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Dragon’s Reach Part 2 Achievements Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Thu 14 August 2014
Achievements / Story Journal / Living World Season 2 / The Dragon's Reach Part 2

GW2 Dragon’s Reach Part 2 Liivng Story achievement guide. Updated with achievements for all 3 instances.

Party politics

To get these three achievements, it might be necessary to do this instance 3 times, one for each achievement. Thankfully the instance is fairly short and has no combat. Some of the info here are taken from intrepia on reddit.

Sneaky Sleuth – 10 pts

Complete the party investigation without arousing any suspicion. Follow the 11 steps below.

1. First Noble is in the middle green circle, pick the following


2. Second noble is to the east green circle, keep going through the options


3. Third noble is in the west green circle, pick the following options


4. Talk to Kasmeer and Minister Arton

5. Talk to Lady Claire next to Minister Arton

6. In the east circle you need to talk to a noble next to Countess Anise


7. Talk to this servant in the west circle next to Minister Estelle


8. Talk to Kasmeer

9. Talk to Minister Estelle

10. Talk to Minister Estelle again

11. Talk to Minister Estelle again

You will get the achievement at the very end of the instance, after Countess Anise and Kasmeer have done talking.

Super Sleuth – 15 pts

Talk to Minister Estelle directly at the start and this will allow you to skip steps 1-3 in the Sneaky Sleuth achievement. Follow the rest of the steps in Sneaky Sleuth and you should get this achievement as well.


You will also get this achievement at the very end after Kasmeer and Anise’s long conversation.

Shoddy Sleuth– 5 pts

Talk to the noble in step 1 and pick choice 3 four times  and then choice 1 one time. This should give you the maximum amount of suspicion (your bar won’t be full, if it is full you will get kicked out) and then continue rest of the instance like Sneaky Sleuth

gw2-shoddy-sleuth-dragon's-reach-part-2-achievement-guide gw2-shoddy-sleuth-dragon's-reach-part-2-achievement-guide-2

Like the two other achievements, you also get this at the very end of the instance.

Recalibrating the Waypoints

To get these achievements, you need to repeat the instance twice since two of the achievements conflict each other.

Mischief Maker – 5 pts

Essentially a freebie, when Taimi tell you to go take control of the recalibration device, don’t do it right away and instead use your weapons to attack the miniature waypoint. Do this a couple times and Taimi and Braham will start a conversation and reward you the achievement at the end of it.


Power Squelcher – 10 pts

Ignore the text in the video that tell you to kill him at 20 stacks, it is no longer necessary, as long the power bar in the event window is full.

When doing the Mordrem Leyleecher fight, he will disappear for a short while to spawn tendrils. When he reappears again, you get the option of either you or Taimi using the recalibration device. Make sure you pick the 2nd option to use the recalibration device yourself here and just don’t use it.

The Mordrem Leyleecher will run around when is invulnerable and gain stacks of Ley Line Energy from the miniature waypoints. Just sit around and allow him to absorb energy from the waypoint. You just need to make sure to kill him when the power bar in the event window is full regardless of how many stacks of this buff he has. Usually if you don’t do anything he will get close to 20 stacks. Keep in mind that he hits extremely hard when he has higher stacks so you will need to dodge most of his attacks if you want to survive.

gw2-power-squelcher-dragon's-reach-part-2-achievement-guide-2 gw2-power-squelcher-dragon's-reach-part-2-achievement-guide-3

Defender of the Tiny – 15 pts

When the same dialogue window pops up, let Taimi controls the recalibration device. 1 Mordrem Husk will spawn from one end of the room and start walking to Taimi. You cannot let them reach Taimi for this achievement so you need to kill them fast and/or use immobilize/cripple/stun etc to slow them down. They have very little health and you should have no issue unless your DPS is very lackuster. The Mordrem seems to spawn either left or right side the room so I tend to stay near the recalibration device after each kill to reduce the running distance.

ideally, you want to kill the Mordrem Leyleecher right after so you don’t have to do this again and increase the risk of one getting to Taimi.


The World Summit

Technically, you can get all 3 achievements in one go but it is not recommended unless you are a super pro player. It is best to do Can’t Knock Me Down and Unlocked by Maw and Claw in one go and then the challenge mote achievement in another go.

Untouched by Maw and Claw – 10 pts

Complete “The World Summit” while avoiding all breath and claw attacks. This means avoiding or evading all the orange telegraph attacks from the dragon, including the big wide telegraphs and the orange circle telegraphs. You can get hit by the red circles from the tendrils.

gw2-untouched-by-maw-and-claw-dragon's-reach-part-2-achievements-guide-3 gw2-untouched-by-maw-and-claw-dragon's-reach-part-2-achievements-guide-2

There is a really good spot to the NE of the Pale Tree (opposite of where the dragon is attackable)  where most of the Dragon’s breath and claw attacks do not land. This spot will make the achievement tad easier and allow you to just focus on Can’t Knock Me Down achievement for the most part if you are doing these two together in one go. You will need range weapons to kill the tendrils while standing in this spot.


This spot isn’t perfectly safe as some attacks do land close by but they are fairly easy to avoid. In any case, it is a lot better than stand in the middle as that put you in range of pretty much all of the dragon attacks and you are much susceptible to RNG or lack of endurance to dodge.

Achievement is granted at the very end of the instance, after all the conversations.

Can’t Knock Me Down – 10 pts

Complete “The World Summit” while jumping to avoid all stomp attacks. Unlike the description, you do not have to jump. You can simply dodge and this is a much better method as you do not have to get the precise timing down since you are also evading attacks while doing the evade animation.

This one may take a few tries to get the rough timing down. The trick isn’t to dodge as soon as you see the orange telegraph covering the room. Instead, wait a few seconds (2-3seconds depending on your ping) and dodge roll right then. Another indication is that the telegraph will get a bit darker right before the stomp lands.

Watch the video under Untouched by Maw and Claw since it cover both achievements. Achievement is granted at the very end of the instance, after all the conversations.

gw2-can't-knock-me-down-dragon's-reach-part-2-achievements-guide gw2-can't-knock-me-down-dragon's-reach-part-2-achievements-guide-2

Mote Master – 20 pts

For the Mote Master achievement, you must interact with the blue Challenge Mote at the entrance of the instance and select Activate Challenge Mode. This will change one aspect of the fight later on: Mordrem Pods.


Mordrem Pods will spawn throughout the fight everytime the Dragon stomps and they will heal the Dragon in between the attackable phases. Players with high DPS or in a group might be able to ignore them entirely by killing the tendrils quickly between the phases. Otherwise, you need to kill the Mordrem Pods.

Mordrem Pods can be only attacked if you are encased in a vine first and gain a short duration buff from it. To get encased in a vine, you have to wait for a blinking immobilize debuff and a red circle that appears under you at the same time. If you chose to be encased in it, run to a safe spot. Otherwise, dodge to remove this debuff and this will prevent you from being encased.


It appears that only a limited number of Mordrem Pods spawn if you do it correctly. Do not kill Mordrem pods until you get to the first burn phase* that allow you to drop the dragon to 75% as otherwise the Mordrem pods will respawn indefinitely. * What I do is start the fight as normal and basically dodge everytime I see the immobilize debuff warning me about incoming encasement. I do this until I get past the first burn phase that brings the Dragon to 75% and keep killing tendrils until 4 Mordrem Pods appear (this is the maximum number of Mordrem Pods that can appear) and then I will run to a safe spot and try to get encased in a vine. After I break out of the vine, I will start killing one of the pods and repeat this about 4 times until all the pods are dead. There might be an additional pod that respawn so you might need to kill 5 of them.

After taking care of all the pods, the Dragon should be back to 100% but you can just continue the fight as normal, dodging everytime you are about to get encased as there are no more Mordrem Pods in the fight.

Archived Disqus comments

  • Matthew Adams

    guide is great but I’d be satisfied with a vid on how to get to the new area. Been Trying for hours

    • Lalalola

      there are green circles in your map if you follow your Living Story\ if u have problems finding them, just go to the Bridge Event Area, there are 2 bridges there now, and one leads to the new area

      • shodannet

        Was wondering this myself until I saw the second vine bridge and went “… Ah”

  • Guest

    And the guide is incomplete, theres missing the part of the part at the tree avatar fighting the tree dragon, just to mention this, if it is unintentionally incomplete by having forgotten to add it perhaps

    • Magus

      Patience. It says “This is a work in progress.” on the top.

  • RPG Shack

    Hey Dulfy,

    The Super Sleuth is outdated, they fixed the bug where you can go straight to Estelle.

    On steps 5 and six, ask Kasmeer what she thinks and choose the following response:

    5.\ It’s a bad rumour, a lie.\ What do you think, Kasmeer?\ I believe you.

    6.\ That might be a bit complicated.\ What do you think, Kasmeer?\ So she didn’t meet with Scarlet?

    You’ll get suspicion for 6, but you won’t use up 2 of your conversation options to the achievement.

    • Feelin’_Good

      Well..I j did (5min ago) as dulfy said and I get achievment.

      • RPG Shack

        Huh. Didn’t work for me yesterday.

        • Pamela Riggs

          not working for me either, so going to try what RPG, you say. I tried it 5 times Dulfy’s way

        • Pamela Riggs

          Didn’t work for me the first 5 times I tried as I still had to do parts 1-3. Finally I spoke to her differently and did get some suspicion, but now I’m able to skip talking to the nobles.

    • Dulfy

      It works fine, I did it after the patch too

      • Murth

        If you talk directly to Estelle it raises suspicion so it’s not poss to do it together with sneaky.

    • tyan

      You right that dulfy option is outdated, but your is no working:(

  • David Cramer

    Shoddy Sleuth is incorrect, I believe. Choosing option 3 (4x) on the first noble only fills the bar about 75%. I tried 3 times with that and failed each time. On the fourth try, I accidently clicked one of the accusations rather than “Tell me more” on the confrontation with Minister Estelle and it increased the suspicion a bit more without going over and I was able to get it.

    • Ken

      isn’t that exactly what the guide said? 4 times of option 3 AND 1 time of option 1

      • David Cramer

        Yes, but that’s the whole point of what I said. The 1 time of option 1 doesn’t add any suspicion, it’s the proper answer to advance. Hitting option 3 5x will be too much, but 4x isn’t enough suspicion, that’s why I commented. I had to get more suspicion during the Minister Estelle part (choosing the wrong option there doesn’t add as much as hitting option 3 on the first noble does, so you’re able to get more suspicion without filling the bar completely).

        • Dulfy

          One time option of option 1 does add suspicion. The proper option to advance is option 2.

          • mc

            option 3*4 times and option 1*1 times did not work for me though.

            • Kyrah

              the first time i try it, i missed cause the optoin 1 didn’t add suspicion.\ On the second try, i accidentaly leave the discussion while doing the 4 time option 3. So i speack again to the noble to do the 4 time option 3 and when i do the 1 time option 1, suspicion was added.\ I hope this will help

    • Dulfy

      Incorrect, I know for a fact that choosing option 3 4 times and then the first option once works just fine. I did this after patch and it worked

    • Lu5ck

      I doing this now.

      4 times of option #3 and 1 time of option #1 don’t give me a full bar. I am like 90% full.

      • Lu5ck

        and like the guide wrote, full bar = kicked out,\ So, 90% is good o.o

  • elia

    to make the Power Squelcher achievement easier, you can use the device and proceed as usual until he gets to low health points, and then let him disappear into tendrils phase and stop using the device so he get the 20 stacks of the buff and then proceed to kill him. This way you will only fight him for sort time while he has the 20 stacks of buff on and still get the achievement

  • Ztepam

    The probem is, at step 2 i don’t get this option “I return as regularly as I can to visit my friends” at that noble 😐 so I can’t advance

  • Mark A Torres

    Seriously felt like I was playing Ace Attorney games during the investigation episode of the living story. Even went as far as playing ‘Corner’ track while talking to Minister Estelle.

  • Dragkica

    how do you pick the challenge mote

    • Dulfy

      It is at the entrance, it is a blue orb you interact with

  • BigToys4BigBoys

    i have found a safe spot to dodge the claw attacks. its where your’s is\ Dulfy, but behind the window. you can reach it by jumping on the side\ and jump onto the window. BUT you can get hit by the giant AoE he is\ doing , but you can also dodge it there. best is if you have a guard on\ your team who can give you aegis while that AoE is charging. Great GREAT\ spot i found.

    • BigToys4BigBoys

      Sorry if picture posted twice ( new to posting on dulfy )

  • arch

    challenge mode add 2 new mech to the fight. there will be 4 pod that will heal the dragon. and the dragon will vine grab you.

    Vine grab is a debuff that will hold u in place after it count down, you can see the debuff counting down on your bar. u need to do a dodge roll to avoid it.

    Healing pod bascially heal the dragon and cannot be damage normally.

    Solution, let vine grab hold u and break out of it.. this give u a buff that allow you to hit the pods. i will suggest that you take out all 4 pod before fighting the dragon.

    If you want to do all 3 achievement together, you will need to dodge not just 2 but 3 things.

    the aoe, the stomp and the vine grab. this is because vine grab hold u for quite a while and can make u miss a dodge.

  • X_Ravenfire

    While experimenting with the “Mote Master” achievement and how to get the Modrem pheremone, if you jump at the right time (when you would get encased in the pod) or use an invuln skill (like obsidian flesh, not sure about something like mistform) you can get the pheremone debuff but avoid being encased. This might be worth adding.

    • Dulfy

      Thanks I added in

  • Alpha

    “Can’t Knock Me Down” can easily be completed by simply “Blocking” the attack. (i.e. a Warrior’s shield skill 5). Mistform also seems to be working.

    • Sylar\^

      what about stability?

      • Mina

        Stability won’t help, but dodging, invulnerability and aegis does. I did this on my guardian, using F3, “Retreat!”, Skill 5 on focus and Renewed Focus as my Elite. It was super easy!

        • Jesus

          “Girl Gamer” i see this and you everywhere. If you talk you just say talk about useless things. Just stop

        • Sylar\^

          cool, thanks!

    • Halcy

      I freaking *LOVE* you for pointing this out, seriously.

      After 5 failed attempts dodging, I got it on first try with my engineer using gear shield block.

      Pleaaase note this so others can see Dulfy!

    • Arctinus

      Obsidian Flesh (#5 Scepter/Focus) as well as Mist Form and Arcane Shield work on Elementalist. So, if you have all three of these, you can use first Obsidian Shield and Mist Form for the second time, and if none of them are on cooldown when the AoE appears for the third time, you use Arcane Shield. And then it’s just repeat. 🙂 This is mostly for us folks, who can’t dodge/jump at the right moment in this fight, due to having 11 FPS. xD

  • Kelvvy

    the dragon’s breath attack (small orange circles) also break you out of the pod if you time it right

  • Torsailr

    I just tried doing the Mote Master and the pods continuously respawned for the whole fight. By the time I killed the vines, 2-3 of the pods had reappeard and healed the dragon back up. I think I killed about 16-20 pods or so before I gave up.

    • Dulfy

      Did you wait for all 4 pods to spawn before you started killing them?

      • Torsailr

        Yep, 4 spawned, killed them. Another spawned, killed that. Hit the dragon. 4 more spawned, killed those, hit the dragon, 4 more spawned…

        • elia

          it happened to me too. The reason is that you need to get the dragon to 75% HP to be able to proceed to the next phase. If not , it repeats. So for phase 1 (pods) you need to get him to 75%HP, in order to proceed to phase 2, then got to get him to 50%HP in order to proceed to phase 3 and then to 25% HP in order to proceed to last phase. The phase 1 is the only with pods, what I did was killing 2 vines, then the pods, then the last vine and use hounds of Balthazar on the dragon to make sure it will go to 75 hp

          • elia

            not 75hp , 75%HP I meant

        • Dulfy

          Okay what i found out is that if you kill the pods before the first burn phase that brings the dragon down to 75%, the pods will just keep respawn. So do not touch the pods until you get to the first burn phase and then just wait for all 4 pods to appear. Killing all 4 and the extra that respawns and then pods should stop respawning

  • winterwurzel

    did the Mote Master yesterday with my warrior without killing any pod\ I used a full dps setup + rifle and got the dragon down in 5 or 6 damage phases\ also used the “almost safe spot” from dulfy, safed my dodges for the pods and tried to navigate out of all other aoe

  • Ato Cid

    Hey Dulfy \^\^.

    You can get the three achievements from “Party politics” doing the instance two times. “Sneaky sleuth” and “Super sleuth” can be done at the same time.

    Thanks for the guide! \^\^

    • Curiosity

      Care to share the details on how you managed to do Sneaky and Super at the same time? With the current guides (including the one in reddit), one needs to do this instance 3x. There seems to be no way of avoiding suspicion if you go after Estrelle immediately…

  • Daniel Moir

    barely noteworthy but…

    > (Laugh) I’ve met a few of them –> I return as regularly as I can to visit my friends

    seems race dependant; as a charr i got:

    (laugh) That’s true in my culture as well. –> It’s glorious. A real accomplishment.

  • Vael Victus

    Does The Summit scale based on party size?

  • Kyo Akumetsu

    you can Cheat/Leech all the The World Summit Achievys\ /EZ Mode On! \~Make party let them open it then just DIE and stay dead while thy do all the stuff bam insta all achievys worked for me and my 3friends xD

    • Awkward

      I made a party for the Mote Master one and died by accident, got no rez, and then felt really bad when I got the achievement. Ah well, at least I did the other two achieves legitimately.

  • der_RAV3N

    Dulfy, could you please in future do for things like in “Sneaky Sleuth” step 2, do a wordwrap after each selection in the text?

  • Guest

    Another way to do shody sleuth that is a bit faster, go straight to minister and say she is lying, then when talking to the lady next to arton tell her she is not lying, then talking to the noble next to anisse tell her you can see the queen doing that as she is a mesmer, then talking to the servant, ask him who do you work for twice, before saying not all ministers are bad, and that will get you max suspicion while moving the story forward faster.

    • Anon

      I did this and it worked.

  • SHD

    Super and sneaky sleuth can be done at the same time if you just go for super sleuth because the 12 necessary steps do not raise suspicion.

  • Sandra Ferreira

    Is this race dependent? The Sneaky Sleuth achiv? Cause I did with a charr and to me, in the 2nd step it does not appear “So, what were you saying about the party?”, instead apears “It’s glorious. A real accomplishment.”, it also skips the 6 step and the 8 step, and after the 7 step it tells me to go to a black noble girl, instead of going to kasmeer.

    • Dulfy

      Yes I believe some of it is race dependent

  • Eron

    i dont get shobby sleuth… i have done all steps from the guide, and everything is finde, but i dont get the achivment, anyone else got this problem too?

  • Eron

    k got it at the third time, dk what failed before…

  • lghkljcvm

    erm… so going ok, only got 4 pods spawned and killed them all – still very annoying that you can get encased… and on third burn (after pods are gone) he went to 25% then burn after he took no damage? what is this bug??? got me killed because of encased and dogs… lost cheev… sigh

  • nnn

    how the fuck do i get to Taimi after politics quest for Recalibrating devices quest

  • Klikzorz

    Tried yesterday and super sloth didn’t work .

  • Cenarion Child

    is the mote of challenge has some sort of cd..? i cant seems to do it after i failed the 1st attempt… relog and its there… but now its not there again after i failed for the 2nd times…

    • Dulfy

      Make sure you kill the boss if you fail the achievement and then click on it to respawn the boss

      • wolfy

        click on what to respawn the boss?

  • ubMey

    if I fail in Can’t Knock Me Down or Untouched by Maw and Claw, do I need to restart instance?

  • Valento

    Dulfy, you could put a note at Sneaky Sleuth… I didn’t read below and had to go through the instance again, if there was a note I would avoid repeating. 🙂

  • Grimm

    In World Summit if you jump over the side and die right after the dragon appears you can get all 3 while your guild mate kills the dragon for you then revives you before he talks to the pale tree. Your guild mate needs to start it too so he can do the talking.

    • Kyle Middleton

      Just incase anyone is wondering this does work.

  • Oppt1mystyq

    Tried Shoddy sleuth guide 3 times but didnt work. I used this guide instead “watch?v=u9PmEZmI0Tg”

  • Opt1mystyq

    Shoddy sleuth Guide is wrong tried it 3 times and had to use another guide instead. Just giving the wrong answer to the first npc 4 times doesnt give enough sucspicion you can get a fraction more doing it correctly. I followed a guide on youtube in the end got it first time.

    • Dulfy

      Talk to the noble in step 1 and pick choice 3 four times and then choice 1 one time like what it said above. Picking choice 3 four times won’t be enough.

      • Opt1mystyq

        picking choice one after you did choice 3 4 times does nothing to the suspicion levels though. I tried 3 times and failed…

        • CT

          Yep – have tried the same thing 3 times as directed in the guide and have failed. Do you have a link to the YT video that does work?

          • Opt1mystyq

            • Miss Lana

              This would have been much better if it was shown a LOT slower.

              • Shiva

                There is a pause button on videos, also YOU can chose the speed of video’s being played.. /facepalm

        • Harrik

          I jsut did it dulfys way and it worked. 4 times choice 3 did most of it and then choice 1 did the rest to almost fill it.

      • Takahami

        tried your guide, didnt work for me neither. ill give the youtube guide a try and then report back.

      • Leopanther

        Another option that makes it quicker overall, going to Estelle directly at the beginning for a good bit of suspicion. Then doing everything correct until you get to the Servant standing near Estelle, picking his wrong option (do you enjoy your work? I think) multiple times until the bar is nearly full and then doing the rest correctly.

  • Lasher

    I love your guides, Dulfy. But you shake your view so much when fighting. >.> It’s very hard to watch, please try not to shake it so much. In case you don’t know what I mean just rewatch any of world summit one’s, was a bit frustrating to watch. :/

  • tonirawr

    hmm i only got super sleuth and not sneaky sleuth.. talking to estelle immediately raises suspicion

  • Ashrok

    Hi i can see the MOTE at the entrance of the instance. I did all other achivments. I try to enter with friends but the mote isn t anywhere 🙁\ Do i need something else to make the mote apears?

  • Clicks

    Hi sorry for my english. I wrote as a guest (ASHROK).\ I cant see the mote. i did all achivments and i tried to do it with friends but the mote isn t there.\ am i missing something? i did all other achivments. 🙁

  • Brian Stoepker

    It looks like the trick to get the pods to stop spawning no longer works.

    • Lumpy Chucks

      Ignore this. It still works as of May 2017.

  • Mikah

    Neither achievement of super or speedy sleuth worked 🙁

  • Mitchell Moore

    Thanks for all the help, scored all achievements with some adjustments per character played.

  • Miss Lana

    Followed Super Sleuth to the T and it did NOT give me credit.

    • Miss Lana

      Wow nor did Shoddy Sleuth! With both I followed the directions exactly as they were posted here, and was only awarded Sneaky Sleuth.

      • FrostCore

        WoW, guys, you are all mistaken I am afraid, you must have done something wrong, everything worked just fine for me.

        • Puck Swaen

          I didnt get all the same possibilities, too. I think it’s because I play sylvari some of the dialogue doesnt match. Which makes it difficult to follow everything step by step.

  • Raz

    Should probably update or remove your shoddy sleuth guide, it doesn’t work.

    • Mez

      Everything’s working just fine. Completed all 3 achievements 10 min ago.

  • Martin351

    Mischief Maker achievement doesn’t seem to work anymore. Done it every which way and it won’t trigger the achievement.

    • Waker

      Confirmed today that it works.

  • Maddie

    Can confirm that right now everything up to “Defending Tiny” is correct for me. Only problem with Taimi is that if Leecher hits her while she’s still on the turret (but Mordrem Husks already disappear – so it’s not invulnerable and it starts to attack) – it will count as if Taimi was hit by husks, thus screwing up achievement. Just checked it on recording to see this little bugger screw up my perfect run. >.<

    • Jesus Christ

      Achievement says that you have to prevent any damage to her at all while she’s on the turret. However, the Leyleecher doesn’t actually attack while it is gathering ley energy, and Taimi only stays on the turret while it is.

      After Taimi was done with the turret she went in to punch the Leyleecher and I got still the achievement.

    • Alexandre C. Fernandes

      I’m having this problem right now. Two runs in a row and Taimi was damaged by the big ring AoE from Leyleecher, invalidating the achievement.

  • George Smith

    the cant knock me down one can be done by just dying before the fight and having someone do the boss fight for you if that helps anyone

  • Lulleh

    Challenge Accepted, Dulfy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMLABxyQQCo

  • Ivan Wimbush

    I just tried the sneaky sleuth and I raised no suspicion and at the end after their conversation, no achievement was awarded. :

    • Ivan Wimbush

      Tried another, none of the achievements are working.

  • Endless Soul

    Mote Master is WAAAAYYYY too hard with necromancer solo.

    • Max Kaufmann

      Its pretty easy, Im just did it with my Valk Necro, and the only death was caused by dodging down the platform.

    • A Gamers Insanity

      i did it with a ranger… i had a hard time with my ele.. changed to ranger and just sweeped through it.. i had to the other two on normal became to much for a hassle but i managed to do it in two runs with the ranger.

  • Drezaem

    For an easy challenge mode: play necro, after the first burn phase kill 2 tendrils and wait for all 4 pods to spawn, then get downed and use your downed 1 skill to kill the pods without needing the buff. Perhaps jumping off the platform to get downed also works, but I haven’t tried that.

  • SomethingSomethingDarkside

    Simply bum-rushed it on my soulbeast. Didn’t even have to bother with the pods\~

  • Bartosz Pielak

    tried Super Sleuth twice now with this guide. I’m not getting the achievement

  • Master-Cola

    I’ve done the sneaky sleuth guide 5 times and haven’t gotten the achievement? I’m not sure if it’s a bug, but I’ve looked up a couple other guides and tried them as well.\ There is a new counter for the achievement, in game, that I haven’t seen on any guides. Could there have been an update on this achievement?

  • BabyCherry

    01/01/2019\ Party Politics and Recalibrating the Waypoints achievements work fine. Still working on World Summit but these are pretty straightforward anyway.

  • Renegade

    Make sure you’re doing this on a toon that’s already beaten the chapter, otherwise the achievements don’t even show up.