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Guild Bounty Guild Mission guide

By Dulfy , Published on Wed 27 February 2013
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A guide to the GW2 Guild Bounty Guild Mission with maps for Guild Bounty NPCs. Special thanks to Klinkie and Ranth Gearshot of of Immortals Reawakened for the help in compiling the information. Keep in mind that this is a work in process.

2-MULT (Timberline Falls)

bounty-2 gw2-2-mult-guild

Map created by Midnight Mayhem (top left corner of Timberline Falls)


Ander “Wildman” Westward (Southsun Cove)

gw2-ander-wildman-westward-guild-bounty gw2-ander-wildman-westward-guild-bounty-4

Locating Ander “Wildman” Westward isn’t particular hard if you keep two things in mind. Most of the Veteran Karkas are on the area covered by the small circle and that is where I would search first. Stop for a few seconds near every Veteran Karka and see if they make any weird noises or speech bubbles. If you don’t find any weird veteran karaks in that area, you will need to look for a veteran karka on the rest of the island. The rest of the island  isn’t veteran karka’s natural habitat so if you spot a veteran karka outside the small circle there is a very good chance that Ander is trapped inside.

gw2-ander-wildman-westward-guild-bounty-5 gw2-ander-wildman-westward-guild-bounty-2

Big Mayana (Sparkfly Fen)

gw2-big-mayana-guild-bounty-sparkfly-fen-4 gw2-big-mayana-guild-bounty-sparkfly-fen-3 gw2-big-mayana-guild-bounty-sparkfly-fen-2

Here is a map of possible spawn locations created by Midnight Mayhem/Grey[DVDF]


Bookworm Bwikki (Lornar’s Pass)

gw2-bookworm-bwikki-guild-bounty gw2-bookworm-bwikki-guild-bounty-2 gw2-bookworm-bwikki-guild-bounty-3

Pathing Map


Brekkabek (Harathi Hinterlands)

gw2-brekkabek-guild-bounty gw2-brekkabek-guild-bounty-2

Map created by Agony Gaming. Note: Sometiems Brekkabek will only do the southern loop so look in the south first.


Crusader Michiele (Sparkfly Fen)

gw2-crusader-michiele-guild-bounty gw2-crusader-michiele-guild-bounty-2

Here is the map of her pathing in Sparkfly Fen provided by Agony Gaming. Her pathing is clockwise but sometimes she can path counterclockwise on the same path as well.


Deputy Brooke (Snowden Drifts)

gw2-deputy-brooke-guild-bounty gw2-deputy-brooke-guild-bounty-2

Deputy Brooke follows this wide path around Snowden Drifts created by Ranth Gearshot .


Devious Teesa (Frostgorge Sound)

gw2-devious-teesa-guild-bounty gw2-devious-teesa-guild-bounty-2

Here is the path she takes in Frostgorge Sound. Part of her route is inside the dredge caverns, as the hint suggests. Her pathing is counterclockwise.


Diplomat Tarban (Brisban Wildlands)

gw2-diplomat-tarban-guild-bounty-3 gw2-diplomat-tarban-guild-bounty

His pathing map around Brisban Wildlands created by eternitymango/Gelda Nebilim (1hr 30 for a full loop, clockwise ).


Half Baked Komali (Mount Maelstrom)

gw2-half-baked-komali-guild-bounty gw2-half-baked-komali-guild-bounty-2 gw2-half-baked-komali-fire-shield

His pathing map around Mount Maelstrom ( Clockwise , around 1 hr to complete the loop). Compiled by Frifox.


Poobadoo (Kessex Hills)

gw2-poobadoo-guild-bounty-kessex-hills-2 gw2-poobadoo-guild-bounty-kessex-hills

Here is his short loop around Kessex Hills provided by Brandon of [LoD]


Prisoner 1141 (Iron Marches)

gw2-prisoner-1141-guild-bounty gw2-prisoner-1141-guild-bounty-2

Here is his incomplete pathing map compiled by members of Reddit Refuge and Aelineus . He apparently reset/disappear somewhere during his pathing.


Shaman Arderus (Fireheart Rise)

gw2-shaman-arderus-guild-bounty-2 Shaman_Arderus

Here is his path map carefully constructed by Ranth Gearshot of of Immortals Reawakened.


Short-Fuse Felix (Diessa Plateau)

gw2-short-fuse-felix-guild-bounty-guide gw2-short-fuse-felix-guild-bounty-diessa-plateau-2

Here is a map of the pathing for Short-Fuse Helix in Diessa Plateau created by Dragons in Exile.


Sotzz the Scallywag (Gendarran Fields)


Note that Sotzz the Scallywag doesn’t path and have a random spawn locations in Gendarran Fields. Here are some of the reported spawn spots compiled by Diviner from BURN. Note: He apparently have over 300 possible spawn location


Tricksy Trekksa (Blazeridge Steppes)

gw2-tricksy-trekksa-guild-bounty gw2-weird-wind-rider-guild-bounty

Here is Tricksy Trekksa’s pathing drawn by Strength. Remember that Trekksa will show up as either Wind Rider, Cow, Moa or Pig!

She has two paths so check both.


Trillia Midwell (Fields of Ruin)

gw2-trillia-midwell-guild-bounty gw2-trillia-midwell-guild-bounty-2

Her pathing map around Fields of Ruin. It is a really short path so it should be easy to locate her. Clockwise path.


Yanonka the Rat-Wrangler (Fields of Ruin)

gw2-yanonka-the-rat-wrangler-guild-bounty gw2-yanonka-the-rat-wrangler-fields-of-ruin-map-3 gw2-yanonka-the-rat-wrangler-fields-of-ruin-map-2


Archived Disqus comments

  • Jinxy

    Brekkabek\ Wanted for illegally attempting to keep a bear as a pet. Last seen fleeing a centuar encampment into the protection of other skritt

    Located: Harathi Hinterlands

    • Eleryn

      We found him at the Seraph’s Landing waypoint, and he was walking north.

  • Viszay

    I have found Sotzz the Scallywag in two places in Gendarren fields. One was Nebo Terrace, the other was just north east of Snowblind wp. He doesn’t seem to path, he seems to be too drunk to move.

  • Jinxy

    Prisoner 411\ Escaped from Scourgejaw prison

    We found her near Old Piken Ruins WP in Iron Marches

    • Jinxy

      Prisoner 1141*

  • lithium42


    Quaggan found wandering near Meremoot Hill in Kessex Hills

  • Zax

    Bookworm Bwikki found in Lonar’s Pass

  • Rage321

    Reddit Refugees did Guild Bounty 1,2 and 3. Where is what we’ve found (missing 1):

    – Devious Teesa (Frostgorge Sound)

    – Diplomat Tarban (Brisban Wildlands)

    – Half Baked Komali (Mount Maelstrom)

    – Shaman Arderus (Fireheart Rise)

    – Trillia Midwell (Fields of Ruin)

    – Brekkabek (Harathi Hinterlands)

    – Pobadoo (Kessex Fields)

    – Prisoner 1141 (Iron Marches)

    – Deputy Brooke (Snowden Drifts)

    – Sotzz the Scallywag – (Gendarran Fields)

    – Curous Cow – (Blazeridge Steppes)

    – Short-Fuse Felix – (Diessa Plateau)

    – Crusader Michille – (Sparkfly Fen)

    – Bookwork Bhikki – (Lornar’s Pass)

    • Dulfy

      Cool, ty for this list. The one you guys might be missing is Ander “Wildman” Westward in Southsun Cove.

      • AdjutantAvocado

        To expand on RR’s experimenting, we found several more of the Bounties’ paths. Here is the partial path of Prisoner 1141 from Iron Marches: http://imgur.com/pKZKQA3

        He reset (disappeared) twice in a row at the end of that path for the duration that we followed him, and we could not figure out if that’s part of his set path. Between the resets there was a gap of 2 minutes where we couldn’t find him, so we don’t know if the paths loop like the rest of the bounties’ paths.

      • Ari Kagura

        Fleeting Flash from [RR] here.

        In regards to Ander, the Veteran Karka that sometimes contains him would sometimes appear in odd places where other Veteran Karkas wouldn’t normally be found. For example, I found this odd Karka like two inches away from the Kiel’s Outpost Waypoint, which generally has no Veterans of any kind near that waypoint. On the next respawn, he was found in the area south of Southsun Shoals and northeast of Driftglass Springs, near the Wind Riders.

        Anders has an 8 minute window to fight him starting at the moment you release him from the Veteran Karka. Then he say “Retreat!” and vanish to another location.

  • BlackPhoenix

    Dragons in exile made a map for Short-Fuse Felix in Diessa\ http://i.imgur.com/26hp7oz.jpg

    • Dulfy

      awesome, thank you 🙂

  • John

    Poobadoo:\ found here: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/gw2/Guild-Bounty-A-Quaggan-Named-Poobadoo

    • Dulfy

      thank you 🙂

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