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Dragon’s Reach Pt2 Dry Top Achievements Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Wed 13 August 2014
Achievements / Story Journal / Living World Season 2 / The Dragon's Reach Part 2

GW2 Dragon’s Reach Part 2 Dry Top achievement guide. All the achievements are now available.

Licensed Learned Legendary Llama Locator – 1 pt


Coin Collector: Challenger Cliffs = 5 pts

Sand Shield – 5 pts


Heist Hinder – 5 pts


Rock ‘n’ Roller – 5 pts

gw2-rock-n-roller-dry-top-achievements-guide gw2-rock-n-roller-dry-top-achievements-guide-2

Buried Treasure: Challenger Cliffs – 3 pts

Archived Disqus comments

  • Ares Zax

    For Sand Shield, it’s best that all players stay away from Evay’s location, to avoid enemies using powerful AoE attacks on him. (The more players there are, Elites and Champs start spawning, and they can easily one-shot Eway if he happens to be in the firing line.) Keep plenty of pulls/pushes handy to keep enemies away from Eway too.

  • Dick Ryder

    Heist Hinder is nearly impossible to attain right now. The skritt thieves come from all sides. Too many people overscales the event to a point where the thieves turn into hard to kill vets.

    • nyek

      With enough people, they’ll even turn into champions. x_x

    • Sylar\^

      oh is it? =(\ I’m glad i got mine already. I just randomly by killed some mobs in that event then went exploring the rest of the map, didn’t even know that it was an achievement lol

  • Aens

    We did heist hinder right after tier 6 sandstorm with 100 players defending xD

  • Wenyip

    Yeah, all three event achievements are most easily achieved with <5 players. I got Rock'n'Roller with just me and one guildmate, and that was plenty. I think they all might be easier once Dry Top dies down, or in off-peak timezones.

  • Erik Benefield

    Has Dulfy found the second Lama? I haven’t found the video for it.