golems will wander dangerously close to the alarms but will not detect you if you hug the alarm. After you take out all the asuras in the room, you need to disable the two alarm switches in the same way you did in the second room. You will need to interact with them more than once since you will fail the first due to the golem standing in the middle. On the second alarm, the golem has to walk to it from the first alarm and the distance is much longer than from the middle.


Boss Room

The boss fight has 3 phase, progressively getting harder each phase

Phase 1 : Knock down Vorpp. Fairly simple to do. Run next to Vorpp and just do a stealth knock out when Vorpp switches his telegraph away.


Phase 2 : You need to disable the shield generator that Vorpp lands in. I typically do this by waiting at a shield generator that is 2 generators away from Vorpp’s current position (he always travel in the same direction so you can predict where he will be next). Once Vorpp lands in the nearby generator, I wait for the guard’s telegraph to move away. The timing can be a bit off at certain generators but you generally don’t want to disable the generator until 5-6 seconds after the guard shift his telegraph away. If you don’t wait and disable the generator immediately after the guard shift his telegraph, you may disable the generator prematurely. This is the case with the challenge mote so I am not sure if that is still an issue without it. If done correctly and Vorpp lands in the disabled generator. You can usually do a knock out on him immediately unless the nearby guard’s telegraph blocks his body.


Phase 3: Phase 3 is a bit more difficult due to the addition to golems around each shield generator. The way you remove the golems is by interacting with the closest Holding Cell Panel. You do have becareful when activating them as two guard’s telegraph will from time to time land on top of the panel.


Once the golems are distracted, you can do the same thing you did in phase 2 and do a final knockout on Vorpp to finish the fight.

Achievement is granted at the very end of the instance after you have talked to Marjory again.

Aggressive Infiltration – 10 pts

I advise you to do Aggressive Infiltration after Invisible Infiltration as you will know how to knock out all the guards in each room. The goal here is to not die and trigger every alarm in every room. Some rooms have too many mobs so you will need to disable them in stealth to reduce their numbers

Caithe’s skill come in handy with this achievement. #5 is a very powerful AoE that should be used on cooldown in combination with #8 skill. Your heal also have a low recharge so you can heal up often. If things don’t go well, don’t be afraid to use the stealth elite to recharge your heal or #5 skill.

Room 1

Knock out all the Asuras in the room except 1-2.You can knock out the patrolling guard as well if he stops but I typically just use the pair on the left to trigger the alarm.


Room 2

Run next to the big golem. This will trigger the alarm and cause all the smaller golems to attack you. Use #5 skills on them to finish them off quickly.

Room 3

Use stealth takedown to disable all the asuras in the room and then run into the golems to trip the alarm.

Boss Room

You can disable Vorpp’s shield from stealth for phase 1 but for phase 2 and phase 3 you need to trigger the alarm (I did it twice for phase 2 and phase 3 but apparently that wasn’t necessary). None of the guards can be disabled from stealth so you will just need to fight them all at once. Use your elite Stealth skill if things get bad and kite them around if necessary until your big hitters like your #5 skill or your heals come back up.

Unforgiving Infiltration – 20 pts

See the video under Invisible Infiltration. If you find it hard pairing with Invisible Infiltration you can do a separate run of the instance for the challenge mote alone.

The Challenge Mote is located at the start of the instance, at the location where you talk to Marjory.


No Refuge

While you can do all 3 achievements in one go, it is not recommended as the Challenge Mote will make Dodgy Crowd a bit annoying to do. Therefore, I would recommend doing Dodgy Crowd and Don’t Tread on Me in one instance and then repeat it for the challenge mote. This is assuming the most optimal case where you succeed on the achievement in first try.

Don’t Tread On Me – 5 pts

You need to avoid getting trampled or charged by the centaurs. The key here is to maintain your distance, use #8 skill a lot to damage the centaurs from afar. If you suspect one of them will try to charge/trample you (they either run toward you in a straight line or light up ), dodge away just to be safe. #4 skill may help as well since it is a ranged skill that can immobilize the centaurs for you at the same time.


Stealth will also help you out as you can use Shadowstep (#1 skill) to repeatedly damage the veteran centaurs for high damage without breaking stealth. If you see them grouped up use #5 skill and move around them so you have more time to react in case one of them tries to charge or trample you.

Dodgy Crowd – 10 pts

This achievement can be a bit frustrating if you don’t know the mechanics behind some of the attacks. You need to avoid Sandpools and Windwalls while fighting the boss. With challenge mote, this is much harder due to the fight lasting much longer and more windwalls at the end.

Sand Pools come from two sources: The boss can throw one down around him (this happens a bit rare) and also they spawn everytime an earth elemental is killed at the location of the corpse. Because of the possibility of the boss just dropping a sand pool on me (you have no time to react if this happens), I move constantly on this fight and kill the earth elementals away from the boss.


Knowing that sand pools from earth elemental’s corpse, you can avoid them by killing the earth elementals by either using the #8 Caltrops trap or using the #5 skill while moving. This will ensure you are not next to their corpse when they die and get sand pools under your feet.

For wind walls, there is a slight warning before they spawns. If you watch your minimap religiously, you will notice a red ping on your minimap that tell you the spawn location of the wind walls. Nonetheless, they are fairly easy to avoid and you can dodge through them or #7 skill to cross over them.


When the time comes to damage the boss when his earth shield is down, I like to use stealth as this converts my #1 skill to a shadowstep that hits fairly hard. All I need to do is stealth, target the boss, and then press #1 repeatedly to stab him. You have to becareful if there is a sand pool near him as the shadowstep can cause you to step in it. This seems to lower the chance of the boss spawning a sand pool on you when you are attacking him.

Wicked Rodeo – 15 pts

This is the challenge mote achievement that really only change the boss fight at the very end. Challenge mote is at the very start of the instance before you do the time travel thing so don’t forget to grab it.

The changes with challenge mote on the boss fight is that he takes much less damage before going invul, making the fight last much longer. In addition, more and more wind walls spawn as the fight go on, with 4-5 wind walls on screen at time near the end where it can get really hectic.

Generally you want to kill the earth elementals near the walls so you can have more room in the middle for the last couple % where where you wind walls coming in from all sides. However, this can be risky if you are near a wind wall spawn point as you can get instantly nailed by the spawned wind wall without time to react.

Having Endurance Regen food like Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew (40% endurance regen) is really nice to allow you to get more dodges. Also make use of your #3 and #7 skills as they act as dodges as well. Generally I use these skills first and only use dodge when they are on cooldown as it is more predictable with dodges.

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  • Ztepam

    The Dodgy Crowd achiev. from No Refuge part I find it the most difficult since that boss is doing his attacks with the same animation and i can’t figure out witch one is sand pool

    • Mril

      if you got a “caithe” that tanks you can actually stand on a wall on the opposite side where he the champ spawns and you wont be hit by anything…could already be fixed though.

    • Guideranger .

      The boss only uses rock attack projectile. The summoned earth elementals when slain will create the sand pool beneath them.

      And doing Dodgy Crowd with the mote challenge will be very hard (thats how i found it since you can’t skip the cutscenes and the centaur wave fight)

    • Pistorius

      The boss rarely spawns sand pools himself (only 2-3x per fight) and if he does it will be close to his model. Most pools come from the adds (elementals will spawn one when they die)

      This worked for me:

      – keep some distance to the boss when adds spawn (if he casts a random sand pool you wont get hit)\ – when adds spawn wait for them to run to you, drop your aoe dmg skill and get a few autoattacks in\ – when they are low, snare them with your throw dagger ability and move away, letting your ground aoe finish them

      – get to boss and use the dagger whirl skill to dmg him\ – save at least 1 dodge at all times for the wind wall, you can dodge through it and not lose the achievement

      repeat this about 5-6 times

    • Nick

      For the Boss in Challenge mode I did the following:\ * Took a Mango Pie for the extra healing over time\ * Tried to jump over any wall if I had spare Health. (I had to jump a Little early to time it. You can jump during skill 5 too.) Saving Dodge for when it was really needed. Skills 2, 6 and 7 can also be used to Dodge a wall.\ * I killed Earth Elementals mainly with skill 8.If you make them walk back and forth one use is enough to kill them, If you are pressed it is still a safe killer when you keep moving around.\ * Whenever possible, almost Always, I made sure Earth elementals died in the outer parts of the ring so their pools wouldn’t be in the way for when the fighting got serious with multiple walls.\ * I Always made sure skill 5, whirling bades was ready when hitting the boss. At least for me it did the most damage / round.\ I often waited for the right moment to engage the Boss after the Earth elementals where down. There seem to be a timer but I felt I had a long time Before the boss got invulnerable again. And more improtant to stay safe than to kill fast, a least in my humble opinion.

  • Kurogami

    The patrolling guard in the first room can actually be knocked out as well if you wait until he stands still. It only doesn’t work if he is moving,

  • icywinds

    You think the awesome dagger skin is in gem store sometime soon ?

    • Stouts

      I’m thinking they will be new skins for the next update.

      • icywinds

        Hope so it looks awesome gonna save one black lion clain ticket

  • Rym

    For Aggresive one you don’t really have to knock down anybody. I did it solo for the achievement, just obliterating any size of group. Caithe has plenty of long-lasting evades, projectile reflections and AoE damage.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    I always use ur guides, pls gold coin collector guide Dulfy <3 I don't think I would have 1/5 the AP i have without ur guides…real talk

  • Zorby

    “You can disable Vorpp’s shield from stealth for phase 1 but for phase 2 and phase 3 you must trigger the alarm twice (one in phase 2 and one in phase 3).”\ Not necessary, I only triggered the alarm in phase 2 and still got it, I wonder if you even need to trigger any alarm there at all, didn’t test that though as I wasn’t too keen on redoing it.

    • Kraal

      i did the same but different. I knocked him down as normal in phase 1 and 2, then triggered alarm in phase 3. I also gained the achievement. (i also didn’t test the ‘No Trigger’ theory

      • BeastEye

        It says to sound every rooms alarm, so I’d say you need to sound the alarm once in the final room too 😉

  • Broadcastninja

    Do I have to do this alone ? can I do both ?

  • Eaglebach

    Dulfy, please update the next mission guide and please tell us how to get the luminous legs and boots. We are lost without your guidance >.<

  • Donaga

    The patrolling Krewe Guard in the first room can be knocked out while he is standing still.

  • Guest

    a spot that you can avoid Wind Walls and Sand Pools. Unfortunately, you still have to do damage at the boss to get the achievements.

    • Class

      Slow way to do it would be using skill 3 to deflect his ranged attack and skill 4 (ranged) for extra dmg 🙂

      • class


        • Class

          But you can’t reach the earth elementals, so this wouldn’t work.

          • Guest

            do as party, 1 kill boss , 4 stand on that point = very easy

    • Tyrthian

      You get teleported off of there last time I tried it today

  • Obviously Yeezus

    Can you replay the story for more Luminescent Pants skins? Or is it tied to the first completion of the episode?

    • elli

      if you complete the story with another character, you get another box with leggings

    • VitalSuit

      Leggings are tied to character instances this time. It seems Anet learned their lesson. Boots however must be bought (all 3 of them).

      • pipra

        sonofabitch, I just spent 1000 crests on pants.

        • Krystal S. S.

          >.< i spent 3k on them. i bought all leggings.

      • Guesting

        Supposedly, you can get them from bandit chests as well. Not sure what the drop rate is.

  • Beskk

    There actually is an animation on the centaur boss, that tells you he’s going to spawn a sand pool at your position. You then just have to move away from that spot.\ The animation might be a little hard to recognize though. And your way of doing it is also just fine.

  • leucocito

    My instance get very “white” with seed mode, how do you guys disable it? it so white i cant see the orange circles

    • leucocito

      Ok put on “best performance” on gfx, hur dur.

      • Narrrz

        specifically, postprocessing needs to be turned down/off

        • Doghouse

          THIS. It makes a BIG difference.

  • Kevkelsar

    During the fight with the Centaur boss you can also jump over the windwalls. Like the waves during the Teq fight, jump earlier than you think you should.

    • Narrrz

      with all those sorts of things i try to time my jump to land on the wall. It seems to work.

  • Narrrz

    The ‘postprocessing’ option is what you want to play with to counteract the sepia effect.

  • Clisna

    For “Dodgy Crowd”, you can set a team, and let one who need this achievement stand on the wall and attack. That boss wont use wind wall and sand on the wall. So you can let all team get it easily in 2-3 games.

  • Neijala Ceya

    Did Wicked Rodeo yesterday with a group. After we found out that reflect and absorbs works for the walls, we finally managed it. If you have enough to perma reflect/absorb walls it gets easy as you just have to stand close and avoid standing in the sandstorms.

    You should not bring your engi as he can’t use his kits. Same goes for ele weapons.

    • Fred Fredson

      Yeah perma reflect works quite well. I can also recommend to use a Potion of Centaur Slaying.

      • Earx

        Better elemental slaying imho

  • Ainseland

    i just got on and doing the achievement while following ms dulfy’s guide and got cara pants chest

    Question\ Can you repeat the story on your other character to get cara pants chest 2x for the remaining type of pants you need and i guess the boots we need to grind on farming bandits tokens to buy 3 types of cara boots?

    • Dulfy

      I believe you can repeat it on other chars for the pants yes

    • Jacob Keller

      Yep. Tested it myself.

  • Josef Tauser

    No Refuge is sooo much easier if you team up with someone. Everyone other than the story clicker in your party doesn’t play as Caithe but as their own classes over-powered Sylvari version. Its really fun to try the other abilities.

  • kcrussa

    does it give a video or map with the go 4 the gold achivment ?

    • Dulfy

      There is a guide for that up now

  • McPilch

    Tip.. do NOT set #1 auto-attack on with the centaur boss.. at first I thought the *censored* was pulling me, and each time it happened there were sandpools around him AND the wind wall thing going through him.. obviously just freaky coincidence and bad timing with my shadowstep triggering as I was running away after a few attacks.. it got me looking at his attack types, and very angry when “pulls” was not listed! LOL

    • Josef Tauser

      ” *censored* ” ? You’re an idiot.

      • Vael Victus

        Hey, don’t be an @\$\$.

  • Narrrz

    Some tips!\ -Use #7 warily. It runs a lot longer than it evades.\ -Windwalls are not your friends. Not even by the standards of ‘things that will F*ck you up. Full health is not enough health to risk getting hit needlessly. Always run farther and dodge sooner than you think you have time & space for.\ -don’t use #4. Just don’t. Same goes for #9, though that at least is merely ineffective rather than potentially lethal.\ -on the opposite note, DO use #2 & #3. 3 isn’t good for evading and trying to use #2 as a dodge is probably going to kill you, but both of these skills do far, FAR more damage than you might expect. #2 hits multiple times, more if you are crippled, & #3 got me my kill – from 30% boss life to zero in one burst (no, i don’t know how or why)\ -#6 is never off cooldown soon enough and it WILL put you in the sandpits.

  • Vael Victus

    I’m really turned off by these achievements; it seems if one mistake is made, I have to restart the entire instance? One wind wall (non-mote) and I’m forced through all the dialogue again, is that true or is there a way around this?

    • The Spirit Molecule

      Yes, it’s true. No, there’s no way around it. Now bend over and take it! Arena likes to give it deep and hard, no lube for extra friction.

      • Vael Victus

        But the motes are generally repeatable? In this case perhaps not?

      • terrortime

        more like they go to sleep right after they go in…

  • The Spirit Molecule

    Doing invisible infiltration was hella fun \^3\^

    • Vael Victus

      In other news, yeah it was!

  • Hugo Dillard

    AOE are orange on ure screen and side fighting zone is in red. On my srceen all is in yellow, harder to see.\ Do you know wy ?\ Ty \^\^

    • Hugo Dillard

      Yeahhh didi it in real fight quite easy when ure on the flow.\ Lifelink on crit food is quite nice to 🙂

    • Doghouse

      Turn off post processing in graphics. MUCH easier to see what’s going on.

      • Hugo Dillard

        Ty body 🙂

  • Darkel

    Might be worth pointing out that in Phase 3 of the Vorpp fight, the guards don’t turn in the same patterns, so it’s worth taking an extra few seconds to watch their telegraphs times

  • Cenarion Child

    so this issues has been there since the 1st mote of challenge introduced to the game… the mote isnt there so we cant do the achievements… and if its there, it wont be there againt if i failed the challenge and trying to make another attempt…

    • terrortime

      Then it`s there or not cause you are talking nonsense…

      • Blue

        It’s not nonsense. He means that the challenge mote at the beginning sometimes doesn’t appear. It’s a bug and I get it too. And when he fails, there is no mote near the boss like in the Echoes of the Past chapter, where you could just make the boss respawn. He’s complaining that you have to redo the entire instance again, and rely on luck hoping the mote at the start will appear again at all.

  • Asabora

    So, after attempting to do “Wicked Rodeo” multiple times with a few guildies, we discovered that the windwalls can be both blocked and reflected. I was using my Guardian’s Wall of Reflection skill to reflect the rocks he shoots at us, and found by complete chance that the windwalls were being reflected too. This led me to the discovery that the windwalls are considered projectiles, and that any skills that block or reflect projectiles can protect you from the windwalls. For Guardians, Shield of the Avenger, Sanctuary, & Shelter will also help you out.

  • nessa

    still no mote 🙁

  • Lyon

    For the mote, try using sand walls to your advantage (easier said than done, but that’s how I got mine solo). Caith’s 3 reflects projectiels while she jumps, and as said in another comment walls are reflectable.

    On the elementals, a reflected wall will instantly kill it, so by the end, when it’s wall’s hell, all I was doing was waiting for my 3 to recharge and kite them around/sheepherding them into a pack so I could reflect a wall on them to kill em all one shot and move onward to the boss.

    I do beleive I hit the boss with one at some point and probably skipped a step doing so, however I cannot confirm this as the pacing went really quick in there.


    • Sheila Khoo Xue Le

      Nice, it actually works! Though I’m not so sure how to accurately replicate it. I managed one wall reflect which ripped 40% hp off the boss in one hit, and it made the fight much more easier since I was less fatigued at the end.

  • Doghouse

    As an observation – in “Meeting the Asura”, note that Caithe’s skill #7 is available in stealth. Useful for getting across the third room quicker once all the Asura have been knocked out, if you’re struggling to operate both consoles in time. Just be careful which way you’re facing.

  • Ryan Hill

    if you lag at all, say good bye to getting dodgy crowd achieve

  • Anonymous

    Like Lyon said you can use 3 to your advantage. I got the boss from 50% to 0 in two rounds. What you do is get lucky and have the boss placed at the intersection of 2 or more windwalls. Get the golem(s) to the boss and once the windwalls reach you, use #3 this will kill the golems and damage the boss right after, dealing massive damage to him.

  • Blad3rDanc3r

    i cant see Challenge Mote for\ Unforgiving Infiltration

  • Coco Alcontin Hugo

    I completed Invisible Infiltration without being detected, but it didn’t give me the achievement. : Thank you for the guide by the way, you’re very helpful.

  • VesperOz

    Ventari arc is the worst and most frustrating achievement challenge in mine GW2 history. ( T 3 T )

    • Summer

      You have to complete it twice. Once to unlock it and then again for the achievement.

      • VesperOz

        Yeh thank you, I do know that. It’s just I finally was able to finish Dodgy Crowd after doing Wicked Rodeo few times to get me accustomed to harder fight so I could breeze through the other one. But yeah, I finished s2 story and this was the only one I had the most trouble with.

  • Keiran Anderson

    Fun bug – Completing Aggressive Infiltration, but the sylvari holding cell becomes non-responsive. That’s…fantastic =p

  • George Smith

    had an incredibly hard time with dodgy crowd, screw up even a tiny bit and its a full restart and the longer the fight goes on the more there is to screw up on.

    i ended up i had to take out my ogre runes so the pet would stop spawning whirlpools by bosses feet, had potion of centaur slaying, sigil of centaur slaying and sigil of force (make sure its on the weapon you have active before you turn to caithe) and Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup as the food. I even had the +5% dmg booster on.

    luring the elementals away and doing at least the killing blow with either skill 4 or the caltrops was a good idea, gave more room for reflecting windwalls with caithes skill 3, skill 2 was very effective with the boss when it was vulnerable because i could use it for the damage and to get out of the way in case he spawned whirlpools at his feet

    hope that helps give ideas if anyone else is stuck, only just managed it myself last night

  • Sheila Khoo Xue Le

    For Don’t Thread On Me, try not to play way too defensive, as prolonging the fight will make you more likely to get hit. Just keep using Second Shadow + Twin Strikes (Attack #1) when they come off cooldown, and use Toxic Caltrops when centaurs are charging towards you, and throw a paralytic dagger once they run into it.

    I also recommend doing Challenge mode first, as it will give you some practice, plus if you’re lucky you might get both achievements at once too.

  • Belleza Celestial

    Here’s the easiest way to do Dodgy Crowd in a single run:

    Rule #1 Never attack the boss. // see step (b)

    Rule #2 Use dodge only for waves. Soak all the incoming damage and heal on 1/2 hp.

    Rule #3 Always watch where you step, where you dodge or where you leap backwards on heal.

    Rule #4 Keep track on where the sandpools are. Ideally they should be uniformaly spread on a circle along the edge of the arena (not the very edge though, cuz you don’t wanna get hit by a wave, spawning atop of you). // see step (a)


    (a) Fight elementals in the middle with #1 (don’t use anything else) and finish them closer to the edge of the arena with #5, holding your sidestep key (A or D), so that they don’t mess the center with sandpools. When you have to kill 2 elementals, and you managed to kill only one with #5, wait for cooldown and kill the second with #5 on the opposite side.

    (b) After you killed elementals activate your #10 and move next to the boss, drop your #8 and go away. He doesn’t react on your presence and never drops sandpools. Full duration of trap always triggers the next phase.

    Repeat steps (a) and (b) until he’s dead.

    • samaranya

      Thank you so much! #10 and #8 on boss was so much easier than every other advice I have seen, really glad I finally got that achievement now. 🙂

  • Brelen

    For the don’t thread on me achievement, I found a pretty good way to get it done. First, let Faolain fight by herself. She’ll die, that’s fine, you go and hide away (I hid by the entrance to the cave if the forgotten.) One Faolain dies, you can try to rez her and let her die again, if you do, she should take a few more centaurs with her. When she’s dead, the centaurs will run in circles, try to pull them a few at a time with #9 and kite them around, dropping dots on them with #2 and #8. Rinse and repeat until they’re all dead and remember to stay away from them and it shouldn’t be difficult.

  • Michelle

    Ayyyy lmao they added a champion 🙂 ur ded 4 sure

  • Nihilus

    I know this is a bit old and what not but I found a good trick for No Refuge – Dodgy Crowd achievement.\ It’s super simple and all you have to do is bring a friend.and stand here:\ https://puu.sh/rB890/d78a37293d.png\ https://puu.sh/rB9jo/9066619e3b.png\ Then use your 4 skill on togonn when he’s in range while your friend tanks.

  • Leon

    For Wicked Rodeo, I eventually did it by using almost the reverse of the suggested strategy — not killing elementals near the wall. I killed earth elemental on top of the boss. Because the boss would become invulnerable after taking very little damage, often the cleave damage from Death Blossom and Whirling Blades from killing the elementals would be enough to phase him. This reduces the number of back and forth needed by half, thus reducing the chance of getting hit by wind wall. Also it is easier for you to react to the wind wall on top of the boss, as staying near the wall may risk a wind wall spawning on top of you, instantly down you. While the pools does do condition damage, unless you stacked them, they are fairly manageable.

  • KoLS

    They must have changed something because when I do Aggressive Infiltration in the last room. I can’t kite them. Once I am out of stealth, they just cripple me and I can’t get away. Anyone have any suggestions? Too many mobs that just hit too hard!

    • KoLS

      Just wanted to follow this up and say I actually just figured it out and got it. Unlike the video, I didn’t trigger from the middle of the room, but rather triggered the alarm for one of the golems walking around the area, then I immediately dashed to a corner and hid around a pillar and let a lot group up around the corner and use my 5 skills. Then I just sort of rinse and repeated this method. Avoid getting into a mess of them and it actually isn’t as hard as it may seem. Thanks for the guide Dulfy.

  • Henry Tran

    quick tip make sure u kill the elementals on the far edges (while still looking out for the wind walls of course)

  • aToMe

    A little trick for Dodgy Crowd: do first Wicked Rodeo (challenge mote).\ After that, Dodgy Crowd is a piece of cake…