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Festival of the Four Winds Achievement Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Wed 25 July 2018
Achievements / Festivals / Festival of the Four Winds

GW2 Festival of the Four Winds Achievement guide for the 2018 iteration of the festival.

Festival of the Four Winds runs from July 24 until August 14 for 2018 . You can access the Labyrinthine Cliffs via the boat or the hot air balloon in Lion’s Arch.


Meta & Rewards

Master of the Four Winds – 11 AP

For this meta achievement you need to complete all 25 of  Festival of the Four Winds achievement and Crown Pavilion achievements (except for the hidden achievements and Queen’s Gauntlet achievements).It will reward you with your choice of Sun, Lightning, or Wind Blessed Zephyrite Gloves (unlock one armor weight does not unlock for all). However, you can also make the other versions with the following recipe: Sun/Lightning/Wind Touched Zephyrite Gloves (buy from TP) , 250 Quartz Crystals, 5 Charged Quartz Crystals, 20 Elonian Wine.

gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-20 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-21 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-23 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-22

Treasure Hunt Rewards Vendor

The Treasure Hunt Rewards vendor near the Bazaar Docks will sell different kites and a mini Beach Gourdon for Bundles of Loot you collect during the meta event.

gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-26 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-24 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-25

Festival Rewards Vendor

The Festival Rewards Vendor by the Bazaar Docks WP has some new stuff for this year. You can buy Grand Catcher backpacks for 3x Favor of the Festival (combining Favor of the Pavilion and Bazaar from doing dailies via double click) and 800x Festival Token.

gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-27 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-30 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-29 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-28

Blessing of the Four Winds

For completing the daily Four Winds Zephyr achievement 5 times, you can get a Blessing of the Four Winds box that allow you to pick one of the following Zephyrite weapons (sword, longbow, axe, dagger, shield)

gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-31 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-32 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-33 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-34 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-35

Divine Sovereign Weapons

You can purchase one of five new Divine Sovereign weapons this year at the Crown Pavilion if you already have the regular Sovereign weapon. They cost 3x Favor of the Festival tickets and 10 gold and available for Hammer. Staff,. Pistol, Rifle and Greatsword.

gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-36 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-40 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-39 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-37 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-38

Festival of the Four Winds Achievements

Masters of Ceremony – 5 AP

Go to the Sky Docks waypoint and there should be a cinematic for the opening ceremony of the Festival of Four Winds. You can either watch the cinematic or close it and you will get the achievement afterwards.

gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-7 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-8

Commodities Trader – 5 AP

For this achievement you will need to purchase 20x Zephyrite Supply Boxes and then open them. The group of vendors by the Bazaar Docks waypoint will sell you these supply boxes in exchange for various mats.


Bundle Plunderer – 10 AP

For this achievement you need to do the Treasure Hunt meta event which starts every 2 hours at 30 minutes past the hour (right after daybreak) right at the Bazaar Docks waypoint.  During this meta event there will be 3 rounds and  each round will have the same objective of collecting Bundles of Loot scattered in the area. Collect 250 Bundles of Loot over multiple meta events to complete the achievement.


Effigy Extinguisher – 5 AP

After successfully completing all 3 rounds of Treasure Hunt, a bonus event will occur by the Sky Docks waypoint with a Flame Effigy. Grab water balloons along his path and then hit him with the water balloons for this achievement.

gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-6 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-5

(Hidden) No One Likes a Wet Charr – 1 AP

Pick up one of the Water Balloons and throw it at Evon Gnashblade standing by Sky Docks Waypoint for this secret achievement.


Man Overboard! –  5 AP

Easy diving achievement. The diving goggles can be found on the ship flying above Labyrinthine Cliffs. As long you hit the water you should get the achievement.

gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-11 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-10

Slalom Skimmer – 5 AP

For this achievement you need to do the Skimmer Slalom race in Labyrinthine Cliffs within 2.5 minutes. This race starts every 2 hours at 30 minutes past the hour alternating with the Treasure Hunt meta event (it occurs right before day ends and night cycle starts). Relatively easy achievement to do provided you don’t screw up.


Dolyak Flyer – 5 AP

Dolyak Race starts every two hours at exactly on the hour when it is night time. It starts right by the Bazaar Docks waypoint and will transform you into a Dolyak. You will need to use the aspect skills to get through the course as you won’t be able to mount up. For this achievement you will need to finish the race in 2.5 minutes, which isn’t very strict time wise as long you don’t fall off and have to start over.


Barnstorming the Cliffs – 1 AP, Barnstormer title

For this you will need to complete the Griffon Master adventure. This adventure is a bit tricky than others due to the sharp dives you need to create. There is no achievement for completing the Griffon expert adventure.


Zephyrite Lost and Found – 9 AP

For this you will need to find and open 60 Kite Basket Supplies. These are like Halloween haunted doors and can be found all over the Tyria maps.

gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-12 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-13

Scavenger Hunts

There are three scavenger hunts for Labyrinthine Cliffs. Two are redesigned old scavenger hunts for Sky Crystals while one is a completely new one for Torn Flier. They all give 10 AP each.

Crown Pavilion Achievements

Crown Pavilion can be accessed via Divinity’s Reach by going through the portal. Inside are two activities: Boss Blitz at the bottom and Queen’s Gauntlet at the top.


This section will cover the Crown Pavilion general achievements and those related to Boss Blitz. For Queen’s Gauntlet please see this guide.

The biggest change to Crown pavilion this year is the replacement of the SE quadrant with White Mantles instead of Ogres. For the Boss Blitz meta event the boss also changed to Justicar Hablion instead of the former Ogre guy.

Boss Blitz Achievements


Mob Eliminator Achievements

gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-16 gw2-festival-of-the-four-winds-achievement-guide-17

Pavilion Pursuer – 5 AP

This is the race that only occurs in Pavilion once the meta event completes (i.e. all six bosses are killed for Boss Blitz). You will need to complete the race in 2 minutes which is a bit tight due to the numerous mobs that will attack you along the way and tight turns and narrow ramps that you can fall off if not careful. It starts in the middle of the pavilion.


Daily & Repeatable Achievements

Daily Achievements

Repeatable Achievements

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  • Vadim Karpov

    Thank you, Duly:)

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    can´t complete all the achievements without skimmer and griffon. sad

    • kazerniel

      You can rent a gryphon near the higher WP (and I assume you can rent a skimmer somewhere too, as I saw raptor and jackal rental NPCs around).

      • Lucas Zanotti

        you can rent, so, when i go to talk to begin the activite, the mount disapear 🙁

        • kazerniel

          can you register on the race first, then rent the mount?

          • narg

            for skimmer npc in in starting zone, if you dont get regostered to race, just leave and reenter start area, but i am not sure if this is possible for griphon :/

        • Darak

          For the skimmer race with renting you need to be mounted and enter the box at the very start, you’ll then get the option to participate without the need to talk to the guy which leads to a dismount. But yeah if the race has started you’re out of luck, you can register then rent but for the achievement it’s tight.

          For the two gryphon ones you should get the participation part when nearing the flag.

      • OhMy Crackers

        Where are all the mount npcs?

        • kazerniel

          The gryphon and the jackal are across each other on opposing ledges of the rock very near to the upper WP. I think I’ve seen the raptor somewhere near the lower WP, but can’t recall the specific location.

  • Ceithlenn

    Anyone have a rough idea the time intervals between the cinematic for Masters of Ceremony? I been sitting at the Sky Dock WP for 2 hours and nothing so far.

    • kazerniel

      Try with another character? Iirc I got it the first time I went near Kiel & Gnashblade, and the cinematic played. I don’t think it repeats or is tied to a specific time.

      • Ceithlenn

        Ty I’ll try that. I didn’t think of a different character.

        • VOjta Šostok

          “We’ve seen reports of players who saw the speech by Kiel but got no achievement. We’re working on a fail-safe fix that will set the achievement for you if you’re in a bad state while in the map. We’re working on having this out ASAP.” – AnetBrettN

        • kazerniel

          From the 25 July release note:

          “Implemented a solution for players who should’ve received the Masters of Ceremony achievement, which can be attained by logging in and traveling to Labyrinthine Cliffs.”

          did it fix it?

  • Katsulas Lews

    It looks like the old Queen’s Gauntlet guide is no longer comprehensive. Do you have any plans to eventually add the new tier of challenges and the new gambit?

    Thank you for all of your hard work!

    • Raizel

      UP\ I need a guide for Turai, please Dulfy.

      • Jackie Thompson

        Turai was pretty easy as a trapping ranger i ran around dodging him laying traps and letting my pet attack when i was far enough away I would turn around knock back then hit him with my rapid fire then repeat

  • Alot

    There was a datamined item i feel quite strongly about which isn’t out yet. Wonder if it will be a reward or a purchase .

  • Huppelepuppy

    For Master of the Four Winds you need to do 26/26 and not 25/25 … sloppy\ Barnstorming the Cliffs isn’t mentioned in the list but required. Any tips or tricks for the Griffon to get it to the finishline?

    • Huppelepuppy

      Ups after I’ve left the instance I got it anyways: aspect-blessed glove box\ tips and tricks for griffon stll welcome;)

    • Aymiia Darell

      I’m really struggling with this as well. I can’t seem to get the same steep dive as in the video, but I can make do with a different angle. The next problem I have is pulling flat out of that dive, I don’t seem to have the speed as that person, and certainly not enough to pull up the way they do to get way up over that next set of rocks.

      Is there some sort of buff? 🙁

      • motmot

        While diving, don’t forget to use stamina (space bar). Griffon will flap wings while diving to give extra boost. Also, its a mastery as well for griffon. This will give you enough momentum to soar up to the next check point.

    • Qnrad

      Nooooo!!!! Why!!!!! It’s going to be the worst achi to do.

  • Windicus Viridis

    Anyone else having problems with getting the Barnstorming the Cliffs achievement? It says “complete,” so bronze should be fine or do you have to get silver/gold? I got bronze and it didn’t count for me :c

    • Ale count

      You don’t need to get Gold, you can get silver and still get the achievement. I got silver and the achievement before I was able to get gold.

      Take your time, take the extra flap away from the goal before starting the first dive so that you will end your dive going in the right direction.

      If you get the first dive correct, the only hard part left is navigating the hole after the second dive. What I did to beat it the first time was to fly out of the way to slow down my speed so that the approach was easy and came from an easy direction.

      • Windicus Viridis

        I got two bronze and a silver and still nothing :c

  • Alot

    The queen’s shoes box – which would seem to suggest that there shall be an easy way to get invisible shoes. Invisible shoes are one of the rarest items in games, you can only get them as an uber rare drop from treasure mushrooms – and after spending a few months killing every treasure mushroom in game daily, I can vouch for the value of a direct gem purchase -.-

  • Qnrad

    I should buy all gloves on first day, now thay are expensive :/ Soooo angry at myself

    • Kasmog

      What gloves are you talking about?

      • Qnrad

        Lighting/sun/wind touched Zephyrite gloves

  • Scutilla

    So if I’m reading this guide and the wiki right, you can get the other two weight classes of the glove skin you chose by MFing it, but to get the other two skins you have to buy from the TP or get from a box?

    Considering that stand-alone skins almost always unlock for all three weight classes nowadays, it seems odd that these don’t, especially since there’s three skins to get.

    • Scutilla

      Just realized I was STILL reading it wrong. There are eighteen skins, three elements times three armor weights times two versions (touched and blessed). The nine Toucheds are available from the TP, they can be forged into their Blessed version, and you get a free Blessed (and its corresponding Touched) for the meta achievement. Whew!

  • Marianne Cain

    Anyone know what the brown cow is up to on the island in the bottom left corner of the map? It’s glowing….

    • VOjta Šostok

      Reference for current events while we were playing with portals.

  • Sarada Tsukino

    Today I complete all the achievements from the master of the four winds list, but it says that I only complete 24/25 (it’s exept of Barnstorming the Cliffs achievment, because I cant do this without level 3 mastery of grrifon as wiki says, but I don’t have a griffon now), so I need to complete griffon adventure for the master of the four winds achievement?

    • Likegirl

      just relog

      • Sarada Tsukino

        Thank you, after 2 relogs it worked)

  • Sylvie Boersma

    I never got that opening ceremony..is there a way to see it?

    • Mr. Principal

      When you arrive to the Labyrinthine Cliffs.. just talk to Ellen Kiel & you’ll get it.. it could be done only once..

      • Sylvie Boersma

        ty! for some reason I thought I was looking for a cutscene.

  • VOjta Šostok

    “Complete the Boss Blitz meta event 5 times for 7 AP” – And I thought you need to do that 10 times not 5 times. 5 times is for the repeatable one not for the one into Master of the Four Winds.