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The Dragon’s Reach part 1 Achievement Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Wed 30 July 2014
Achievements / Story Journal / Living World Season 2 / The Dragon's Reach Part 1

GW2 The Dragon’s Reach Part 1 Living Story achievement guide with written and video guides. Guide is now complete and includes achievements in both Waypoint Conundrum and Foefire Cleansing instances.

Waypoint Conundrum

There are three achievements here, you will need to do at least two runs of this instance to get all the achievements., One run to get Nary a Pitfall and another run to get Leave No Survivors and Crate Scrapper achievement since getting Leave No Survivors automatically fails you for Nary a Pitfall.

Nary A Pitfall – 10 pts

Fairly easy achievement. Avoid the trap at location 1 and 2. Then for trap #3 which you need to get Containment Fluid tell Scruffy to Reinforce the Containment Device. For trap #5 make sure you do close generator –> open casing –> deactivate the aetheric field sequence. Then you need to skirt around trap 4 and 6 to get to trap 12 where you just pick the chest that allow you to open it directly without having to move containers (yellow triangle sign in the dialogue box).

You cannot get the achievement until you return to Taimi and listen to all the conversations until the very end of the instance after you have talked to Kasmeer. So once you got all 3 items, keep avoiding traps on your way back to Taimi.


Leave No Survivors – 15 pts

To get this achievement, you have to trigger all 12 traps marked in the map below. It is easiest to do with 2 players as traps 10 and 11 is tricky to get solo.


Crate Scrapper – 5 pts

You automatically get this achievement when doing Leave No Survivors as this is just trap #9

Foefire Cleansing

Like the first instance, you need to run this instance at least twice to get all three achievements since two of them conflict with each other.

Don’t Knock Yourself Out – 10 pts

This achievement may take you a couple tries and tend to be easier in group of two since you can have one player focus on damaging the statue while the other deal with everything else. Ranged weapons are favored unless you can time your dodge. Having condition removers will help with chill that gets applied frequently. You need to avoid the knockdown circles from  the Possessed Statue that comes in a huge AoE circle and smaller circles with rocks falling down. The large circle is very easy to avoid if you stay at max ranged but the smaller ones may need some extra attention.

gw2-don't-knock-yourself-out-dragon's-reach-pt-1-achievement-guide-2 gw2-don't-knock-yourself-out-dragon's-reach-pt-1-achievement-guide

In addition to these AoE circles, Spectral Flame orbs will also spawn at back of the room and chase you around for a while before disappearing. If they get close to you, they will do a knockback so your goal is to kite them around.


Other than knockbacks and knockdowns, you will also need to deal with Fear Wards placed on the ground. While they don’t knock you down or back, they can potentially fear you to a bad spot. The other two concerns are the adds you need to kill to make the statue not immune and the menders that spawn every so often.

If you are skilled, you can get this achievement and Not so Buff Now in one go by killing Menders before they can reach the statue while avoiding everything else.

Not So Buff – 5 pts

You can get this achievement at the same time as Don’t Knock Yourself Out by killing the menders before he reaches the statue and heal him. It is a fairly easy achievement and you can do it separately to make it easier.You cannot get this achievement on the same run as Strike’s Over since for that achievement you need to let 3 menders through.

Strike’s Over – 15 pts

To get this power attack, you have to let 3 Menders heal him so he gains 3 stacks of a stacking buff. A few seconds after reaching 3 stacks, he will pull his hammer up and slam the ground, creating a massive shockwave in the middle of the room that make up this power attack.

The trick is basically not do anything until 3 Menders heal him (since they will heal him to full anyways) and stand a bit away from middle of the room and just dodge that shockwave. Once you dodge that shockwave, proceeed the fight as normal and do not let him get healed again.

gw2-strike's-over-dragon's-reach-part-I-achievement-guide gw2-strike's-over-dragon's-reach-part-I-achievement-guide-2

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  • Tetzlat

    I used scruffy to keep the veteran at nr 10 in combat, then i killed the mobs at 11 and returned to scruffy to finish the veteran. The rest works fine

    • Tyler

      I tried this and the vet assassin immediately went invul when I left, and I couldn’t kill her. Perhaps she was aggroed onto me and not scruffy though.

  • Min Gorad

    BTW Do any 1 knows where is the 5th event in Iron Marches for the Achievement Mordern Problems? I’ve done The Gravelash , Champ, entangled Workers and Wolf, but can’t seem to find the 5th Event…

    • Infophile

      It’s bugged currently and won’t spawn. You’ll have to wait for a fix.

  • Ruinell

    You can proc #10 in stealth and sneak out unnoticed. You can then wipe #11 and come back for the kill.

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