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Halloween 2018 Festival Guide

By Dulfy , Published on Wed 17 October 2018
Achievements / Festivals / Halloween

GW2 2018 Halloween Festival guide with a list of the new items and achievements.

New Items

New Weapons from Trick or Treat Bags

The Cure – Dagger Revenge – Axe Soul Conductor – Sword
gw2-the-cure gw2-revenge gw2-soul-conductor

New Touch of Fog Torch Skin (Mystic Forge)

Recipe found by u/Myrdreth on Reddit. It is account bound upon creation

Touch of fog Touch of fog

New Minis

Mini Pumpkin Jack Mini Pumpkin Jack O’ Mini Pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern
gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-30 gw2-mini-pumpkin-jack-o gw2-mini-pumpkin-jack-o-lantern

New Achievements

There are two main additions to the achievements for this year. (Annual) Halloween Ritual achievements and Mad Maleficence collection achievements.

You can find the guide to past year’s achievements here: http://dulfy.net/2017/10/17/gw2-halloween-2017-festival-guide/#Achievements

(Annual) Halloween Ritual

gw2-mini-haunted-candle-2 gw2-mini-haunted-candle

Mad Maleficence


Returning Activites

The entrance to these activities can all be found in Lion’s Arch. They are marked on the map as door. The exception is Mad King Says which occurs in Grand Piazza instead. Be sure to check out the vendors as well marked on the map with a candy corn icon.

gw2-mad-king's-chest-key-fragment-2 gw2-mad-king's-chest-key-fragment

New Activities

Archived Disqus comments

  • Vuko

    Haha, even here I can find no love for Mad Drifter achievement :p

    Great guide, as usual!

  • Griever

    Touch of Madness+Fog Raven+xPhilosopher’s Stones+(?)=Touch of Fog

    • Luis Gaspar

      really? also see touh of fog in datamined

    • lithlius

      whats touch of fog

      • monkeyslap


        A different skinned version of the Touch of Madness torch. Looks like at this time the 4th item needed hasn’t been figured out yet.

        • Dark Angel Beckons

          Tub of Wood Glue from your Guild Hall from the commendations trader in the market.

        • Dark Angel Beckons

          Tub of wood glue from the guild commendations trader in your GH in the market for one guild commendation.

    • Dark Angel Beckons

      The last ingrediant is the tube of wood glue you get from your guild hall for guild commendations. Hope that helps. 🙂

  • Karagianis

    Glad it’s not just me that finds the beetle race course annoyingly small and cramped.

    • Burn Bicz, BURN

      I hate i too, can’t do it under 1 min and i can’t do tower so no candle mini for me :/

      • Canti Firestarter

        Would have to beat the tower 3 times too. 😐

      • Kit

        They made the annual one 1:30 to my knowledge, it just doesn’t say that in the text. I got this by doing under 1:30 three times.

        • Alekzan

          No they didnt. I finished race 3 times at 1:23,1:24 and 1:25 and got nothing. So, you need to do it under one minute.

          • Kit

            I don’t know how I got it then because I can’t ride that roller beetle for the life of me and I got the Mad Drifter achievement for the Annual after three races.\ The Time Trial showed me at 1:27ish.

            Please note that this was for the race, not the Time Trial.

            • Dulfy

              They definitely changed it to 1:30, it is in the patch notes

              • Kit

                Thank you.

          • damayantiprabasari

            alekzan I do not agree

  • Ares Zax

    Happily, today’s patch relaxed the time requirements for the Raceway achieves to 1:30, which you can achieve quite easily on a Raptor with the Canyon Jump and Endurance mastery. 🙂

  • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

    I finished Mad Drifter before the nerf so I’m a little salty now. But yeah, that thing was pure cancer. Beetle is just a horrible mount.

    • Nick Peterson

      its fine as long as your going straight LOL

    • PurpleHaze

      Well get good instead of whining beetle and that race !\ it’s actually very fun to grind when you know what to do… but ofc when you suck at it and don’t want to understand how to control it..

    • Hanatash

      Beetle is an amazing mount, its the race track that is cancer. There are just far too many obstacles to use a beetle effectively. I would kind of understand if the gravestones and hay stacks were destructible and would simply slow you down, but coming to a dead stop because you hit some immovable blades of grass is just not fun in any way.

  • Syrath

    Thanks Dulfy, always the best place to find info on events. It’s hard to believe I’ve been visiting this site for over 6 years.

  • Arnold Montoya Tito

    can u open the Ascent to Madness end chest many times?, i did 3 dungeons and just open the first

    • Mr. Principal

      It’s once a day..

      • Ares Zax

        The big chest at the end (which is where the Bat Wings drop from) can only be opened once a day. However, you do get 5 Personalized ToTs + a choice of other items per completion of the dungeon (although I believe this is hit by diminishing returns after a while) so it does make a decent bag farm with a speedy group.

        • Mr. Principal

          Last Halloween.. I tried it.. I think 4 times in a row (1 solo + 3 w/party..) I remember only getting the chest the first time.. later runs with party.. I didn’t even see the chest..!

  • A Hyena On Valium

    I did Mad Drifter perfectly fine on the fourth or fifth try… On a jackal.

  • Mat H

    They made Mad Drifter a lot easier now. Only need to get the race done within 1:30. Got it on my first try with a raptor.

  • Dark Angel Beckons

    Hey Dulfy, any idea on the mad spirit cat at the center of the lab by the vendor guys? It keeps telling me that is it not hungry right now. Just wondering if anyone has figured it out yet. Thanks a million for all your hard work as well as your team!

    • Mr. Principal

      Maybe we have to feed it candy corn or something..

  • avicadowastaken

    I’m kind of disappointed that it seems like you can only get the bare minimum done on foot, especially being it is safe to assume there is a large volume of free to players now-a-days since they made gw2 free way back when.\ Dulfy, or others, do you have any tips n tricks for people only with the base game? If it is what it is, I understand, but knowing the guild wars franchise for so long, there just has to be some way y’know? lol

    • Busou Shinki

      Rent a mount. You can do this by the people that say Mount Rental or whatever they are\ labeled. 1 in both areas.